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This week, the girls are trying to wrap things up for the holidays and chat about the absolute confusing, heart-wrenching, and downright diabolical Christmas adjacent case of Charles Lawson. Tune in to hear Christie’s coverage of this case – maybe not with your family, though.

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Welcome to true crime by Indie Drop-In each week we feature an episode from the best independent creators hit subscribe for more great, true crime content. If you would like to help indie Drop-In support indie creators, you can buy us a coffee. Just go to Or click the link in the show notes below today’s episode is from weird distractions podcast. Don’t forget to check out the show notes for links to subscribe and follow on social media. Enjoy the show begin. Hey everyone.

It’s Alex here. Just wanted to hop on quick before the episode begins to let you know that we actually have merch

So find us on red bubble. We are at weird distractions podcast and get yourself some weird distracting merge. We’ve got stickers. T-shirts notebooks, you name it. We probably have it. Check it out now on red bubble distraction podcast, a podcast where we dive into the likes of true crime paranormal and conspiracy theories. I’m your host Christie and well, we are sadly fast approaching Christmas.

(1m 22s):
So how fitting that we find some Christmas murder? Do I enjoy that needs to be tattooed on my forehead because that’s how I’m feeling. There’s no need to talk about murder and near Christmas time, not to like disrespect, anyone that does a murder or anything like that, but just, you know, pent up rage because like, obviously we liked Christmas. Oh, love Christmas. Not here for it. I, yeah, no, it’s just, it’s it’s just so stressful. And there’s so much like what prep people like and like things that you get like fit and stuff.

(2m 7s):
Yeah. And like, and like, like, like, like to be honest, my thing is growing up, I always hated because like my parents were separated and when I was a kid now they’re together, which is great, but there’s always this competition between them, like who had Alex the basket gift. And now I feel like that’s ingrained with me as to I have to get this person the best gifts so that they’ll like me more and like will love me and like never leave. And it’s a really fucked up complex circle of awfulness. Yeah. I think if a person, even if you just get that a gift, they should like, you be the best gift I know, but I know you’re not a donut.

(2m 49s):
You cannot please, everybody. Even if you cry. Yes. So Alex, tell me what your destruction is. God, I just work, Honestly. It’s just, it’s that time of year. And I feel for people who have, I mean, like we’re not rich pitches sitting on like millions or anything by that. But I mean, I obviously work with people who have very set in poems and they have to stay within those incomes or they get like in sticky situations. Like I got a surprise to me, like people that like are living on setting comes or like disability, like some of that, like how little they have live off. Literally most of my clients who are on, let’s say Ontario disability support program, also known as ODS.

(3m 36s):
They get roughly anywhere from 1100 to maybe 1700 a month, which sounds like a lot, but that’s a month that’s like up, that is for the entire month. And we live in like a real apartment, but like as a thousand dollars minimum thing, I work in a County or an area in Ontario where a one bedroom basement apartment is now going for like 1200 bucks a month plus utilities. Plus you make the $700. That’s also the bill plus the groceries. That’s like if your minimum six months. Exactly. Exactly. So it’s just a very stress. Yeah. It’s a very stressful time of year for them. And then of course, because I am an emotional sponge, I take on their stress too.

(4m 21s):
And I worry about them because they’re, yes, they’re my clients, but they’re people too. And I do care about them, even if they make me want to bash my head in some days, because like, you know, they’re people and people do things and you’re like, why did you do that for the 15th time? Richard, what will the fuck, man? Like I told you don’t do that. And you did it. Like people make mistakes and that’s fine, but it’s just a hard time of year. And I just need to hear about awful things to remind me, to prepare a note, to let me forget about my own awful things. What about you? My disruption this week is actually, I think it was, I just had a few days off and then with the upcoming week of Christmas, which I work every day on Christmas.

(5m 7s):
Yeah. Work. Knowing what into this work week up is showing off my couple of days off in technically, because this comes out on the 20th, we just celebrated our, get a little gal pal genius birthday. She’s finally 26. Like the rest of us in a couple of weeks. No, she just joined the group and you’re like, okay, bye. We were 26 for a while now I’m so happy belated birthday. I mean, we’ll see you hopefully. So like, but let us have birthday popping up to him over. Yes, you will. You probably will be anyways. So let’s just dive in.

(5m 48s):
So Charles also knows Charlie (Charles Dawson) Dawson was born on May 10th, 1886. He resided with his mother and father Nancy and Augustus in a town known as loss of bill. And they name it loss in the bill or like what happened there? It’s just lost also. I’m a little offended. What you didn’t tell our listeners what Zodiac sign was. I don’t look at that shit. You was telling me Doris, of course I had to Google like some like, is it a tourist or is it something else? He’s a murderer. I’m suspecting a Virgo. But I feel like this one, you sent me a picture. One time. That’s all the, where it was like, everyone was like a Pisces.

(6m 29s):
And I was like, I must be a murderer or you’re killing it. But the good way, but the good way, I actually non killing human life life. But like, you’re killing it. But no it’s like Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces, a couple of those. There’s the generalized few that were like targeted as probably a couple Geminis because let’s be real Gemini defended anyways. So yes, they Lawson’s live in possible. Yes. This is what happens. There’s a lot of background available. Like he’s just, he lived and grew up to do. There was nothing going on. He was born, he grew up. So you’re assuming he had an okay childhood. How things are going.

(7m 10s):
Like nothing made me the way he is. Usually they tell you that. But yeah. And what time? Excuse me. What year roughly was this? He was born at the documentations probably spotty. Yeah. No great. Yeah, something just clicked. Oh my or in my office. So it must be, must be. So he would live there most of his life and his parents. And then in 1911 of the age of 25, he would marry his wife. I’m not going to make a joke about her name. You go down that road, no dose.

(7m 50s):
So they began to have a busy life as I can see each children over the years, I mean went into detail, but know her for her. Yeah. So unfortunately though, their third child, William who was born in 1914 would pass away in 1928 due to illness and children for the license. Other children at the time of the travesty would be Mary she’s 17. Arthur is 16. Carrie was 12 may Belle who is seven. James is four. The Raymond is two. And then maybe Mary Lou, who was four months at the time, Holy smokes pockets.

(8m 35s):
That’s almost two hands. That’s a lot, but children. So in 1918 Charlie (Charles Dawson)’s brothers, Marianne and Elijah had moved to that’s wrong. But Germantown area, North Carolina, Charles thought that the move would be good for their family. So they followed along with them, got to go with the fam. Yeah, fair enough. As anyone can expect living in the times, leading up, leading up to and during the great depression, that would be tough. Even with like seven children. Like that’s a lot of mouths to feed. That’s a lot of shit going on. That’s a lot of things. That’s a lot of pressing things that you need, like a scoot in, come forward in the depression.

(9m 17s):
That’s what really happened. So philosophers managed to get by and had become sharecroppers. Whether they were the landowners with his brothers renting the agricultural land, or they were the tenants of land. That’s how sharecropping works. Right. And they’re making the money off. It wasn’t really clear whether like the brothers owned it together or they were just pointing off someone else’s land, but they were getting by any issue. And over the years, they had saved enough money that in 1927, they have purchased their own farm on road and became tobacco farmers. Nice. I make it a big cause to the depression, which is good. They’re rolling in that tobacco.

(9m 58s):
So now somewhere in this time, leading up to the events of the previous months of what happened, it was stated that Charles had some kind of bad head injury, whether it was on the farm or whatnot or where they sent them in is not really clearly unknown. I could only find like one source that stated one thing. So I’m only most true, fair enough. But they had said that it occurred when he was there renovating their house. And Charles had hit himself in the forehead with an ax. Yep. Which I guess it can happen because out of personal experience, Brandon, again, this happens, he was, he was chopping, they went camping when he was younger.

(10m 40s):
So was like, as a small scar, he was chopping wood with a hatchet. And I had to like bounce back into his own head. And for Lester is, Brandon is Christie’s a little brother, but it happens. But I don’t know how it happens, but okay. Just cause I, my, my brain is spiraling like virally. So like, is it just like fully in his skull? Like he’s still like buying, but like he was, he had some kind of head injury, which kind of comes up to what’s going on. Cause that’s like how it really happened officially. And as we know, or as some of our listeners may know, there have been some cases where, you know, well-known well not well known, but some serial killers or murderers or what have you have had head injuries.

(11m 32s):
And obviously now with more research, we’re noticing that, Hey, you have an head injury. You mean as much care as you can yet. Cause like, that’s like the most crucial part of your fucking body, but it was a disease for footballers or people get smashed my head like concussions or acquired brain injuries. It’s like a certain like acronym, like ABI TBI, maybe. Yeah. Yeah. So AIS acquired brain injury. TBI is traumatic brain injury. I’m they have to like look for when you’re dead and they can’t look at it. Like do not call somebody right after I don’t. I forget it’s called if, you know, hit us up, we’ll probably be lit after, but like he’d still let us up. Yeah.

(12m 12s):
Yeah. Shit happens when you hit your head. Her. No good shit. No. So nevertheless, whatever happened to him, someone said that his behavior was erratic at times. And then the injury has impeded his mental state and it became a bit of a different person. It’s kind of like a button listing in his head. So like, we’ll deal with that. Yeah. You no longer have like cigarettes, you know, like cigars and you’re kind of illness or choices. Well, I mean, not, he didn’t choose that fucking accident. His head let’s be clear, but choices have choices, choices. He gets so shortly before Christmas in 1929, Charles took the family of shopping to buy some expensive attire.

(12m 57s):
Okay. He wanted to surprise the family with a portrait to be done, which seemed kind of weird at the time. So most of this has to be kind of out of character for working class, rural family of an era because they’re kind of just getting by and it’s like, you want to do something nice, but that’s weirdly while by like such elegant Coleen for all like 14 of them. Oh no. Like just for one photo. I mean now in like 20, 20 Christmas fellows is a thing and you go out and you try and get like matching Buffalo plaid, fucking pajamas and they get a thing or whatever. It’s just, it wasn’t a thing back then. So it seemed, it could be nice. It seemed weird suspicious species.

(13m 38s):
So if you want to get really technical, some of a sudden this was proof of premeditation. That was what was to come as the garments would then be counted their Bureau outfits. But whenever I don’t like that, you Know, that’s really sad. Like, could you imagine, I mean, I hope you don’t. I hope you don’t sit there and think about this, but like, could you imagine taking your significant other, taking your family whomever and be like, Hey, I’m going to buy you outfit. And then as we’re picking, I’d be like, Oh no, pick this dress because I want you to be buried. I mean, I want you photographed in this dress for years to come. Like what? Yeah. I’ll think about that. Let’s start thinking about that. I’m starting to nauseous about it and because I eat Mr.

(14m 21s):
Noodles and it starts at well Christmas day, 1929 rolls around the family was all dressed up with their best. They took their one last portrait of a family. And when you look at this image, let’s, we’ll, we’ll post it as the photo. We do this. But when you look at this image, you’ll also see that not everyone looks so pieced in the photo, especially like some of you pointed out that just looks like she’s got each face going on, but they can also rest in. But Jesus, I think back then too many people were smiling because smiling wasn’t it like a big thing in like in the photos when photography first started, no one fucking smiled. It seemed no.

(15m 0s):
And remote hearing show should have asked when she had her own show. If she knew as to why, like maybe she had a history or whatever, but there was like something correlated to those kind of, kind of that makes sense. Goodbye. Spooky. So nonetheless, apparently on Christmas day it was a tradition or Charles and Arthur to go out and do rabbit hunting. Okay. This is also a well-known habit of the family and wanting people to community. Right? So any shots that would have been heard off the property or nearby, would’ve not seemed out of the ordinary by any means. However, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur asked her if he could go into town with a friend and buy more shotgun shells to prepare for their annual, right?

(15m 45s):
So he went but little, did Arthur know that the strip would then spare him from his father’s full hunt and possibly because the father did not want him to kind of intervene because he was, and he was with the photo. The sound was almost bigger than him at the time. Wow. Okay. He let him go. And then she went back. Interesting. Not interesting, but like interest. I just think back. Interesting fact. So while other was gone, Charles laid in wait and began his SWAT. Oh no, wait, no, It was middle Daughters.

(16m 26s):
Carrie and may bell were setting up to go to their aunt uncle’s house. So Charles set up by the set up by the tobacco barn, which is a little bit off the property. And later for them to get close enough, you then proceeded to shoot them when they were in range. Okay. If that wasn’t enough to kill them, he didn’t finish them off by blood. Oh my God. Charlie (Charles Dawson). No. Oh, fuck. Dude. Just like to set up just like snaps or what he going on spree. Oh my gosh. Shirley, you then had the girls’ bodies in the tobacco barn where he was and staged them, lying down with their arms, crossed in funeral, pose the chest and then put rocks into their head as pillows.

(17m 9s):
Fuck. Yeah, that’s weird. Why would he’s a stager? One of those. Okay. I wonder like why though it somewhat felt like so in light of it remorse, but maybe it’s like, as kids maybe peaceful, that’s like, Hey, if you want to be peaceful, don’t fucking bludgeoned them to death, but shoot them. And I’d gone too far to turn back now. So Charleston continues to pick off the rest of the family. He made his way back to the house where Fannie was sitting on the porch. He shot her at close range. These shots now seems more urgent to the family’s years inside the house. Honestly. So Mary was in the kitchen. She’d just finished baking Christmas cake.

(17m 49s):
And she screamed when she heard her mother get shot. And then Charles went to her next, the two boys games, Raymond had tried to hide her Mary Springs in the kitchen. So they weren’t often trying to kind of hide away from him. Charles managed to find them and shot them both to death. And then lastly was BB Mary Lou, who was my foremost hold. No. And I guess Charles was dumped the gun because it just flat out just blush and my baby to death. Oh gosh. Oh no, hold him back. No, he’s he snapped. He went off and I’m sure it doesn’t take my stuff. I can budget of eighties. You’re like four months old. No. And like why though, like I almost do this whole like mental state with that, like had injury before.

(18m 35s):
Or if you just pay things like, like, as you mentioned, it was during the depression or like the creeping up to the question, whatever income might have inspires. Cause like how many people are buying cigarettes like cigarettes or whatever tobacco farmer to going downhill. Exactly. Who knows like maybe some of the children had health issues and needed extra income to pay for that. Anything’s with him. And then the Mrs was ogling well things. When you have a brain injury or depending on what’s going on your reasoning or your ability to be able to make sound decisions is hindered.

(19m 16s):
Yeah. But still, so he just went off. So family was all gone. Now Charles has proceeded to stage all their bodies the same way with the girls. So we put all their arms across her chest in the greener poles and they put like legit pillows under them now because they were in the house right after this, Charles took his gun and then he is into the woods and there’s out there for several hours. It says. And then based on the shoe prints they had seen when, after the fact, when they found him, he was pacing around a tree for like, Oh, some time like obviously freaking out about what he did, what he’s going to do. Like what he realized like after the fact, like what I just do, but he was having, he was in his own head obviously.

(19m 57s):
So when he was out there for a couple of hours while he’s out there, cause like he did what he did and, and left back at the house. The family started to other family like sort of come by and tuition, like Merry Christmas or like stop by for the holidays. And then literally all the fan was the body. So everywhere. Oh, that wasn’t that. So the police were called many more people had come by the property, like just neighbors, people have heard about things. And then after some time Charles took his own life in the woods. And I think over all the property heard those shots. So they kind of like, well now we know what happens where like I can say what probably happened out there. He was less when it was alive and Arthur was back by that point. And he was with police and then also like the police had gone out and found stab woods.

(20m 43s):
And that was like a thing. So like some of us didn’t even state it, but some said that like they took it dogs and really trusting the dogs out with him. I don’t know if he actually would have killed them or not. Or if you just took them out with him, but I probably sound better fucking, I mean, I’m not happy with him killing his entire family, but like what the fuck? Nothing, nothing. I leave the dogs in this so, well they went out to find him by the entry. There was apparently there’s like two notes in his pocket when he wrote them, what he was thinking at the time. But one said nobody to blame, but, and the other one said, troubles can cause just to cause all this like two really shitty fortune cookies like that someone wasn’t paying attention to and they’re typing away and they’re like, Oh yeah, this is printed.

(21m 34s):
Like that’s really confusing now. So wait, sorry. Can you repeat that again? What was it? When was nobody nobody to blame, but the other one was troubles can cause there’s two notes, two separate doses pockets. I was like him trying to think, think out like an ending thing to say, and then just trailed off and didn’t care anymore. This is like, I’m going to do what I’m going to do. Right. But I love there. So they said after everything, people flocked to the site and to the town of peach interest. So they want to see the mass burial of the family, which was either under like one massive headstone. It looks really creepy. It was like one big one.

(22m 15s):
And let you go side one. So it has all the family on it with like a little writing. I didn’t like putting in what the writing says, but just one massive headstone people come up and they want to see that they want to watch like each of the caskets at Bard, there was a Caspian for each family member except Mary Lou with the baby. She got buried with the mom in her arms, but there’s just so much interest in all the family when that happened, which cause I get to massacre interesting, but sad, but very publicized Christmas. But there’s just so much interesting with this tasteful. Yeah. So people want to see them. I just moved to people, wanting to see the burial site, just to see everything going on. People had so much interest if there’s even a small museum out that resides above what it was, Madison dry goods, country store.

(23m 0s):
But so it was the old historic building that were actual, the funeral home was when the bodies were involved. Okay. Okay. So it’s a dry goods store now, but upstairs, like what the visor involved in the funeral home part was like a little museum up there, like clippings and stuff. So people come by and they want to read the newspaper articles and stuff. It’s all up on the walls just seems really distasteful. He said like the guy said that people still come by and can go up there. And last year the history and I mean, they had, it reminds me of when we went to museum of death in new Orleans, it was, it was fascinating. And I think our fascination with death is we don’t what happens after the fact, right?

(23m 42s):
It’s kind of similar to our fascination with true crime is what fascination, but like interest in knowing more and talking about cases is who want to know what to, what to, you know, keep an eye out for what have you, and to try and understand people better. Because at the end of the day, our brains are trying to come up with some reason as to like, why someone did this, right? Like what, why could they be so like do something so horrific? Like, so I guess some people about history, some people don’t, but there is that fine line of interest or obsession. And like as long as the museum is doing it in a way that’s respectful to the family members that were brutally murdered by their father slash husband, you know, whatever.

(24m 29s):
Or like if, if there is money that’s being paid, like if you have to pay a fee, like, is that going into somebody else beneficial? That’d be interesting to know like beneficial memory of the family or like something that family was like supportive. I’m thinking of these, say that. Cause we’re going to jump into something just like that. Okay, cool. Cool, cool. There’s this museum people have off there, blah, blah, blah. Also, because it was taking place like where the bombing was on the second floor in the store or like past fair hall. There was like an old elevator from like the 19 hundreds or whatever. Yeah. So it’s apparently still in working order and you can like go up and down the elevator, which was cool. Like transported the bodies up to that floor of cool.

(25m 9s):
It’d be quick, but it’s more big. But Google got on top of that as if you were just saying something like it was a little dark and you’re like explaining like, why would you do that? But Charlie (Charles Dawson)’s brother Marion is one of the brothers that was moved to him. German Sans opened up a tour of the house as an attraction. Like days after the murders. No, he didn’t. And I didn’t clean anything up. So like let them let the blood, but everything to make it more like your face that’s fucked. And like people had criticized him for like, for ever about why you do that. Like people, okay, everyone grieves differently and you have to respect them.

(25m 50s):
Don’t fucking capitalize on your grief. What the fuck? His reasoning. Why is that? He said he was keeping it because you wanted like people that are paying to go see the house in, but such gruesome, effective, still left in obviously was it, it was when I pay the farm off for Arthur is our home only living person. And I was like, that’s I don’t care how you’re going to make it, make your excuse for it. That’s just wrong dude. Fund the MLM scheme. I’m sure there’s tons back that like, fuck, you don’t know sensitive. There’s other ways you could help our hero. Well, and like I said, people were even weird ways. Don’t fucking capitalize on someone’s grief.

(26m 30s):
So this brother did this and along with it. So like I said on the day that it happened, like Mary was in the kitchen making a Christmas cake, especially just freshly, but his cake, it was all ready for Christmas. So I already don’t like it. He like, he left the cake on display too for the same it’s whole attraction to people touring through the house, open at Christmas, fruitcake out for, you know, but I went just like, as people traveled through the house, they would like take raisins off. This cake has like keepsakes. Yeah, barely. I was like, I don’t even want one with a shriveled up raisin and be like, I wouldn’t give it to work. Here’s the ways in to prove it. The fucked up.

(27m 10s):
I am nauseous. Yeah. People mind like what makes you want to do like reach out and grab something off and you get like many will take a brick. If there’s a brick fucking later on, it made me want to take a break. Maybe you don’t want to take anything because you’re a respectful human being. If you, if you take something and you’re given permission by the owner, that’s also respectful because you’re asking permission. People are murdered freshly murdered, freshly murdered, and you’re taking fucking little tidbits of a cake of now someone who has known like, Oh my gosh, my brain is melting. Okay. Okay. That people are going through this horrific scene of the murders doing a tour of stealing pieces of this fucking cake.

(27m 53s):
So then the brother that puts it like a cover over the cakes, we don’t touch the cake anymore, but leaves like that for a couple of years apparently. And I was like, so you have this tour on for awhile. Even this blood out, leaving this cake out, it’s gonna be all moldy. What, what did people make with cakes back then? Like, is it still standing the right? Cause like, yeah, it was like was like moldy ass thing. Like what people say happens to McDonald’s food. If it doesn’t happen, does nothing looks the same for so long? Like does get real hard. Did it come a rock? Like what is happening? I also, I would assume so. Didn’t say, but this happened for a couple of years while I was like, again, just, just say, fill in isn’t exactly.

(28m 33s):
So this wasn’t the only amusement to come of the murders. There was a couple book deals that came out of the story and plausible readings reasonings as to why turtle your Charleston, what he did. So do I know how the offer came about, but may two books and we’ll get into that. There was even songs recorded. No, but the murders find the older versions of the murder ballad wrote, but like songs called the murder of the loss of family. And it was by the Stanley brothers in 1956. Apparently I can’t find that like official recording or like whoever wrote that made the song, but I didn’t do like a quick like search on Spotify recently.

(29m 15s):
Right. People to this day are still making it and just all people sharing needles has a version of it. Literally like her, like just like, like speaking or singing, like just what happened is like Karoly did this dah, dah, dah. I was like, I can’t believe I was sharing. I had a little chuckle, but sharing. I was like, well, people share heals. I mean like of all people, it would be sharing needles. It would be. Yeah. So back on the topic of the book deals, there are too many publishings that try to get more detail as to why Charlie (Charles Dawson) asked for his whole family. Yeah. So in 1990, the publication of white Christmas or white Christmas bloody Christmas by tree J Smith, new theories have rolled in as to why according to anonymous sources, as well as family, friends and relatives that were still living.

(30m 8s):
Charlie (Charles Dawson) was believed to be sexually abusing his eldest daughter, Mary Whoa. There were even rumors that she had been pregnant with his child Don’t like that. No, no, no, no. There’s also sources saying that Fanny had said to recur confide in her family about this in the early 1928. So that was like a whole year before this worse even occurred that she had speculation of like Charlie (Charles Dawson) abusing Mary Oh shit that she knew or speculated it. Right. And then more evidence came forward. And the next publishing in 2006 in the book of meaning of our tears, which is by the same author, apparently Mary’s friend Ella may disclose that Mary confide in her a few weeks before Christmas of the next 25, when this happened, that she was in fact pregnant with her father’s baby and Sandy knew about it.

(30m 57s):
And then another neighbor just kind of piped up as another source. And he knew there was serious problems with the family, but he didn’t want to go into detail that there’s all these rumors that maybe was pre era. Mary was pregnant apparently. So that was added to Charlie (Charles Dawson)’s reasoning or whatever, the pile of shit he was already dealing with. And then, but I mean like if he was, if he was sexually assaulting his daughter, that’s also not a reason to fucking murder your pretty much your entire family. Like you should, you know, make better choices even like it’s hard because there was that brain injury. I’m going to say it was probably, I mean, you can’t just take a fucking X, the hens feel okay about it.

(31m 38s):
But like, you know, it’s not done that and then not murdered like things of yeah. Like, no matter what the state is, I’m not trying to offend him, but I’m just going to say I do. We do recognize that obviously there were obvious supports for people with brain injuries in this time, but like better choices, better choices. So however, even with so many rumors of sources, like coming forward and saying about how Mary was that the autopsy, whether it’s like someone got it officially or not, never really stated she was pregnant and there’s no official affords that she was pregnant, but people keep saying she was pregnant.

(32m 20s):
So I’ll leave it up to imagination, choose your adventure, whether she’s pregnant or not, because that’s proof that what you’re saying that they knew that she was, I don’t know, regardless, That’s still super sad. So people grasp onto this idea. So I surely did what he did. And I was just trying to hide a shame maybe because that’s why you went off on that, but you could have killed one person. So the whole family, it doesn’t, it doesn’t, it doesn’t answer the question. Like why the familicides like, why did he then like what, what the fuck? Ha like he doesn’t, it doesn’t answer any questions. It just helps a lot of like unanswered and unknowns. And then upon further assessment, they had a Charlie (Charles Dawson)’s autopsy.

(33m 3s):
And again, like it doesn’t prove that there was any injury to the brain that they could obviously see and I’m a pathologist, so whatever you want it to perform. But yeah, like, I don’t know. There’s some things that are like seeing visually there’s some things you can see visually like at the chemical thing, you can see even like doing the act of scans. Sometimes you’d be like, Oh, there’s a brain contusion. That must’ve been why he did it. Like, it can’t be why, but, and obviously they probably work in a zoom, his body. And I mean, obviously they weren’t going to look into it at that point in time. They probably didn’t have that kind of technology. And then by the date, this almost, you were going to save it all by now. Oh, the tissue. Oh yeah. So anyways, to top this all off Arthur, who was the only family member from that fruitful day, he went up, he went on, grew up a bit, married off.

(33m 54s):
He had four children of his own. Unfortunately he was in a serious car accident in 1945. So he died at the age of 32. Sorry. He’s mostly, you know, I mean, who knows, maybe we have a ghost listener, but like so fucking sad. Holy shit. And little tidbit. So the disease, including Charlie (Charles Dawson) or the very together at the Stokes County cemetery. And as I said on that massive gravestone, there are some who say that when the leaves fall off the trees, they fall on everyone’s raves except what? Oh, that’s spooky. Happy holidays.

(34m 33s):
Gosh. Wow. That’s awesome. He went back and like, it’s just so sad because once again, like there weren’t resources for anyone who had like a brain injury or anything like that. If people like knew that he wasn’t the same after the fact, like that’s unfortunate. That just, that just went all the way it was. And then just people accepted it, people accepted it and didn’t really want to poke and pry too much because you know, another thing men’s mental health, wasn’t a focal point, a big thing back then, like just like the man was the man of the house. Like you don’t wanna do anything different about that. It was very much probably the men don’t cry. They, they do what they have to do.

(35m 13s):
And obviously, so, you know, interestingly interesting, but like, you know, the whole backstory of, okay, was he raping his daughter? Was she not she not pregnant? And like, what was, what was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak, right? Like what, what was going on? And I liked that the, the say like, was the premeditation, like in a fact when you like went out and bought the clothes, the portrait as a family, it was weird. It was really like, there was some planning behind it, you know, that’s, that’s a really good one. Good job. That’s good. So my sources, obviously with media or to PDF that article of the loss of human murders by ANSI hearing winner, another article by the loss of family murders took back after 90.

(36m 2s):
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