Did Stephen King Killed John Lennon? by Curly Conspiracies

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John Lennon’s death broke the hearts of many around the world on December 8th, 1980. Did Mark Chapman, the man who pleaded guilty, truly kill John Lennon? Or was this plan in effect by the higher ups for a while and an author we have come to love and enjoy, Stephen King, truly pull the trigger? Join us this week for this dark and twisty conspiracy.

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Just go to https://buymeacoffee.com/indiedropin or click the link in the show notes below today’s episode is from Curley Conspiracies don’t forget to check out the show notes for links to subscribe and follow on social media. Enjoy the show. Hi everyone. This is Curly Conspiracies. I am your host this week, Brooke Sasser. And I’m here with Holly Lauerman. Hi everyone. Today, we are talking about an assassination that broke the hearts of many around the world. On December 8th, 1980, the assassination of John Lennon, John Lennon was a singer and songwriter that advocated peace and love to the millions.

(1m 26s):
When the fateful day came, many were shocked and the supposedly killer Mark David Chapman is still incarcerated to this day. What if John Lennon was ousted by the higher powers though, and some of the ELLs truly pulled the trigger. Today. We are going to dive in into one man’s research inquest to see if there was a deeper and darker conspiracy behind John Lennon’s death. All right, guys, let’s put on our tinfoil hats and dive in John Lennon stats was warned by millions and by many articles online and researchers was considered to be amongst the most tragic assassinations in our history.

(2m 29s):
Many of you probably already know some of this information, but just to give you a little tidbit on John Lennon, he was a former member of the Beatles. And after the Beatles disbanded, John Lennon went on to pursue a solo career as a singer and songwriter and the leader part of his life. He was married to Yoko Ono, and they were a huge piece activists for their time, as well as the artist at the time the Vietnam war was happening as well as the cold war. And people wanted the violence to, in their, to be peace. John Lennon’s assassination sparked a ton of conversation debate, and of course, conspiracy, the media told the story of a man named Mark David Chapman who pull the trigger on December 8th, 1980 in New York, New York Mark David Chapman was living in Hawaii at the time and quit his job in October of 1980 and traveled to New York to assassinate John Lennon, but he couldn’t get himself to do it on that trip.

(3m 29s):
He came home and told his wife his plan and that his love for him made him stop and that he would change and become a better man. His wife gave an interview at a later time and said she believed him and that he had changed. And he swore he threw the gun into the ocean in all of that. So when he flew out again to New York in December, she didn’t think much of it until the news flooded the TV networks of Linden’s desk. And she immediately knew it was him. So He just out of a whim decided that he was a better man and wasn’t going to do it. There. Wasn’t a reason why he just like, changed, like, Oh, I’m not gonna do it anymore. He said he wasn’t gonna do it anymore for out of a love for his why his, there was a couple other reasons why he possibly assassinated John Lennon that we’ll go into.

(4m 18s):
But yeah. So the first time he went to New York, he said that he didn’t because of his love for his wife or that’s, that’s what she claimed. He, you said This is just kind of a weird or odd reason just to like out of the blue. Think of, okay. And then I’m going to stop throws his gun into the ocean and then goes through with it later on. I feel like that’s kind of suspicious, Right? I don’t know. I’ve never been in that place, but it doesn’t seem like, I dunno, maybe a reason I would get now here’s a little sidebar of information. His wife never divorced him. Marc Chapman is still in prison for this. And she still says she loves him and visits him after he killed John.

(5m 0s):
Lennon also sources say that they get 44 hours a year to have conjugal visits where, you know, and they eat pizza and watch wheel of fortune, which It was like a super odd, I don’t understand how some prisoners can get conjugal, give visits. And some can’t like, I mean, he assassinated a huge celebrity that everybody knew and loved. It just seems kind of weird that he would be able to get that type of reward. Right. Okay. And that, I don’t know. I feel like she seemed shocked that he did it the second time, or like, you know, he went back to New York and actually went through with this plan and that once you went to a divorce, him and then to she’s like still in love and has these conjugal visits with him.

(5m 45s):
And yeah. And I have no idea of prison rules, so I don’t know the conjugal visit rules or how that works, but it seems kind of crazy. Like this seems like a really big Crime. So, So to go back to the wife, does she believe he actually did it? Yeah. S so from what interviews I’ve watched and like what sources say she does believe that he did it. So, and I mean maybe after hearing this conspiracy, that was kind of a conspiracy on its own, but right now, yes, she does believe that he did it. Did he plead guilty? He did. He did it. Yeah, it is interesting.

(6m 24s):
So on December 8th, on the actual night of the assassination, Chapman waited until Yoko and John Lennon were coming home alone from the recording studio and shot him outside of their New York apartment. Chapman did it run after John Lennon was shot, but instead was found on a waiting to be arrested, reading the book, the catcher and the rye Chapman leader pleaded guilty Chapman was given an interview since and apologize for his actions, but the court has denied all attempts at parole. Something interesting about all of this was that Chapman met Lennon six hours before the shooting to get an autograph of one of his albums.

(7m 4s):
Chapman had apparently been stalking. Lennon trying to find a time to do the shooting and came up to him and got an autograph with a group of fans. And later interviews Chapman even describes liking John Lennon and thinking he was a really nice and thoughtful after his encounter, during the autograph signing, there was a famous picture taken of the, to, and I’ll show this picture to you later. Holly ’cause this is for some of the mystery and conspiracy comes from that. Is it The strange that you would admit that you love the celebrity? I would even like, wait so long to get an autograph, and then you ended up six hours later shooting them.

(7m 44s):
I’m like, yeah, I’m kind of confused on like the whole things are not adding up for me. Yeah. So apparently in Mark Chapman was a fan of the Beatles and John Lennon and I don’t know how long they waited, but apparently there was like a group of fans on the corner and he just waited with them. And then they all kind of went up together to get this autograph. And then that famous picture, it was kind of taken with the paparazzi and whatnot. But let me kind of explain to you the why’s behind the assassination. So it stemmed from a couple of different reasons. So one reason being that John Lennon advocated for a life filled with peace, simplicity, and equality, but John Lennon’s life was anything but equal.

(8m 29s):
He lived the life of fame and lived in a luxury apartment in New York. Another reason some say is because while John Lennon was still with a Beatles, they were doing an interview. And essentially John Lennon says is that the Beatles at the time were more popular than Jesus. This, and it just made Mark David Chapman mad, but it sparked a massive record burning among the world. He was also intrigued by the catcher in the rye, by JD. And he wanted to be like the protagonists in this story after all of this though, is the main reason Chapman says is simply because he was famous. That’s a very bizarre reason. So I kind of get how maybe some people saying like they were more popular than Jesus at that would be a huge issue that they wouldn’t like.

(9m 17s):
Especially if they’re very religious, I could even see trying to bring peace if they really believe in world war and that type of thing. But it just is kind of weird that he’s famous. I mean, there’s a ton of celebrities that are famous. Why John Lennon Right and side, no, I didn’t look into this too much, but I did see you like some interviews. And some other quotes mentioned that Mark, Chapman possibly had a whole nother hit list of celebrities simply because they were famous. So I don’t, I, I think the main route of this is this guy is like very mentally unstable and just needs a lot of help.

(10m 1s):
And I think that’s the kind of why, but I agree with you. I mean, just saying that he’s going to kill someone because their famous just doesn’t make sense. It’s insane that John Lennon could have just been the first of many to possibly be assassinated if he wasn’t caught after this Right now, after the assassination, most people took this story as the truth, but conspiracy theorist speaking in speculating, whether John Lennon’s assassination had other motives. And if Mark Chapman was truly the killer many believe, and I agree that there are a possible political motives behind John Lennon’s death, especially considering that he was very open about his beliefs.

(10m 45s):
He had a large following and was going against the Wars happening at the time today, though, we are going to talk about one specific scenario, one created by a man named Stephen Lightfoot. Stephen believes that there were a very specific people that were involved in John Lennon staff, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and the most compelling Stephen King. Wow. So not just Stephen King but all of them are yeah. Involved, right? Yes. So Stephen Lightfoot gained attraction. And what I believe to be the late eighties and nineties with this Theory when he would stand and the streets of California and even have a van with news clippings and bold words printed on the side saying Stephen King shot John Lennon Stephen Lightfoot would tell this evidence and theories to any who would listen.

(11m 39s):
And since those days, and from what I can tell, now he has a website which is very handy and he upgraded his van to a much newer yellow one since Lennon murder truth.com is the name of the, was all the information. If you want to check it out and I would do my best to give you all the juicy details. This is wild conspiracy theory. According to Steven Lightfoot, there is tons of evidence that supports this theory. And he began to put this whole thing together with issues of the times, Newsweek us news and world report issues that were printed before, during and after the fateful night of December 8th, 1980, which apparently had all of the government codes hidden amongst the text and even letters to the editors.

(12m 29s):
Stephen Lightfoot describes some of the original evidence he found when he writes on his website to quote, these codes include the killer’s face and True identity printed three and two months before the Crime replete with headlines describing the thin yet to come Crime scene one. Great big Zippo, lighter perils of pyro, Kinesis, pyro Kinesis means fire and movement and a man at night with a gun ablaze crouched in a raincoat looks a lot like a great big cigarette, lighter, subtle the turn Radek coats unquote. So this is, This magazine articles came from everywhere and he just found codes in each of them that possibly predict or say that John Lennon is going to be assassinated and had connections to the Crime.

(13m 24s):
Yes. And I have to say this one isn’t as compelling to me as other pieces of evidence. Like, I feel like that whole quote, like one great big Zippo, lighter perils of pyro Kinesis. I mean, I didn’t see the rest of the articles. I’m not really sure what the thought was behind it or why they would write that. And I’m not sure if out of context, so it just sounded like it may relate to John Lennon staff or if there’s a reason, but who knows? Definitely to me, not, not the most compelling. Yeah. I would say this is a little bit of a stretch to try and like take all these codes.

(14m 5s):
I feel like you’re really trying to like connect things that aren’t really supposed to be connected and this, so I’m yeah. I’m having a hard time believing that part. The next four is a little, a little bit more compelling. So let’s see what you think. So there’s many other clues that Stephen Lightfoot gives and that are hidden in these articles. But one important one ties in when I mentioned earlier that Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon are a part of this too. So Stephen Lightfoot says, quote, these government codes include dramatic photos of just the elected Ronald Reagan sitting next to Richard Nixon’s book, the real war in time and Newsweek issues released the day of the murder in time.

(14m 51s):
The bold headline above Reagan reads who’s in who’s out and below finning together, the pieces have a complicated jigsaw puzzle unquote. Now, why is this a clue? It’s because Richard Nixon was known to somewhat dislike John Lennon and so much. So he tried to get him to put it in the 1970s. This was such a huge ordeal that the FBI investigated John Lennon’s political activism for five years. And there are over 300 pages of FBI documents that were released. I’ve heard of that before Or so I was digging into some other Conspiracies and I didn’t even think about how this possibly could be like tied to his assassination, but yeah, I’ve heard that the FBI hounded John Lennon.

(15m 46s):
Yeah. And so the deportation effort and all of the FBI surveillance was all approved by Richard Nixon and many believe that this was because Nixon thought that John Lennon’s peace movement could sway the presidential elections. Needless to say, though, John Lennon, would it be a Richard Nixon’s biggest problem when trying to stay in office? Not only this, but Brendon O’Connor from a black bag. Describe the significance of the book. Ronald Reagan is holding in this picture, the real war by Richard Nixon. He says, quote, according to Lightfoot Nixon rights and the rule of war, the prancing of the trendies rockstars, beautiful people of New York who say wor is bad and piece is good.

(16m 35s):
Must be removed from the stage of public debate by whatever means of flyswatter are needed. Unquote. And if this is true, I mean, it does seem like a somewhat damning quote like that. So Crazy that the date of John Lennon’s death who’s in who’s out. And then to have that quote in their, like all of this together, tying in, I don’t know. I think you’re right. That is really compelling. Yeah. This is fun. This is really a suspicious and it does make me think that maybe Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were kind of in cahoots with, you know, maybe trying to get John Lennon out or like people who saw it this way out.

(17m 21s):
So just to give a quick summary, the first pieces of evidence and hidden clues were that they describe the crime scene through a symbolism and do the picture of Ronald Reagan holding Richard Nixon’s book in the caption have who’s in who’s out there. And it’s somewhat proves that they were working together to get John Lennon well out, which seems to be the motive behind this conspiracy before begin into more evidence of this theory. We’re going to take a short break. Now back to the show, the next piece of evidence I’m going to give you guys the ties Stephen King into this Theory now Stephen life and believes that the idea behind assassinating, John Lennon was by Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, but who actually pull the trigger according to Lightfoot Stephen King Did Mark Chapman was just a hired actor who looks strikingly similar to Stephen King remember earlier how I said that in December 8th, there is a photograph a supposedly Mark Chapman getting an autographed from John Lennon.

(18m 25s):
Yes. Well, there is a lot of controversy, whether that was Stephen King or Mark Chapman and Holly, I’m going to show you the pictures of why something like this may be Stephen King because the resemblance is really uncanny. Wow. A huge, we’re not kidding. If I saw these two guys face to face, I would literally think they’re the same person or twins or something. They do look a lot alike. Right? So in the first picture you see like John Lennon and supposedly Mark, Chapman getting an autograph right beside it. You see Stephen King’s I guess, head shot. And then below it on the left side, you see Stephen King and then Mark Chapman’s mugshot from the night that he shot John Lennon and I mean, I don’t, I mean, after I saw this, I was kind of on board with this Theory right?

(19m 22s):
Yeah. I can totally see how people would mistake the two. I mean, it’s crazy. You guys have to go check it out. It’s going to be on our Instagram and website and all that good stuff. So go look at it because it really is, is just weird. Anyways, let’s keep going because it kind of gets weirder. So Stephen light, but apparently has a letters from Stephen King about this whole conspiracy theory. There are two supposedly letters from Stephen King to Steven Lightfoot. The first one is supposedly signed by Stephen King it was written on September 20th, 1992 and says, quote, I didn’t kill John Lennon.

(20m 7s):
And I think, you know that as well as I do inside the wall of denial, you’ve put up your interest in me as a way of allowing you to avoid dealing with your own mental and spiritual problems. Let it go. Why don’t you and find new? And it’s kind of like unintelligible here for your thoughts and something else has a fascinating book about the man who really did kill John unquote, once receiving this letter, he remembered another letter he had received earlier, and it was signed by someone named Dennis C. Lee in 1984. He thinks the handwriting is the exact same as Stephen Kings.

(20m 50s):
And he thinks of this letter was also from Stephen. King just signed with a different pen name. The first letter reads quote, you haven’t got the whole story yet, but since you will not cease your investigation, I thought I may as well clue you to phase three unquote Stephen Lightfoot says that this letter, he perceived as a threat because it was handled, delivered and was written on a book cover called, let me take you down, which is a book about the dark mind of Mark Chapman Oh my God. Goodness. Yeah. That was about to ask what does phase three mean? But yeah, I think, I think he made it very clear after seeing what the book title was.

(21m 34s):
And then the first letter that he wrote just seems very defensive. Like, I mean, I get somebody who’s like accusing you for a murder, so maybe like, yeah, you would be a little defensive, but to write a letter like that and not just be like, Oh, you’re a crazy, you know, like move on whatever, but to write that letter and then possibly right this second letter D I don’t know. I feel like he just seems overly defensive. Yeah. And just, just to clarify, because that’s a little confusing. So the first letter I read that was signed by Stephen King was sent years later. And so Stephen life is already had that first slaughter that was super defensive and that he perceived as a threat.

(22m 15s):
He just didn’t put the pieces together that it was possibly Stephen King until this second, that first one I read or the second letter came in because the handwriting was so similar and lots of other things about the letter were I guess, similar. So he thinks that both letters were Stephen King so the first thought I was SU super defensive and I’m like, you know, threat English. And then the second one came in and was like, you don’t know everything deliver to them. So, but yeah, but even the fact that Stephen King would like to take the time, if he did do those take the time to write to Stephen light fed seems I don’t know.

(22m 56s):
Really odd. Right. Yeah. I totally agree. And that’s kind of what I was trying to get out earlier. You have to, for him to not just dismiss the idea and keep going, but actually go out of his way to write these letters or even like have that one actually personally handed to him. I mean that It took some planning. Yeah. And so he has the pictures of the letters side by side, and I will say they’re kind of similar handwriting. If you want to take a quick look at them, Holly we will, of course have all of the pictures on our Instagram and website two. And I will say the handwriting was so hard to read on those letters.

(23m 37s):
It took me a while to decipher them. So I apologize if I’m not 100% accurate. Also the first letter I talked about that was actually by Stephen King was the one written on the right side Holly and the one that was years before that was on that book cover, it was possibly, the threat is on the left side. The handwriting does seem similar, but I can totally see how it would take you a long time to decipher this because I’m looking at it and I can’t read it. So I would have to really like blow it up to be able to like, see what it’s even saying. But yeah, the handwriting is very similar. It’s in cursive or like a slight cursive, because some letters aren’t in cursive and some are, and both of them and, and the one that says phase three, it says it signed DC.

(24m 29s):
What do you ever know what it signed at the very bottom? I kind of wonder if that has like a symbol or an acronym for something that we don’t know. Yeah. Stephen life and says that the name stands for Dennis C. Lee. And he’s curious as to whether this was like a pin name that Stephen King used. I looked it up Stephen King uses a couple of different pen names, but Genesee Lea is not a popular one. So it’s not one that’s known if it is. And I think he gets a Genesee really, because on that like weird titled page thing about it is right in now. And I think it says by Dennis Sealy. So I think he just assumes it’s a DC out Dennis TV And if it’s not a pin name for him, is there anybody else that could have possibly written a letter?

(25m 18s):
Go ahead. The question I haven’t heard. So I did have to be just a little bit extra and I also searched for a picture of Stephen King’s autograph though. And I want you to take a look at the signatures. So on the bottom right hand corner of the letters, there’s the actual signature of Stephen King. And then below I put a picture of the autograph of Stephen King. And what do you think, do you think they’re similar? So I’m looking at the signature right now and I do see some similarities. I do see a couple of differences, like the G and then the G and the DC Lee letter. And so I can kind of see, they look a little bit different.

(25m 59s):
So there’s a couple of different letters in them, but I mean, majority of the letters look very similar to the letter by DC Lee within his signature. But of course, I feel like when somebody writes their signature, it’s usually a little different than how you normally write because you practice your signature for so long and you add some little flare to your signature, whereas in your normal writing, you don’t do that. So it could just be something like that. But I don’t know. So I don’t know if I’m fully convinced looking at the signature, but I will say the two letters beside each other do look very similar, like pretty much the same.

(26m 41s):
So even though maybe the signature look like it, I feel like the letters do so. Yeah. I agree. There’s definitely some differences and the signature and his, I guess, a typical autograph, but like you said, I mean, even when I signed my name, I feel like it looks different every single time I ride it. And definitely depending on how fast I write it or how much time I take. So I feel like it doesn’t totally discredit it. And I definitely think that this is a really interesting piece of ethics. I don’t know. I definitely think if this really is Stephen King’s handwriting, maybe it, maybe it was Stephen King I don’t know. Yeah, It fits really Stephen King his handwriting.

(27m 22s):
I think that would definitely put me on board with this Theory stuff, Or even like a continues on scene that certain excerpts from Stephen King’s books, such as Salem slot and the dead zone are confessing to the planning of John Lennon’s death. Since the books were written before the murder, I will be honest. The excerpts are really long and we won’t have time to read them all. But if you’re interested, it is all on Stephen light for its website, Lennon murder truth.com. As far as evidence goes, this seems to be the extent of Stephen light foods, by the way, he also updates this page with the new information. And I didn’t see too much to report on here, except he does believe that the FBI in government is after him and trying to kill him specifically.

(28m 11s):
He believes that they’re trying to cover up his death in a car accident. This part of the website is almost written in a blog style format and was most recently updated, not too long ago on October 8th, 20, 20. Wow. It’s just a couple of days ago. I’m surprised it’s been that recent since he’s posted. Yeah, me too. And I will say, I hope this is not true in any way, and I wish nothing bad for Stephen Lightfoot and hope that we don’t read about this in the news anytime soon. So if you do go and read about his accounts online, I will warn you. He does seem very angry in some of his letters and blogs.

(28m 54s):
And in the most recent one, he is trying to get people to come and support this cause, which yes, he is still doing rallies and actively advocating this Theory, but he is named call me in the general public quite a bit. And he goes, as far as the blame, COVID on our lack of activism and a possible asteroid to coming to the Duma us. And some of the other letters do say some triggering things. So please be aware of this and no that we don’t support fear-mongering or hate towards anyone here at Curley. Conspiracies back to the story though. So the remaining question I have is why Stephen King I feel like Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon kind of makes sense.

(29m 34s):
I could see why they would be involved, but why Stephen King that part of the conspiracy is still very, but my thought is maybe he did it for fame or maybe even protection. I mean, we’ve talked about before that if the Illuminati is real and some of these secret societies, then some of these reports of celebrities we know doing heinous things may be true. That was one of the things I was going to ask earlier. And then I forgot who it was, why Stephen King and especially because they have the FBI and they have all these like trained people that probably would be trained for an assassination. Why would they make Stephen King do it.

(30m 17s):
It seems kind of like a strange with an author assassinating, another celebrity. Okay. And I feel like that’s kind of the hole in the story. Like the, it doesn’t make sense. I mean, in some ways I, I guess I could see it if Stephen King was trying to, you know, get more famous Or more money or some something, but I guess I just don’t understand what would make Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon chews Stephen King I guess this is my thought, but really crazy though, before we discuss our thoughts though, I want to leave you with one more thing. The next quote, by Stephen King has caused some interesting debate and some believe that Stephen King and admitted his guilt and in an interview was Playboy magazine on his thoughts of the John rhe of horror quote, the mythic horror movie, like the sick joke has a dirty job to do it deliberately appeals to all of that is worse than us.

(31m 20s):
It is morbidly Unchained, our most base instincts let free our nastiest fantasies realized, and it all happens. Fittingly enough in the dark for those reasons. Good. And liberals often shy away from horror films for myself. I liked to see the most aggressive of them, Donna, the dead, for instance, as lifting the trap door and the civilized for brain and throwing a basket of raw meat too, the hungry alligators swimming around and that serve training in river beneath why bother because it keeps from getting out to me and it keeps them down there. And me up here, it was Lennon and McCartney who said that all you need is love.

(32m 6s):
And I would agree with that. As long as you keep the Gators fed unquote. Oh my goodness. He did not quote John Lennon right. All right. Holly what are your thoughts? That’s who that last quote I’m still like, I have goosebumps from that last quote. This is so creepy. Why would you say that? When, so, okay. Real quick. Did he say that after all these theories came out? Good question from my belief, he Or from my research. I believe He dead. What? So he’s it does seem like he’s kind of embedding to it there.

(32m 48s):
Oh my gosh. An almost kind of like throwing it out there and just being like, Hey, I got away with it. Almost like an, almost like threatening others who try to do the same thing that John Lennon did. Yeah. It’s a good, Yeah. And that, of course that quote, when I read it, it was so bizarre and the picture is like, I still can’t go over to the pictures of like John Lennon and like Mark Chapman and like how similar they are. Like, it’s so, so weird. This whole conspiracy is so weird. I want to be so skeptical of this, like going into it. I was like, okay. Nope. Alrighty. Like I wasn’t trying to be biased.

(33m 28s):
I was trying to keep an open mind, but I was like, no, come on. But gosh, this evidence is really insane and I just can’t get past the photographs and then the letters and then his quote at the end are, I don’t know, it’s a lot of coincidence is going back. I keep wanting to dismiss these pieces of evidence. Like the letters. Maybe he’s just being defensive because you know, people were accusing him of a murder. So of course you’re going to be defensive. I mean, I don’t know if most people go as far as possibly threatening the person who is accusing you. But I mean, I could definitely see people being upset and wanting to write to them saying no, like you don’t understand the whole story, blah, blah, blah, blah.

(34m 12s):
Like I can kind of get behind that. The pictures, I don’t know, they just look really alike. I don’t know how you could get to people to look so alike and maybe that’s why they pick Stephen King but why would they pick Mark chaplain? I don’t know that. It just seems kind of weird. And then to go back to that quote though, there’s like nothing. I can really explain that quote away. He, you said it after he already knew that he was being accused of murder of John Lennon and he would say that like, it almost seems like he’s kind of throwing it in our faces. I don’t know. I just, I have a hard time. I want to be skeptical of it, but these pieces of evidence are really compelling.

(34m 55s):
I don’t know. I can get past them. Right. Okay. And really quick, I want to go back to Mark Chapman’s wife, Because let’s just, let’s Just say this is a conspiracy and Mark Chapman was like some paid actor. Right. And Stephen King really was the killer. I mean, it would kind of make sense why a Mark Chapman’s wife would still be with him after she was concerned after the first time and still sees him. And so she loves him and all of that stuff. Like, I feel like it would kind of explain that piece too, if Mark Chapman didn’t truly do this and with some type of pawn in this larger game, or it would kind of make sense. Y you know, that part of the story we earlier makes sense.

(35m 39s):
And is it so weird after all? Yeah, that’s a good point. And then when you think about how to market first, it was like, no, I’m not going to do it for the love of my wife, but then all of a sudden, the turn around, not too long after and do it anyway, I kind of wonder if the government kind of knew that he was going to do this. Like, do you know if he posted it or spread it or had journals or something written that he was planning on assassinating John Lennon and then they were like contacted in and be like, Hey, actually, we got a plan for you. We can use you. I mean, I don’t know if that is even possible, but that would kind of explain his, all of a sudden when 80 turning around in actually, you know, going through with this plan.

(36m 23s):
Good question. And I mean, from my understanding, he’s been in this like catcher of the rye fan for a while, and, you know, has been a Beatles fan and maybe like a big brother was watching and like figured it out that like, maybe he would be a good player in this larger game or whatever this is. But I think maybe some of the little things in his past, like the catcher of the rise story and being a Beatles fan and maybe having other similar thoughts, I know that some actions in his past has made him be deemed maybe mentally unstable and certain things he’s possibly done prior to all of this.

(37m 6s):
So I want to say that maybe, you know, maybe that’s why he was kind of picked was because of all of these different events that kind of led up to this bigger thing going on. Wow. Oh yeah. I mean, I definitely could see that. Yeah. I’m having a hard time dismissing all of this. I, I don’t want to be fully in like, yes, this is ha like this happened, but I don’t know. I mean, I feel like I am about like 75% on board with this. Theory like, if there was a little more, I’d be a, a a hundred percent, but I feel like I’m leaning towards the side of Stephen. King actually, Did, that’s crazy.

(37m 47s):
I still love like laughing at the idea that I believe this like, Oh my gosh, I’m kind of like, what, and what am I thinking? But gosh, I can’t get it out of my head. Like, I really think that this has a lot, A lot of credibility here. Right. And it feels silly to say it, but it really does feel like, you know, it’s a possibility and I will say the weather Stephen King did it or not. I do think that there’s something probably suspicious behind John Lennon staff. And I think that, you know, the whole RA, the whole Richard Nixon, trying to get him, you know, deported and then the whole FBI investigation, you know, like all of that, I definitely feel goes to show that probably John Lennon’s death and his piece, You know, his efforts for peace and all of that makes sense Target.

(38m 43s):
Like I definitely, I th I think it’s an easy job to go to the, his desk was suspicious now. Stephen King, I mean, there’s definitely more good evidence here than I would ever care to admit. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe he did it. I don’t know. Yeah. And again, to kind of go back to the government, I mean, around this time they were really involved with having targets in the civil rights movement. I mean, again, we, we talked about it in the Kentucky Derby episode, in the coin pro project, where they were targeting people that were for the civil rights movement and even possibly committed one actress to committing suicide.

(39m 25s):
I mean, because they were stalking her so much, so we know that they had several other targets during that time. So, I mean, it wouldn’t fully surprise me that they did end up killing a couple of them. There’s even a whole conspiracy about Martin Luther King Jr. Being assassinated by not the person who we originally Think from the history books and that’s a whole conspiracy, so who knows really? Yeah. I agree. Thank you all for tuning in for this week’s episode and let us know what you think is Stephen, King a murderer and truly committed the assassination of John Lennon or Did Mark, Chapman the deranged catcher in the rifle can really pull the trigger on that fateful day.

(40m 13s):
Let us know your thoughts, and we we’ll see you next week for Theory Thursday. Thank you guys for tuning in today and dive in it. And to this mystery with us, go check out our website. If you want to see our sources, pictures, and other information from this episode at Curley Conspiracies dot com, you can also follow us on Instagram and search for the handle Curley Conspiracies.

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