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Episode 65 – Do You Wanna Play a Gayme?
This episode is creepy! For reals, you have been warned. In this one, we talk about scary paranormal games you can play from the “comfort” of your home. Ouija isn’t one, as that will be its own episode. But rest assured, these are subjectively worse. First, Chris talks about how to summon The Midnight Man, a spirit who will play with you all night. He also shares one person’s horrifying experience with the game. Next, Cody gives you directions on how to play One Man Hide and Seek, a game where you summon a spirit into a doll. Then, Chris tells us how to play The Man in the Fields – a game where you try to escape a scarecrow invader – and shares one (VERY) brave person’s experience. Finally, Cody gives us the grisly story of two girls who play One Man Hide and Seek using the wrong rules. Creep of the Week is a home haunting story from one of our very own listeners, Lern (yay). Drinks are Dark Invader Cocktail and Precarious Pinot Noir.

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