Henry Louis Wallace The Taco Bell Strangler by Reigning Blood

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Although NC isn’t home to any of the super infamous serial killers we do have the Taco Bell Strangler. Join the Gruesome Twosome of the RB crew as we dive into the murders of Henry Louis Wallace, North Carolina’s most prolific serial killer

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Welcome to true crime by Indie Drop-In each week we feature an episode from the best independent creators hit subscribe for more great, true crime content. If you would like to help indie drop-in support indie creators, you can buy us a coffee. Just go to buy me a coffee.com forward slash indie drop-in or click the link in the show notes below today’s episode is from raining blood. If you’re from North Carolina, this one might make you a little uneasy because the crew is talking about north Carolina’s most prolific serial killer. The taco bell strangler. If you like raining blood, make sure you go to the show notes and click the links to subscribe to their show.

Cause they’ve got a lot of great shows for you to check out. All right, let’s get to it. Begin This episode of raining blood contains graphic content that could be triggering to those listening and is unsuitable for children. You were discretion is advised And we’re back back at it again, raining blood podcasts. You know what? We’re here for the nitty-gritty the fucked up. We’re the podcast. That’s better at hide and go seek then rake Ruth hiding it trunk. Nice. Like a little bitch boy, Like Pablo. Yeah, but probably could didn’t get caught in the trunk and I’m afraid it was through sooner it call back to our light, latest episode.

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So one right before this one, it’s easy for you to find click on it. It’s a D Then let us, let us know who you think was worse. Yeah. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Like I said, you know, to do like share comment, subscribe to this a message. We got an email from a fan. That’s longer that we’ve read on air. I was just telling Aaron, you know, it was like the, the little girl from little house on the Prairie. When they got mailed to come running out the door, I was like, oh shit, we got mail. We got a message. See, like I said, well, actually read it. Yeah. That’s what talk to us out here in the lonely island of North Carolina. Yeah. And if y’all haven’t noticed today is just the gruesome twosome backhanded again, me and Leo or Aaron and Leo.

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Yes. Cause everyone else I guess is too busy or just not committed Donta. That being said, we’re very committed to bring you content. That’s very dirty. Very bloody yikes. Very fucked up gory. Ooh. So today we’re going to talk about Henry Louis Wallace north Carolina’s most prolific serial killer. So we’re coming straight from our home towns, big areas, but still really feeling home state hometowns is like, I don’t know how far Charlotte is from us.

(2m 49s):
120 miles. I was gonna say like 130 maybe. Yeah, not too far. Yeah. It just proves, you know, that we’re talking about the most prolific serial killers and Raleigh wasn’t on the list. Suck at Charlotte. You guys get an MLS team, but you also get serial killers. I’ll take the no MLS team and no Sierra, can you win some, you lose some Charlotte. Yeah. That’s what you give for renaming. Your downtown uptown Losers. Absolutely. Even though Charlotte listeners have actually outpaced Raleigh and everyone around us in like the last 10. So also thanks. Well, I mean, I guess I’ve got to take it all back And then also suck it to our own, our own hometown. What the hell Gotta do better. Gotta do better.

(3m 30s):
Be better. Be better. Rally area. Be about it. All right. So yeah. Henry Louis Wallace was actually born November, 1965. Well here youngin. Yeah, he was born in, I forgot. I didn’t write down the damn day. Dammit, but that’s not really that 65, November 9th. That’s all that Really matters. Like 56 years old Right now. Yeah. And he, like Leah said killed a nine plus or 10 plus hoop, depending on who you ask women in Charlotte in between 19 90, 19 94. I was pretty recent too. Yeah, it wasn’t too long ago. Now. It happened in my lifetime.

(4m 11s):
Just barely. Yes. Still counts. He was born in Barnwell, South Carolina to his mother. Lottie may Wallace. All that’s a cute name, great name. She sounds like she should be a blues singer or something. His father was actually a married school teacher who was having an affair with a Lottie Mae who ran out on the pregnant. How do you mean? I mean, what a Dick. Yeah. So when he was growing up, his mom, I’m just going to keep saying her name. Cause I love her name. Lottie may worked really long hours as a textile worker and was known as a very harsh disciplinarian.

(4m 51s):
And even for like the smallest offenses, she had punished the shit out of her son. Really interesting. So I mean, that’s kind of like the beginnings of like a fucked up person. Right. That’s typically how, what you hear, but then things get weird though. Right? Not even weird. It’s like changes your, how you think he’s going to turn out because he went to Burnwell high school where he was actually elected to student government and was a cheerleader that does not sound like the beginnings of a serial killer. No, it sounds like the exact opposite. Right? It sounds like this kid’s going to be super successful. Yeah. I graduate in 1983 and later he become a local DJ and even attended several colleges before eventually joined the Navy in 1984. Did it say which colleges?

(5m 31s):
Ah, Nope. Okay. That matter joined The name of shoe. I’m assuming some in South Carolina, maybe some in North Carolina. I just wanted to see what side of the border we were on. He’s still in South Carolina at this point in 1987. He also married his high school sweetheart. Maretta Brabham Brabham Braven, B R a B H a M. Better than I can do. Yeah. I was thinking like Brad I’m like the linebacker for the Eagles. Fuck the Eagles. So, but he was also honor honorably discharged in 1988. And this is where you start seeing him slip a bit. I mean, this seems all very normal, Super normal cat so far.

(6m 13s):
Yeah. And then it starts to get a little strange, but still not too insane. So while he was in the Navy, he started using crack. I mean, that was a big thing. Then it’s the eighties, you know, crack and big hair bands and print. I had to get through your, your long work shifts, you know, maybe a little pocket energy. And so he was also served multiple warrants for burglaries around the Seattle Metro area. Oh shit. He’s very far from North Carolina And he’s stationed there and I’m sure there’s a base right of this. And there Would be island. There’s a few in the Puget sound too. So in January, 1988, Wallace was arrested for breaking into a hardware store.

(6m 57s):
And in June he pleaded guilty to second degree burglary, second degree burn. I have no idea. I don’t know what that means. It’s just like a spur of the moment burglary. Like it wasn’t planned or you’re just walking by like, fuck it. I’m going to that store. I guess. I don’t know. Or maybe it’s like less than a certain amount. I’m going to research that while you do That. Yeah. So the judge only sentenced him to two years of like supervised probation and his probation officer Patrick Seaberg would later reveal that Wallace would not show up for the majority of those mandatory meetings. So it looks like we got the makings of a little criminal coming. Okay. So second degree burglary is burglary when it’s considered a dwelling or an apartment that is not occupied at the time of the crime.

(7m 45s):
Okay. So basically no one’s present. So what I’m assuming most burglaries are like that then? Yeah. Cause why would you run the risk of waking someone up if you’re going to steal from them? Wait till they’re gone. I don’t know. Cause then if they’re there, then they wake up and they have a gun and you don’t. I wanna say maybe it’s just like, it’s, it’s known that it’s a vacant place versus it could be occupied. It Lessens the danger of bodily harm to someone. Yeah, I think so. And so, like I said, he, he didn’t go to the majority of his mandatory meetings. So the next little thing that would pop up about Mr. Henry Lewis in 1990 is believed that he murdered to Shonda Bethy Bethia and he dumped her body in a pond in Barnwell, South Carolina.

(8m 35s):
He is questioned about her disappearance, but was never charged with her murder. And he was also a question about the alleged attempted rape of like a 16 year old girl At the same, like around the same time at the same time. But nothing came to that. It was just questioning again. But it was known in the community that a, he had had a crush on a, to Shonda and that they had actually gone on dates a few times. Like they had gone out a few times. So there’s a little, it’s a little You know, having a blast. What was that? Was that one creepy line? Did she put it Fucking creepy?

(9m 16s):
I hate that song. That is a little strange. Right? So by the time that shit happened, his marriage had fallen apart. You know, when you’re being accused of raping 16 year old girls or attempting to rape a 16 year old girl potential for people. Understandable. I don’t do that. No. And he was fired from his job as a chemical operator at a Sandoz chemical company. That was pretty good job. Sounds like a nice job. I mean, Chemical operator could also be like, you throw chemicals away. Cause they get, they, they give you fancy names for everything nowadays, but a sanitation engineer you’re a janitor.

(9m 56s):
Yeah. Or it could be a garbage man or a custodian. They make good money. I don’t know that ever because starting in January, I don’t know. Hmm. I think of this the same. I’m not sure. I don’t know. You have different names. Right? So in 1991, Henry Wallace moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. He found jobs at fast food restaurants in the east Charlotte area. And then 1992, he picked up Sharon Nance, a convicted drug dealer and prostitute A toot prostitute. I don’t know why is that? It like that. But I did just a toot toot when it brings a whole new me that too. Didn’t boot it.

(10m 37s):
Yeah. So when Nance demanded payment, he went full on GTA mode and fucking murder right there in the car and beat her to death. Damn. I said that weirdly cheerfully that’s fucked up. Yeah. But I mean, we all did that in GTA. Yeah. The video game, obviously GTA is not real life. Yeah. So I Mean, sometimes it feels like it is, but so he beat her to death and then dumped her by next to some railroad tracks. Her body was actually found a few days later. Nothing ever came of that. Just kind of mystery body. Yeah. Just like, Hey, there’s a known drug dealer and prostitute.

(11m 18s):
No, she’s dead. Let’s go on with our day down for Bojangles biscuit. I’m glad you brought up bows. It’s a show about Charlotte. How could I not the first murder that he’s convicted of was Caroline love on June 15th, 1992. Caroline love was sharing an apartment with Sadie McKnight, which was Henry Louis Walls. His girlfriend that night after completing her shift at Bojangles on central AV. Oo, she love asked the night manager buy a roll of quarters for laundry. And she did. So she gave him 10 bucks.

(11m 58s):
She gave it to my bill and he got her 10 bucks in quarters, which I think is a role. I think her role is 10 bucks in quarters. Is it? Let me think. So that’s a lot of quarters. I mean, there’s a roll though. Yeah, it makes sense. Yeah. And after love, like left the restaurant, her cousin, Robert Ross noticed her walking home and he gave her a ride home and he watched her go into the apartment. Okay. So she’s safe. She’s home. She’s safe. Presumably safe. Yeah. A few days later Caroline’s boss called her, called her sister, Kathy to let her know her sister hadn’t been to work in two days. No phone calls or nothing. No, No call, no shows.

(12m 39s):
Yeah. Kathy swung by the apartment and left a note for her sister and the next day after yet another miss shift, the boss called Kathy again and letting her know that Caroline still hadn’t showed up. And so then Cathy called Henry who? Kathy knew Henry. Okay. In order to contact Sadie, her roommate. Oh, okay. So Sadie didn’t even know what had happened. So the three of them, Sadie, Henry and Cathy. So the roommate, the sister, the roommate’s boyfriend and also the murderer, the suspect went and filed a missing persons report at the police station.

(13m 28s):
Oh. He Went down to the police station. That’s diabolical. Yeah. It’s kind of fucked up. And so when Kathy went back, she noticed some of the furniture was moved and her bed sheets were missing and the roll of quarters was also not found in the room. Just 10 bucks. Yeah. Hey 10 bucks. That’s a lot of crack you can buy with that damn near a four piece. Bone-in chicken dinner as a four piece chicken Dinner. That’s 9 29 currently. So yes, you can buy One cause attacks. I think it takes three motherfucker. Yeah. For the Supremes.

(14m 8s):
Supremes are for children. And if you get us a premium and you’re over the age of 12, grow the fuck up. So on March 13th, 1994, Henry Louis Wallace confessed to the murder of Caroline. Love There’s was he coerced in any way? Let me, okay. Let me keep going. So in his confession, he confessed that he made a copy of Sadie’s key so he can get into her apartment at any time. And I enter the, enter the apartment when nobody’s home, when Caroline came home, he let her know that he was in the bathroom.

(14m 51s):
Okay. Like, I’m assuming like, Hey man, I’m taking a shit. I’ll leave when I’m done. He bays that he’d leave. And he was done with the bathroom. I don’t know what he was doing. Donut cranking it know that’s weird. This is a weird mental picture. I just got fucked out. That’d be cranking rubbing one out. And your fucking girlfriends and bathroom, her roommate comes out. Don’t mind me just busy in here. Just playing some five finger couch hockey Just in the bathroom. Feeding the geese.

(15m 31s):
Don’t mind me. I figured Cal Shaq. Yeah. I’ve never heard that. Yeah, bud. So when he left the bathroom, he, I mean, I’m assuming they both had each their own toilet in their own room. And when he was going through the living room, Karen was in there and he went over and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. Okay. I’m still strange. No, I made a little odd. That’s not his girlfriend, right? Yeah. And so she even said, there’s like, I won’t tell Sadie, if you promise to never do that again. She’s like, just leave me as I do. Just don’t fucking like, I won’t fuck your life up if you’d never do that again.

(16m 11s):
That’s enough of that shit. So he does what? Every normal dude does he put her fucking choke hold, Wait, white. Yeah. Yeah. That you meant to say Chris brown does not never normal. Gimme, gimme it. Wasn’t one of his songs. I don’t fucking know Man in the bathroom. I’m just kidding. So he put her in a Choco and kept squeezing until she passed out fucked up. So then he moved her to the bedroom, removed her clothes and tied her hands behind her back with a curling iron cord. And he also placed tape over her mouth. So then he, then he performed oral on her and then raped her while she was like semi conscience.

(16m 60s):
And while he raped her, he continued to hold her in a choke hold. And after the rape a Wallace strangled her to death, he uses it. So then he went outside, got a large orange trash bag that he had his car and went back up into the apartment where he wrapped her body up in bedsheets and put the bedsheets with her body in it, into the orange trash bag. It’s a big ass trash bag. This is, she was also a very small, like she’s petite still. And that becomes a trend. Okay. Petite is kind of where he goes for. Gotcha. He’s got a type.

(17m 40s):
Yeah. And so he, he put her body that is also ensconced in a bed sheet and then they also took another trash bag and filled it with clothes. So it made sense to try and make it look like she had left around accord. Okay. Like she packed up and left Like an afterthought, but yeah, so he put her in The backseat of his car and just drove around Charlotte, looking for a place to dump the body. And he decided that he came to a stop and dropped her body off in the woods off of Statesville road. Oh, okay. The next day he went back because he was worried that the orange was orange bag was a little too noticeable in the woods.

(18m 23s):
Right. Fair hunters wear orange Hats. And I said, I’m, don’t get shot in the face like that one guy with Dick Cheney. Amen. That guy apologized Dick. I don’t know what you’re talking about. And so he went back and took the orange bag back and kind of just shoved her body into a shallow ditch. That’s the end of his confession on that. Okay. Let’s move on to the Shawna Hawk murder. Great name by the way. Yeah, I agree. So Shawna Hawk was a paralegal student at central Piedmont community college. She lived with her mother and she worked at a taco bell where Henley, Henry Wallace was her manager. So on February 19th, 1993, her mom arrived home to cook dinner.

(19m 7s):
Sean’s car wasn’t there. But her coat and purse were still in the closet. Little weird. Yeah. So, and, and I think it was like cold that day and she wouldn’t go anywhere without her coat. And she never went anywhere without her purse. So something’s a little off, right? So she, she called Sean, his boyfriend, Darryl Kirkpatrick, if he had seen her, but he hadn’t. And Shauna was also supposed to have picked up her godson from daycare. And she also hadn’t done that. Cause that’s what happens is when you’re missing. Yeah. So, I mean, at that point mom’s getting a little upset, you know, my daughter is missing. She’s not doing the things she normally does and takes care of.

(19m 48s):
So Kirkpatrick returned to comfort the mom. Okay. He’s like, oh, it’s all good. Like trying to be like a good boyfriend, take care of the mom. So together they found a missing persons report when they went back to the apartment, Kirkpatrick’s notice the shower curtain was outside the tub. And so when he moved the curtain back, he found Shawna hot submerged under water, curled up in submerged under the water. She was there the whole time she was dead when she got to the hospital. I mean, she was dead In the tub dead for awhile. Yeah. The autopsy report found a contusion behind an above the left ear and a small laceration of the eardrum.

(20m 35s):
And then during the confessions, he wallet, Henry was admitted to going to see Hawk. And like they talked for a while and when Wallace was leaving, hock gave him a hug. And when she gave him a hug, he like kind of held her there. And he demanded that she had sex with him. Bold strategy, dude. Yeah. So, I mean, she like was like, what the fuck you talking about? What are you doing? And like, basically kind of like threatened her physically. I mean, he’s not a small man. He was a rather large dude. And he, even in his confession admitted that Hawk was like, like Shawna Hawk was scared and was crying during the whole coerced sex.

(21m 22s):
And then after they had finished, he told her to go to the bathroom. I put her clothes on, go to the bathroom. And when she went into the bathroom, he placed her in a choke hold between his arms until she passed out. And then he admits to filling the bathtub and placing her in it effectively killing her, says to man, this guy’s just got super fucked up. I mean, there’s no non fucked up serial killer though. You know what I mean? I Mean, if there’s one Going around killing other serial killers, like Dexter, you could be like, eh, I kind of see a good side of this. Yeah. I mean, some choose better victims than others.

(22m 4s):
That’s all I got to say What I have your serial killing, like gang rapist and shit. Right? If you’re like, you’re taking out other bad people. I won’t, I mean, you still shouldn’t kill people, but it’s not as bad. Cause if I just like some girl that works at taco bell and you’re her manager, I got the fuck. And so now we move on to the Audrey Spain murder on June 23rd, 1993, Audrey 24 years old was supposed to show up at work at six 30 at the taco bell on Windover road in Charlotte, when she didn’t show up on time, her manager called to see where she was. No, no response. Of course, the next day she missed her shift again, that then that time the manager actually drove to her apartment and saw her car at the apartment and like left messages again.

(22m 53s):
And after the third day consecutive day, the manager finally called nine one one after trying to call her sister and getting no response. So on June 25th, 1993, maintenance actually entered the apartment through a sliding glass door and found Audrey dead on dead in her bed. Fuck. Right. So again, during his confessions, Henry Wallace confessed to being in the apartment and smoking weed together, he admitted that his motive for the visit was to Rob her, hang out. And of course, when he did it, when he got there again, after getting a hug, goodbye, Perenchio called.

(23m 38s):
And then he questioned Audrey about the combo to the work, like the WorkSafe at the taco bell. Just trying to get on the taco bell. Yeah. So he’s robbing taco bell via robbing Audrey. Now, by the way, if you get a chance to look this guy up, he looks like a nerdy, notorious B I G he did give it this cashmere sweaters and shit. He did cashmere sweaters are the thing though. The nineties brand Them, that there’s fucking glasses though. The birth control glasses. And he also asked about her personal account and she told him she didn’t really have any money. Cause she just returned from vacation.

(24m 18s):
Yeah. These are taco bell employees, man. And I go after the fortune 500 CEOs. Right. How would you expect it? So he then said in his confession that he didn’t remember taking her clothes off, but Audrey had begged not to be hurt. And he continued to choke her until she passed out afterwards. He had sexual there and then wash her body in the shower to remove evidence. So he’s like slowly like figuring out how to do this. Yeah. But he also like does just stupid shit. So he put her back in the bed and I was like, I think that caught, caught on The mic dude.

(24m 58s):
Yeah. I thought it was going to cough. And then that was what the fuck? A weird noise, man. She put her back in the bed and tied a t-shirt and a bra around her neck. The why to strangle her. It’s a killer. I thought she was already dead. Okay. I don’t know. She was like semiconscious. Oh, okay. Passed out. And he was just washing her body off, but she still had a pulse. It was fucked up, man. So, you know, he tied a t-shirt and brought it on her neck and left. He returned the next day to make some calls from that apartment. So it wouldn’t appear that she had died from the same day as his visit all kind of smart. He also stole her visa card and use it to buy gas on the way out of there.

(25m 41s):
That’s not smart. You win some, you lose some right. I’m telling you like he does like, he it’s like he’s sort of things that through. But at the same time, he doesn’t, He’s like a couple steps behind my he’s Like, oh, I want to kill somebody. And I think I got a system by then. He does dumb shit now. So then we jumped to the, oh, that’s horrible use of words. We jumped to the murder of Valencia jumper, corny, just a play on words. There’s a leap pop there. Hop on over fuck, same hair. So Valencia was a senior studying political science at Johnson, C Smith university.

(26m 22s):
And on August 9th, 1993, Valencia and her friend, Zachary Douglas had arranged to hang out at night. This is why I don’t like reading off my notes sometimes. So in the wee hours of the morning, on August 10th, Douglas arrived to the apartment. He knows smoke coming out of the window. And when he got to the apartment, he actually just able to open the door was unlocked. So he just opened the door straight in, you know, to make sure everything’s okay. You see smoke coming out, shake, shake. Right. He opened the door. He found that there was too much smoke in the room for him. Like even get in without like basically dying.

(27m 2s):
And so he notified a neighbor and they call the fire department. When the fire, when the fire department got there, when they entered the apartment, they found that the fire started by leaving a pot on the burner for too long. Okay. And then they found Valencia’s body in her bedroom. Okay. So during his confessions, Henry Walz confessed to killing Valencia and stated that she was like a little sister to him. The fuck is up with this guy, man. I don’t know. I mean, there have been points in my life where I wanted to kill my little sister. No, not, not actually Like figuratively, not physically.

(27m 45s):
Anytime she had annoyed me, I was just like, oh man, one of these days, Sibling thing. Yeah. But not Anymore. She’s all right now she’s, she’s a lot better. Now you hear that. You hear that. I fully expect the texts at this point when she hears that. So they have been hanging out that night and Henry Wallace had left. He left and she was alive. Okay. He returned a little bit later and basically told Valencia that he and his girlfriend, Sadie had gotten into a fight and that he was asking, he asked to like use the phone to call someone because I guess he couldn’t do it at his own place or SATs.

(28m 36s):
Well, There’s no cell phones back then either. Yeah. Go find, go fuck, go to your own place and make a call right now. And so when she reached for the phone, he Burnich out code. Yeah. Who would have guessed. So again, just Like choking people, man. And he’s a big dude and It’s affective when you outweigh the person. Probably like three times her body weight. Yeah. That’s true. So Valencia beg not to be hurt and that she would do anything to not be hurt. So he does the same shit. And he’s been doing Forces her to have sex with him. He’s crazy dude.

(29m 16s):
So when she started like afterwards, when she started putting on her clothes, he threw a towel over her head and strangled her with it until she passed out. He also confessed that he saw blood coming out of her nose. So he applied pressure for five minutes until she died. Fuck man. So then he went around and then he said, he went around the apartment, wiping his fingerprints. So then he found a bottle of rum in the kitchen and poured it all over Valencia’s body, bed and floor, not half fat actually. Then he went to the kitchen and put a pot of beans on the stove and set the burner to high and remove the battery from the smoke detector and went back to the bedroom, lit a match and threw it on Valencia Valencia’s rums out party and dipped out.

(30m 7s):
He came back to him as later to see smoke coming out of the apartment. And he left. He Was like, okay, shit’s on fire. All right. He had also stolen some jewelry from her and pawned it off. Yeah. I mean, if this guy wanted to get laid, he did, he’s working on a taco bell. Just bring college, college chicks, taco bell. The love You sad thing is most of these girls are like, college-aged Jason. I know coach. I mean college chicks. That was fucking, Yeah. I’m older than that. That was bad. I’m running a casting couch here. Mean we don’t even have a couch. No casting chair. That’s really uncomfortable Casting office chairs.

(30m 48s):
Oh God. And so let’s, let’s hop into Michelle Stinson’s murder here on September 15th, 1993, James Mays, a friend of Michelle went to visit the single mother of two young boys. Oh no. I think it was 22. I 20, not 22 but 22. Zero. Yeah. When he got to the apartment and not to nobody answered. And then the boys started knocking on the window and saying that their mom was asleep on the kitchen floor. That’s ominous. So like James Mayes thought, like there was playing around. He’s like, all right, whatever. And he started to leave.

(31m 29s):
He’s like, oh, okay, whatever you guys are just playing until the oldest boy went out, the back door, came around and grabbed him when he was trying to leave. And so James Mays went back inside through the back door and he found Michelle lying in a pool of blood. Oh shit. On the kitchen floor and his poor kids, children that I’ve seen that, you know what I mean? So he, he immediately tried to go get the phone and he saw that the cord was cut and, or even ripped out. And if you’re a younger listener, phones used to Nieto, They used to be mounted to all. Or they could be on like tables.

(32m 10s):
You Can pick them off the like little hook thing that held them to a wall to carry it around. Just have a long answer. Some people would just have my own table was like, I remember my grandparents, they had it like literally mounted on like a doorframe that you can delete. We had one pick up, we Had one in our kitchen growing up on the wall. And then we had one in the living room on the day. Right. So, but you needed a cord. They were attached and they were attached. You just carry them Anywhere. The new thing was, they were no longer rotary. Right? You have to go through the whole circle, die, Push the button. Now you hear that young in’s pushing buttons Like physical buttons. Yeah. They didn’t have screens. And so when he found out when the phone was broken and he went to the neighbors, they call the police at that point.

(32m 55s):
It’s too late. Of course she’s dead. So during the confessions, Henry Wallace Is so much worse than that song, you know? And that’s a bad one. So Henry Wasson admitted to stopping by the apartment at 11:00 PM with the intention of raping and killing her. Why did he just come out and say all of this? Why did he just say all this? Was he coerced? Anyway? Was he under investigation? I’m getting there towards the end. I’m going to go to the murders first. Cause it’s it shit went down quick. So you said they had hung out for awhile and when Wallace was leaving, what do you think happened?

(33m 41s):
He put her in a choke hold, got an, he got one of his little customary goodbye Hugs, which he likes to do, which it turns out as a maneuver technique to get them in a defensive position and put her in a Joko mode. Jesus. Then he told her he wanted to have sex with her. She said she was sick and couldn’t do it. So he was like, prove it, bring me some medication, bring me a prescription. I’m like, she can’t like, what do you mean cold bro. So then after forcing her to have sex with him, kitchen floor Wallace, put her in yet another choke hold until she passed out. He then went to the bathroom, grab a towel and began to strangle her.

(34m 24s):
Except this time she started regaining consciousness a little bit quicker than other people. And she just started began. She started, began like to gas for air and I guess struggle a little bit. So then he decided to stab her four times the knife. Oh, but that escalated real fucking quick. Hmm. So after he had stabbed her and basically killed her right there in the kitchen floor, while her two children in there asleep the oldest son, sorry to wake up and Imagine this was loud as shit. I mean, if he’s choking her, you can’t make much noise again. Oh, You’re stabbing someone there. I got to make some noise. Right. Ma if you, if you still have their like windpipe close though.

(35m 6s):
Dang. So screw. You’ll hear like, you’ll hear the puncture sound, I guess. But I get of it. They could have had a TV going, who knows? So the oldest son started waking up and Wallace. I told him to go back to bed and the kid did because it was somebody that they were used to sitting around. And he like, so he had already been kind of wiped down some of the same friends from anything that we be as evidence or anywhere, they would probably dust for fingerprints. And then he actually used a towel to open the back door. So he wouldn’t leave fingerprints on that. I’m Surprised he left the kids that saw his face and knew him after killing his mom.

(35m 48s):
Right? At least, at least he kind of has a code, right? I mean, he doesn’t kill, he didn’t kill it. Katie didn’t kill the kids. Hello, True crime fans. This is Greg from Indy. Drop-in this episode is brought to you by pod bean. As you know, this podcast is all about supporting independent creators. I’ve worked with so many people who love true crime content, but also have the urge to contribute. You might want to amplify a victim story or dig in the trenches to solve cold cases, but you’ll need tools to get the message out. Pod being has the tools you need to host and distribute your podcast. There are even options to earn money from your podcast. You don’t need any technical skills.

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(37m 12s):
Wipes clean. Okay. It’s a bloody towel. You had blood on your hands, bro. Come on now. First of all, why the fuck is our talent knife in my backyard now? Yeah, I was just hoping that neighbor touched it. All the fingerprints are on the murder weapon. I think they did it. Fuck. I Guess she was putting her music on too. They went over, Jumped the fence, snapped her with their own knife and then threw it back on their own side of the fence. Hey, it’s mine. She Came over here and stabbed her seven somehow managed to keep all the blood in her. Yeah. And then went back to her room and died. Yeah. Okay. I mean serial killers. Aren’t always pretty smart. You know, I would say most of the time, they’re pretty average.

(37m 53s):
I would say most time if they, if they have a long stretch of getting away with it, pretty Intelligent. That’s what I’m saying. I think most of them are, are actually pretty smart for the most part and lucky and fucking lucky. Well, a lot of it was pre-technology and DNA planned out surveillance cameras, cell phones, you know, before all of that became a thing. All right. And so let’s move on to the murder of Vanessa Mac Return of the Mack or not so much. So on February 20th, 1994, Vanessa Mac, mother of two daughters was found dead her apartment by one of the girls’ grandmothers, the oldest girl’s grandmother.

(38m 35s):
She was lying on her bed with a towel around her neck and blood coming from her nose, ears and back of her head. So I kind of shortened that bit. Cause the confession is really what tells you what went down. Yeah. So again, Wallace confessed that he had called Vanessa to see if she was home. And when she picked up, he hung up because he knew she was home and he walked to her apartment. He admitted his motives were robbery basically in order to support his crack slash cocaine, addiction and murder. So again, he tried to maneuver Vanessa into position where he could apply chokehold, but she wouldn’t hug him smart.

(39m 17s):
Some people aren’t huggers. I mean, I am, but he tried to choke me. I’m better at fighting. I hope I am also definitely not like a normal serial killers type. You’re a little thick for that. All these thick boy hike and bike clubs Makes you harder to kidnap harder for the kidnapping. I’m sturdy. I look like I can take a punch. So when the hugging technique didn’t really pan out The first time it didn’t work.

(40m 1s):
Huh? So that’s gotta be kind of a shock to them. I imagine I’m going to tell you this, this man recovers quickly. He knows what he’s about. He, so he wouldn’t hug him. And so then he’s like, Hey, can I get, can I get like a drink, something to drink? So when she turned around, he pulled out a pillowcase that he had brought with him. She brought a pillowcase with him. I don’t know. He’s a big man wear baggy clothes. He can hide all kinds of shit in those like Old big ass clothes. Yeah. And he strangled her with it, you know? So while he was strangling her and tightening it up, he, he explained this, a robbery and that he moved them into the bedroom and demanded it, her ATM card and pin number.

(40m 53s):
So afterwards he again forced her to have sex with them. And when they’re finished, he’s like, you need to put some clothes on. So she starts putting her clothes on and then apparently the pillowcase still around her neck at this point. And he just tightened that shit. I don’t know, man. I dunno. I dunno, strangled her to death with pillowcase. So after he killed her, he went to check on the four month old daughter that was lying there and he stayed until she fell asleep. So I was like, weirdly making sure the baby’s okay. And then he walked down the street and caught a cab and then he tried to use her ATM card. But the pin number was incorrect.

(41m 35s):
This is kind of strange. He’s a, he’s a, he’s a weird fucking cat. Yeah. But you’re right. He does have some sort of code though. Yeah. And so these are like, I think this next two. Yeah. The next two are like really rough. I mean, as rough as the others weren’t but like these are, these are, these are like Super sad. So the Betty Bocca murder on March 9th, 1994, Betty Bauckham assistant manager of the Bojangles on central avenue did not report to work. Her boss called her and no response. She missed her shift the next day. And two of her coworkers stopped by her apartment to see if she was okay.

(42m 15s):
They saw her car was there and they knocked on the door, but didn’t receive a response. And they even looked through the windows. So nothing was, nothing was off. So on the third day of missing work, her boss, Jeffrey Ellis, cause he had already called her mother and let her know. So I got her mother again and they decided to go to the police and our March 10th, officer Gregory, Norwood received a call to respond to a girl’s body being found in an apartment. And she was unresponsive. And the officer Norwood found Betty’s body lying face down on the town, on her neck. Henry Wallace said that he had went to the apartment and told her he needed to use the phone. And as he was leaving, he placed her in yet another chokehold and told her it was a robbery.

(42m 60s):
That’s good. It’s he’s got his emo That’s that’s an emo. Right? That’s what he’s about. So it makes you a serial killer. So he was demanding the alarm code keys and the safe combination to the Bojangles she worked at. And after she’d like kinda given him what he asked for, it took her 30 minutes to disclose the safe combination. So it’s a wild, less resilient as fuck. And he let her go after she did that. So after he released her, Betty asked, why did you do that to me?

(43m 41s):
And Wallace says, he said is all what he says? Cause we don’t have her actual perspective. But she said, apparently she said, why did you do that to me? And he said, I’m a sick person. And that he had heard that I had hurt many people. They wouldn’t even really trying to Rob the Bojangles. He’s just trying to kill him. So then Betty did what I could never do. She embraced him and said she forgave him and that he should get help. Bye. Right. That’s that’s a insane amount of character for anybody. Like, I’m sorry, you put your hands on me period. It’s going to take me a while to get over you like get over the fact that you just pissed me off and then you tried to kill me.

(44m 27s):
Yeah. We’re going to be fighting. No, we’re not going to be fighting because the moment you let me go, you’re dead. Okay. Or if I can get away, I’d rather not kill somebody. But if you’re trapping me in my apartment, Trying to kill me in my apartment, that’s a different story. Right? If I’m like, If I know I can get away, I’m getting away. But if I’m in a corner game, home motherfucker, but she was, she was like, I forgive you, man. Gave him a hug. I like, she’s got to get some help. What a fucking angel of a human well, Wallace said that he became enraged and grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the floor.

(45m 7s):
He demanded that she had sex with him. But she said she had a rash, which he said like later he said it was the normal looking rash and that she could have just, she could just do give him a blow job basically. So, well, I guess when he got his Dick out, she began to pull and scratch his Dick. Oh, Oh yes. Fucking fight. Betty fights. Unfortunately that is true. Leo. She fought to her death, But she went out with a boots on. So they began To fight again. And then Wallace received a bite to the shoulder and bunch of scratches on his belly underbelly.

(45m 47s):
Yep. So apparently she still had a towel on her neck. Cause I don’t know how he just like, how’s just staying there. He’s probably ties a knot and like, doesn’t keep doing, but, or like just Holds it there. Like I don’t know. But he said, he said all he had to do is tighten the tower on her neck and he tied it until she nearly passed out. Then she agreed to have sex with him. And then, I mean to save her life. And then while she was putting her clothes on, he plays a towel around her neck and demanded money. So she gave him her purse and then he took the gold chain from around her neck, Jesus. And then after that, he just wrangled her to death.

(46m 27s):
He took her TV and to sell it for drugs and then left in her car. You took a TV in 1994. That takes some effort. The suckers were heavy. Well, it depends on the size TV box. The ones. Yeah, but it’s a bit more manageable. And like if she had like a 45 inch box, he probably weighs 60 pounds at a time. It’s ungainly as shit. I remember I carried mine up two flights of stairs in college. All right. Parents had like a, like a 37, 38 inch. But like one of the old tubes, man, that thing weighed more than I did. That’s like 150 pounds. Are you having to carry it up? And I got no help carrying those damn stuff down without dropping it down.

(47m 11s):
You put it on a fucking, like just put it on your back and go. Yeah. So yeah, he took her car and took her TV and stole her car with it. He returned later that day to make sure she was dead and then steal her VCR as well. You can’t have the TV without the VCR, Right? What’s the point. Yeah. They got a website before they became in CA came in combos. Right. Remember those, You get a watch that, you know your copy of lion king from blockbuster, the nineties, man. I don’t think lion king was out yet. Oh it is 94 I think. Oh I can come out now. I can came out in 94. Oh, let’s Shawshank redemption.

(47m 51s):
I don’t know. Terminator to Castaway. Castro is 95. No, I was like 2001. It was like way after it’s like Forrest Gump, but it’s 94, 95 right around there. So he had her car for two days. Just rolling around. Yeah. And then he left that in a parking lot because he thought the police were following him and he wiped the inside and outside except for the trunk lid. Okay. Except for the trunk. Forget that. Okay. Well let’s hop on over to the Brandy Henderson murder. Now. I think we only have two left. Yes. This is one to two left.

(48m 32s):
So Brandy Henderson was living in her apartment with her boyfriend Vernice Lamar woods and their 10 month, 10 month old son, TW Brandy left in The morning. The kid’s name was just TW, TW I don’t know if they’re allowed to actually disclose the name. O T w but I’m serving W’s Woods teases, first name, but boy TW, you got written down as, so Brandy left in the morning for a doctor’s appointment. And then Henry Louis Wallace actually arrived with the intention of like telling her he was leaving town. But when he got there, he found out it was just, you know, her boyfriend there with her kid. So he’s like fuck off.

(49m 12s):
So at 5:00 PM, Brandi came back to the apartment and then Verness Lamar woods had to go to work. Okay. So he left. When he came back from work around midnight, he found that the front door was unlocked and items like, and when he left, it was like a neat clean. When he came back, the door was locked, everything was neat and clean tidy. When he came back there, it was unlocked. Shit was strewn about all over the place. So what the fuck? Yep. And the stereo is missing. So he first went to TWS room and when he turned on the light, he found that TW sitting up in his bed, gasping for breath, with a pair of shorts tied around his throat a 10 month old and like white.

(49m 56s):
He, they said something white coming out of his mouth. I’m assuming it’s like foam or spindle or something. So guests, the code has been broken co-broke boy, fuck this guy, this guy, fuck this guy After the first murder. But, but at least he wasn’t killing kids. Yeah. Right. It’s weird. The standard, how we change our standards when we talk about serial killers. So I mean, of course Verness takes the fucking shorts off his son’s fucking throat. Good call. Yeah. And then that’s when he notices that Brandy’s lying face down on her bed with a towel tied around her neck.

(50m 36s):
I where’s the fun. I had no idea. Towels Had the capability of being that like They’re kind of thick to like, yes, you have to fold them. I guess. I don’t know either. I’m not going to look that up. What the fuck? Yeah. I’ll try it at home. On my self caring style. Oh God. Try to crank one out when you do it. So y’all so I would call them all choke and stroke focus. So right. So she had the towels around her neck and that her face was actually blue. So I got the towels off. He called 9 1, 1. He performed CPR as he was instructed.

(51m 18s):
When the paramedics got there, it was clear. She was dead. Yeah. So in the confession, Henry Wallace, he confessed that he planned to kill Brandy that Tuesday morning. Like that was yeah. And when he found out what was his home, he went to kill Betty Bauckham instead just swept many bonds. Only dime because Verness Lamar woods was at home because there’s work schedule It’s fuck. So he returned, he Returned later when he knew woods, wouldn’t be there and told Brandy that he needed to leave something for woods.

(51m 60s):
So she let him in, again, asked for a drink, chokehold. He made her strip naked and have sex with her while she held her son 10 month old son and across her chest. Because at first she was like, I ain’t say my son. And he said, you don’t want him to do that for what what’s about to happen. But I mean, so she had him in, she had turned his head away, so she couldn’t see. So he couldn’t see the TW. So she’s getting raped while her son is on her chest. Jesus. I told him shit, shit’s fucking awful, man. I mean, yeah. We’re past some dark shit here at writing blood. But what the fuck man?

(52m 41s):
Yeah, we went hardcore There. Yeah. Pretty fucking gritty son. Jesus. So after it was over and they were both getting dressed, Henry Wallace actually went to the bathroom for towel wiped, the apartment clean. Oh. And then he folded the towel and strangled Brandy to death. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So TW began to cry 10 months old to do that. And while I was actually said, he looked for a pacifier or something for the baby to drink, when that didn’t work, he tied a towel. And then I guess he moved to shorts around his neck as well to get them to stop crying.

(53m 25s):
Fuck man. And the baby laid down next to the mom and I guess slept. That’s what he said. He, the kid probably wasn’t sleeping. He’s probably choking to death. So now I just get to the last Murder here, baby survive. Okay. At first they were worried That there was some severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen, make sense. Cause when they took him to the hospital, they were doing all these tests and he didn’t respond appropriately to being like jabbed with a needle because apparently it’s how you test, like if there’s any nerve damage or anything like that. And he didn’t respond the way he should’ve. And he had like a lot of pressure behind his eyeballs and stuff from his jugular vein being compressed. But after time He was okay.

(54m 5s):
Good, good, good. We good. And Hopefully not mentally scarred because that would be super, Oh, it’s a little silver lining. So you know, small miracles. And So the Deborah slaughter murder, I started getting real tired about reading All these fights. Yeah. So I just went straight to his confessional on this one. He confessed to going into her apartment to do drugs. And then when he found out that she had had money, like kind of saved up. Cause she said, cause he was going to sell her drugs too. And she said, no, I can’t buy him. I have to make my money last until next week. So she’s clearly got a wad of cash somewhere. Yeah. The old drink towel routine happens again.

(54m 48s):
Another fuck. And then Ash, as he’s finally gotten the tag, as it gets as a towel, he brought himself this time. He just brought a towel to a direct deal. I mean, it’s a drug deal slash drug slash I don’t know. But again, Peggy closing at nine, he’s probably not thick towel. Yeah. But I mean, nobody like the fucking weird guy that brings it down to the party. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe he sweats a lot. I don’t know. So as he finally got it around her neck, she, he, he even said slaughtered and then realized he was one who killed the two other girls at nearby apartments. I think the apartments were called the lake apartment complex and Charlotte And she liked recognized or she was like, oh wait, Did they say, oh my God, you’re the guy who’s been killing people.

(55m 34s):
Oh fuck. Oh, like he squeezed all the tires. She went down to her knees basically. And then he told her to strip and give him a blow job slot here. I mean kudos or being able to say this because it’s exactly what I would have said. She goes, I don’t do that. You might as well go ahead and kill me. I mean, I can respect that, that amount of defiance in anybody at that point. Yeah, Same. I got mad respect And then he proceeded to rape her as his, as his head memo. But he also knew that she carried a knife in her purse.

(56m 18s):
And so he had her empty, like I’m assuming why he still had his hands around the towel, choking her, that she empty her purse. And when she did, he kicked the knife away and then he demanded the money. And as she was giving him the money, he picked up the knife. At that point, she started fighting back, sorry, yelling for the police, You know, just try and do whatever she could make a noise. So then he tightened the towel again around her neck until she fell and started kicking on the ground. So she, he then tried to sit on her legs. So he wouldn’t. So they wouldn’t alert the downstairs neighbor. I mean like you hearing him say, am I kicking either?

(56m 59s):
You’re going to complain. You’re going to go. What the fuck man? Yeah. David’s like Prolonged. Hmm. Especially if it’s like, Yeah, if it’s like five minutes straight of just kicking, you’re like what the fuck’s going on? Like your neighbors are fucking loud. Walker, stomping around clogs over the farther down Badly. At least they, you know, like walking, if it was like five seconds of that new PTO wave, it was like five minutes of them just like bang, bang, bang. But after like a minute, that’d be like, all right, Something, got it. Something’s not right. So he got like as just kinda like, I guess groggy at this point, got another towel from the bathroom, tied around her neck on top of the other one.

(57m 40s):
So double-check, I guess when that still wasn’t working, he then stabbed her about 20 times in the stomach and wiped the knife and placed it back in her purse. And he left, bought some crack with the money. He just stole from her and then smoked it in her apartment With the dead body. Yeah. Yep. That’s hardcore. Hmm. And so the way this guy gets arrested on March 9th, 1994, investigators had started to know similarities in the Henderson and the Mack murders, both black females, no sign of forced entry and the use of a ligature or something to bind her choke.

(58m 27s):
Correct. On March 10th, the very next day, investigators, investigators were holding a meeting about the similarities to other strangled like stragglers. Yeah. Triangulation, strangulations. I was thinking ligature, strangulation cases. And as they’re doing that news of the bulk of murder broke and it was the exact same shit as it had been happening before. And so investigators then went to all the other ones they assumed, and they had friends and family members write a list of all the people, the victims let into their apartment. And Henry Louis Walls was named on every single all of them. Yeah. So they were like, this is the guy that’s a pretty quick investigation.

(59m 10s):
Fuck ass. Really fast. Yeah. But there’s still there’s investigations Go. That’s the only question. And at that point. That’s just because he knows these people. He knows they, They all, they work around each other, they all live near each other. I mean, what are the chances I know. Right? And then this was the kicker, March 11th, 1994. So it’s been a three days. They’re just piling shit on like your mom’s birthday getting they’re going March 11th, 94 car’s recovered. A Palm print left on the car was a match to Henry Louis Wallace. He’s didn’t try you. Didn’t clean off the trunk lid.

(59m 50s):
Ah, fuck. A Palm print Though. Palm print. Really? So then the police issued a warrant for an outstanding larceny charge because they’re like, Hey, this is our chance to at least go after him. You know what I mean? And then during the search on March 12th, the next day, the police aren’t informed that Deborah Slaughter’s body had been found Jesus. So he killed, I think he killed like three women in like four days, right? Something like that. Yeah. Pretty shortly, really quick though. So that same day, same day, March 12th, between five 30 and 6:00 PM. Henry Louis Wallace was arrested on the outstanding larceny charges after being read his Miranda rights and made sure he understood them.

(1h 0m 36s):
The police let him know about their suspicions, that he was connected to the murders and they showed him the photos of himself trying to use max ATM card and failing. And then also showing him the matching Palm print. After that, after they showed him that he straight up confessed to the murders of love, Hawk, Spain, Stinson, Mack Baulkham Henderson and slaughter Jesus Christ. And then like, it’s really not much happened after that at his trial, his trial was delayed due to choice of venue, DNA evidence from murdered victims and jury selection. His trial began September, 1996.

(1h 1m 17s):
Prosecutors were seeking the death penalty while his defense argued for life imprisonment. His defense claimed that because they weren’t planned out in deliberate attacks or premeditated and deliberate attacks that they weren’t first degree murders. And really, and they also used his childhood trauma from being abused basically by his mother as saying he has mentally incapable, I guess, of being charged with first degree, like he had a mental health disorder. So they’re like, oh, you can’t can’t charge him for not being, I guess, sound of mind. Yeah. Oh yeah.

(1h 1m 57s):
And they also tried to use his crack addiction, which I’m like, nah, fuck that. He’s like, that should never be used because they do It to yourself. So On January 7th, 1997, Henry Louis Wallace was found guilty on all counts of nine of all nine counts of murder. And he was sentenced to on January 29th, two, nine death penalties for each murder. So he got the death phony because you have to do it by each murder. You can right them all in. And that’s when North Carolina is still had the death penalty. Yes. But only for like three more years. So did he get the death penalty? Why is he still alive?

(1h 2m 38s):
On June 5th, 1998. Henry Louis Wallace married a former prisoners. Yeah, motherfucker. He thought I was gonna say he died. No, The quickest like execution I would have ever heard. Nope. Nope. He married a former prisoners Raleigh syndrome and the wedding was actually in a room adjacent to the execution chambers with like a Def like one of his like defense lawyers or whatever, and like a ward in there as witnesses. Yeah. This is why no one likes defense attorneys. I mean, you couldn’t pay me enough money to be there.

(1h 3m 18s):
I’m like, nah, fuck you, dog. I got paid to protect. You get another witness. Right. I don’t give a fuck about you. So he has appealed. He appealed his death penalty and his gone to the north county Supreme court where he was denied because he said I should get life and life in prison instead Of death. Okay. So he was just trying to switch his sentence and it wasn’t trying to appeal. Isn’t it? Well, I mean it an appeal since it was, since it was so he was like, okay, I want to do that. And they said, fuck you. So you, in, in North Carolina, you get one more chance to appeal. Oh, okay. I just say that he went for another chance you got, cause you have to go higher. You have to go higher up.

(1h 3m 59s):
Okay. So I went, so I think he went to like a local magistrate. No, we’re not changing it. So then he went to the north county Supreme court. He said, what’s going on? I think the attorney general said, fuck you, bro. No, as not happening right now. Not ever completely even rejected to hear the case. Like, no, they’re correct. Because the appeal court does not have to listen to it. If they, if they think they got it right. They get To pick and choose. They actually Could like maybe switch it. They’ll take it. But if they’re like, Nope, They got it. Right. Well, I mean, not only if they, it means they’re only going to take, if they can switch it because of a legal reason, it’d be like, they feel like this was wrong.

(1h 4m 40s):
Fucked it up. Right. Then we’ll take anything legally have to do it. Right. So His shit was denied. His appeal was also rejected. He’s still on death row. And then no date has ever been set. So since we don’t have the death pony, he’s still just probably in prison Because it wasn’t, it was like 2001 or 2002 that they appealed it, the death penalty in North Carolina. And it’s been kind of in limbo for like 18 years or whatever. I’m pretty sure that’s correct. It’s I know it’s a long time. So he’s still alive is basically where we’re at. That fucking sucks. I mean, to my knowledge, yeah. I mean more than likely we can.

(1h 5m 20s):
I mean, we can also check. So actually Right now in North Carolina, capital punishment is legal. Is it back to being legal, despite being legal though? There hasn’t been a public executions or I shouldn’t say public. Cause it hasn’t been an execution since 2006. Okay. I knew there was, there was a big legal thing about that. Yeah. Henry Louis Wallace. The taco bell strangler. Yep. It’s still alive. 55 currently here in North Carolina. Central. Central. Yeah. Hanging out downtown Raleigh by all your friends Married. Don’t forget. Married, married to a fucking former prisoners. Fuck is wrong with that. That’s like some Harley Quinn shit.

(1h 6m 1s):
Hmm. It’s even worse because this shit’s real. Yeah. That this guy’s just strangling people and you’re like, oh yeah, I’ll marry this crack. That’s Crack. It killed fucking line. Plus really? Probably yeah. Nine, 10, 11th Carolina. Right? Jesus Christ. Yeah, man. That’s fucking North Carolina is like more like most prolific. I would say Mo one of the most infamous serial killers in our state. There’s like two other guys that had like eight, but we can cover Them later. But this guy, man, I wish I was the attorney general. I’d bring the death penalty back just to kill him. I’ve Been lying. Right. Dick had Murder him. Cool. We can go back to having this discussion of whether or not we should.

(1h 6m 43s):
Yeah. My other favorite part was like, during that whole thing, the chief of police in Charlotte at the time in 94 sat there and he was like, I didn’t even realize we had a serial killer until like the three killing, like the three killings in four days, I had no idea. We had a serial killer. And then that caused such an outroar, like an uproar in the like more black community. Cause they were saying y’all didn’t care because it was young black girls dying. They weren’t, these weren’t rich white people y’all don’t give a shit. And then one girl outside of the court sat there and said, yeah, they just wrote them off as fast girls who had to go hang out, swimming fast. Girls means a prostitute. But yeah.

(1h 7m 23s):
I mean it caused some serious tension in the area. Cause even the mayor is like, Hey, it’s now safe for people at the people of east Charlotte. And I’m like, fuck. Yeah. Like ex like don’t take that as a triumphant moment. Like yeah, you caught them, but you should caught him a while ago. Yeah. I mean, why wait until he gets like three P for three people in four days I think is what I did those last three. I mean, you do get to like build a pattern and all, and then he just fucking took off. But yeah. Yeah. I mean he was, he was building a pattern over three years. He had built a pattern and then in 94 days, when he really fucking cranked it up a notch, Fuck on one, all out sky fucking nerdy, notorious B edgy Harkin.

(1h 8m 9s):
The fuck, man, dude, I can’t even tell you how hard it was reading all the like, cause I went and like court transcripts about like the TW getting choked. What the fuck man? I felt like I was turning into Heath ledger. Yeah. That’s what it sounds like, man. I was like, fuck. I mean, you guys have reading this shit it’s guys. Right downtown. I mean we can talk, we can theoretically talk to this guy. Oh we can theoretically see this guy in person. Can You just walk into a prison? I want to see this guy. No, you have To like set in up file paperwork and shit. But you can like file it and then he has to like accept it. So yeah, sure. We’re getting fucking guards. Nah, there’ll be no challenge.

(1h 8m 50s):
Fucking hands. So thing. Yeah. And I’ll tie it to our, on his neck. See how he likes it. Well, now that I said that out loud, no, This is getting denied. We weren’t going to go anyways. They probably aren’t one of the few listeners in Raleigh that even listen to our podcast. Yeah. We’re going to like file the paperwork and they’re going to be like, Hey, the guys from raining blood wouldn’t intervene. Think it’d be like, what the fuck is writing blood? Oh, it’s a podcast. The fuck is a podcast. The fuck you guys talking about. When we got arrested in 1997, He got arrested. He got arrested in 94 or 94. That’s right. Sentence seven. He didn’t know what the fuck a podcast is Unless they he’s been given like internet usage and shit and prisons. Prisons is not like the way it was in the seventies where you were like literally in a cell with nothing.

(1h 9m 34s):
Now these guys can go to like a library. They have a little chip. Yeah. Okay. We had to do like a legit tour. Let’s go see what’s In. I I’m pretty sure they have like a library. They have to like check the book out and like either bring it back to their cell and keep it in their cell or they have to go and stay in like the little library room. Like no, they can like read it. Yeah. Yeah. And they have like, you know, I’m sure there’s like a little workout area area and shit. I’m just saying we can go down there. We can talk to this guy. We could talk to, you know, right in here and just knock out a few of them the same day for Ryan, Ryan, Hare being one of the young ins that murdered our classmate. Matt Silverman. You can check that out on both of our killer classmate.

(1h 10m 15s):
Yeah. We can probably do the second one. One being much more of a deep dive into the murders Besides the first one. Just being like an overall theme of how fucked up or high school. Yes. Check that shit out. Yes. That your high school is bad. Bring it. Middle-class America over here is getting wild ring it. All right. Well do you have any last thoughts on that, Aaron? Fuck that, dude. I agree for one. Not like that though. Kind of fuck the police in the investigation right there for not picking up on that ammo sooner. Like I kinda agree. They probably just wrote off like, nah, it’s just another person dying who gives a fuck.

(1h 10m 56s):
It’s probably laziness. They probably like ass one death who gives a shit. Oh, it’s two dads. But they didn’t like connect them. People got choked at happens. Yeah. By the third one, they should have been like 31 there. And they realize it like the same type of fucking victim they showed like something’s up? Yeah. That should have been like, all right, we’ve got similar giggle. Similar wave down. I guarantee you, if Someone started choking, like middle-class white people and the second one happened in the same kind of area, there’s a full on investigation going. Oh, I Guarantee it for sure. Yeah. Let’s think of the night stalker. Oh, did it take like two before the police started looking for that guy? It didn’t take very much, not much at all Los Angeles for ya, But yeah.

(1h 11m 41s):
What about you? What about your final thoughts? I mean, I’m sure. Should we bring back the death Tony? I mean, technically it’s back. Should we do it? I’m against it. Here’s why I don’t trust the game group of people. Government, not government, whatever a group of people to make the correct decision on someone’s life. That being said, fuck this guy. If he killed him, I’m not going to think twice. See I’m I’m okay with it. As long as you exhaust every possible resource and it is phone. No doubt about it Because here’s my thing. I’d rather a hundred people And guilty people go free than one innocent man.

(1h 12m 26s):
Yeah. I completely agree. I mean, even one is a man go to jail. I’d rather a hundred guilty guys get out. And then what I think I go, right. But that’s my thought, as I was saying, if it is like a hundred percent, like there’s no fucking doubt in anyone’s mind, they have done the appeals. They have done everything. They can mark them. Yeah. I mark. I’m taking my back, Merck them and have tax money. Go to at least the living inmate. Yeah. And that’s the other thing guy, a guy who has a chance to get out executions take fucking 20 years to get done, especially, or I mean, cause of the appeals, get your appeal. Shit done. Pack it.

(1h 13m 6s):
Stop taking 20 fucking years. That’s taxpayer dollars. Yeah. Get that shit down in like two years tops. I Mean, do it, I mean, I don’t want to rush it out. I’m not gonna put a time on it. Cause I, I truly want It to be iron clad. I Want there to be absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind. Was there any doubt in anyone’s mind about this guy? I mean the defense was like bringing up like their points. They were bringing up were somewhat valid, but at the same time the courts were like, no, they’re not shut the fuck up. You guys are just stalling. And at that point, like if, if the, if the Supreme courts are going, no, you did this, you deserve the death penalty and it Clap them.

(1h 13m 46s):
Right? Yeah. Like why w why are we waiting another 15 fucking years? Or in this case, what? We’re at 23 years rested 94 or 90. Yeah. Well I was saying, send us 97, 97. Yeah. Four years. Four years damn. Near our lifetime. Yeah. Well, I mean, if you go from 94 to 28 years, that’s a long time. It’s really close to my lifetime. Yeah. That’s like 90 spots. Right. It’s a lot. And I got to just sitting there and just life in prison fucking sucks. But I mean, in some ways it’s worse than death. Yeah. But it’s not as satisfying. It’s not as, I don’t think it’s is just, I mean, I agree that as it may, a lot of I’m sure a lot of people disagree with me that the death penalty shouldn’t be a thing.

(1h 14m 35s):
But I think if a person is no longer contributing to society, they should be out in any way. And, and no one thinks they can ever possibly contribute To exactly. To rehabilitate this guy. He shouldn’t be part of society. No. I mean, I’m even for, if it’s going to be that way and it is ironclad, you can do more cruel ways and public. I don’t know. It’s not getting super draconian. I mean, I’d be okay With like, if the family got to beat his ass a little bit. Yeah. Like whenever I see the court videos of like, dad’s like for like some dude kills their daughter and like a dad just flies over the thing starts beating the shit out of the guy who did it and like coughing. It was the bailiff. I’m letting them get a funny, like saying I’m going to let it happen for him to be like, oh, I didn’t, I didn’t stretch this morning.

(1h 15m 16s):
I’m not quite probably like the sun was In my eyes. They’re like, you’re in a courtroom. No. Right. Shit was Blinding. I was looking at the other side of that. There was a thread and he just leaked over. And then it took me a second to process. The Information guy said squirrel and I had to look, I had to look, oh, he punched him like nine times in the eyeball. He ruptured it. Dang it. Dang it. What did he do? That girl should’ve got in both eyes. But yeah. That’s all I gotta say. Y’all know what to do. Like share comment, subscribe, send us a message. Tell us what you think. You know, you like these shows tell us what kind of shows you like.

(1h 15m 56s):
Cause like, I mean, do you, which formats do you like? Do you like R our head for head? Do you like our individual dives? Do you like more verbal, mysterious ones? Yeah. Is there something that you want us to, do you have an idea for a show? Shit. Just talk to us, man. Yeah. You never know. May just do It. Possibly could even shout you out on this shit Though. Yeah. Check out last one. We shout out, you know, but we gotta say a Charlottesville pace unwell. I’ve seen Colorado on there. Colorado’s in smoking, California. England. Strangely enough has got quite a few. So our friends across the pond. Thanks much. Love England, England. You sure about that?

(1h 16m 37s):
It’s true. Is this all like Blackheath and some other places I don’t, I don’t even know what that is. Isn’t black. Ethan or Birmingham. I think it’s near Birmingham. I have No idea. I have no clue. I’d say. Yeah. It’s just, this is look at the last one though. That’s the last one? Last one. Top dog Sydney. Charlotte, Burlington. North Carolina. All right. So first time Berlin has been in the top five. What up? Burlington. And then Mendoza. Argentina. Cool. Right. But there we go. All right. Cool. Thanks for listening guys. Well, Hit us up again.

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