Internet Legends and Gateways to the Other world by Family Plot

This week, Krysta, Laura and Dean discuss various urban legends of the internet. While they leave out certain key elements to perform many of the rituals they discuss. Krysta covers some amazing facts about crayons.

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Then they turn their attention to legends like using a corded telephone to call a hooded man to take you upon a sightseeing jaunt to another world. They then discuss, the Elevator Game, it’s horrific history and it’s potential origins in a series of bizarre elevator accidents in Japan. They then turn their attention to a Japanese game that revolves around telling ghost stories and blowing out candles, each one bringing the tellers closer and closer to darkness. Play a game with the Midnight Man where the prize on the line might just be your very life. Learn how to go candle travelling and is there anywhere scarier than the unplumbed depths of ones own mind. Then access a website, that can only be accessed alone, at midnight, in the dark where the simple act of web surfing can lead to doom. They discuss each of these stories, the legends connected and their beliefs. Join us for what might be our spookiest episode yet

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