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I can’t believe we made it here, to the finale of the 31 days of horror. I want to thank everyone who helped get us here.

M.T. Goins from The Delivery Podcast

George Helftler from Best Little Horror House in Philly

Issac Ocean from Back to the Bunker

Kay From the Fuck my Work Life Podcast

Richard Wilson from Tremorphonic

Kara and Kelli from Drunk Theory

Brad Lebaron from the Album Concept Hour

Cynthia Booher from Couch on the Couch

Thank you all so much for all of your help. And An Especially big shout out to you, the Listener. Without you were just 10 crazy people yelling into microphones. you give us purpose which is the greatest gift possible!

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Based on the Original Story: Jeff the Killer by Sesseur

And Special Shout out to our editor Kevyn Kerrivan and My Beautiful Wife Cynthia. I couldn’t Do it without either of you.

Ending Song: Voices – by Patrick Patrikios

Intro & Disclaimer Music By Kevyn Kerrivan

Thanks For listening and see you next week!

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