Josh Hanson Killing by Shane O’Brian, One of Britain’s most wanted men by True Crime Fix

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Show Notes

On the morning of the 11th October 2015, the life of the Hanson family changed forever.

Hear Josh’s story and how he was the victim of a cold-blooded crime, hear the long fight for justice that his mother and sister had to go through and how Europe’s most wanted fugitive was eventually brought to justice


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Hello. Again, everyone. Welcome to our 32nd case together. If you’ve enjoyed the show so far, then please make sure that you have subscribed on your chosen podcast directory and all the new episodes will automatically download for your upon release. It can also listen to the new episodes through the website too. So go over to and all the episodes or at the base of the home screen. The episodes are also available now on YouTube on the True Crime Fix channel. They usually uploaded on the Friday after the release as a podcast.

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So please, if you enjoy the show, spread the word as far as possible, I would like to do a small push for the YouTube side of things. So if you do have a spare minute, could you please like share and subscribe on the channel? I wanted to do this case ever since I started the podcast, but for one reason or another, I’ve always put it off. I don’t know if it’s the familiarity with the area or whether it was the uncertainty surrounding everything to do with the case for the longest while or whether it was purely and simply my admiration for the strength and dedication of Josh his mom and sister throughout everything I wanted to ensure that I could portray the integrity of dare story and Josh’s story.

(3m 47s):
Before I go into today’s episode, I just wanted to explain why this has been always in the back of my mind that I say that when things resonate with you, you always remember where you were. For example, I was walking home from college on nine 11. I was in the pub during karaoke. When I heard Michael Jackson had died and I screwed up my ankle in the canteen of my Saturday job. When in England, when the rugby world cup, you get the picture in 2015, my now wife and I had been together for just over a year. And I was living at home with my parents, having moved out of a flat that I shared in our show.

(4m 31s):
A few months later, it seemed logical to save some money at the time on the weekend, the night’s the 11th of October, 2015, it started like any other for me on a Friday night have been to Wembley to watch England play Stonier in the Euro, 2016, qualifier the game in which we had gone on to win two. Now, whilst I was there, I made plans with some of the football team to meet the following night, to watch England play Uruguay in the 2015 rugby world cup. At the time I was playing football for a team based in what third Woodland United, just a Sunday thing, but a bit of fun and the less.

(5m 13s):
So about seven, 15 ish a court, the two act two bus from outside of my parents’ home to get to East coast high street. We decided as there was a few of us that lived in the area to meet the champers, a wine bar who had as part of their license, an age restriction of 21. And as the majority of us ranged between 28 and 30, it was perfect. When I say a wine bar, it may have started life as that, but by 2015, it definitely wasn’t. In fact, it had a reputation of having an older crowd who would be in there trying to really lift the use.

(5m 53s):
But as the night wore on the sudden realization that they couldn’t drink, like they were 21 or 22 anymore would lead to some funny scenes on various other nights. On this night, though, we watched the rugby and decided about 10 o’clock in the evening to catch a camp at the junction in Hara, as more of the team would arrange to meet. There are the options in East cope were very limited. There. It was the Ascot, which it just had a facelift. It was trying to attract to a completely different clientele from which it used to attract as the Manor house. It was your typical sticky floor pup with music. It was now trying to change to a place that you could go for food and a chat.

(6m 39s):
The other option was the Ariba, which also had a late license, but it was more of a hole in the wall bar, which catered for a younger audience. So the part in for Harrow, it was not until the taxi ride home after one or two shandies in the early hours in the morning of the 11th of October, 2015, that we realized that anything was a mess. The cab driver told us that he was going to have to take a detour because the police had closed off the East coast high street due to an incident. All of us just assume that there was a drunk driver that had crashed, unfortunately, something that was common for the area at a time little did we know that this incident were put this sleepy West London suburb on the map for all the wrong reasons?

(7m 33s):
So without further ado, this is your True Crime Fix I’m your host, Steve. And this episode is dedicated to the memory of Josh Hanson. Joshua was shown handsome was borne on the 27th of February, 1991 at 3:24 AM at central Middlesex hospital enact in West London. He was the younger brother of Brook. He was four years older to mum Tracy. Hanson his mum, Tracy. He stated he was beautiful, happy, and carefree and grilling to an inquisitive toddler who was full of life.

(8m 20s):
She continued, he grew into a happy young boy and he always surprised me with his gentle and kind approach to those around him. He had a smile for everyone and his laugh was infectious from the moment that Brooke met her baby brother, she held him in a way that I knew would bond them for life. Tracy told a story in a local newspaper about how Josh was always close to his sister and that bond strengthened as that grew up, when was at nursery, but Moss hall school in North Finchley. He wants, tried to climb up a tree to crawl through a fence, to find Brooke during playtime Josh adored his older sister too.

(9m 11s):
And he was as protective of her because she was of him. They would spend hours on end playing happily. And it was a bond that continued as they grow into adulthood, sharing holidays, nights out, and even the same friends. Josh left school with five GCSE S and went on to study at West heart’s college. In what foot, where he gained to BTech in sports science, unqualified as a personal trainer during the summer break, he decided to apply for a job as a planner for STEM, more quality surface in limited, and was offered the position that day after his interview, Josh very quickly became an integral part of the team and excelled in his role and was earmarked for bigger things.

(10m 5s):
He quickly climbed the ranks and was soon supervising paving in tarmac jobs conducted by 600 men. He would leave home at 5:00 AM every day, and a thumb works half days of the weekend. It even started learning Romanian to help him communicate with some of the rope workers. His mom and dad just loved his Nando’s, but his favorite food was steak and lobster. He would eat at some extremely nice restaurants and worked hard to treat himself. He loved champagne. Josh loved the finer things in life.

(10m 49s):
She continued. The thing that sticks out the most is that he was hysterical. He had an amazing laugh. He’d walk into a room and everybody who was there would want to be with him. As he got older Josh was proud of his body. And he was a King bodybuilder spending long hours in the gym, working on his physique. It would spend these rest days with his girlfriend, Lucy who had been with since February, 2015 on Saturday, the 10th of October, 2015, Josh had accompanied his girlfriend, Lucy carpenter to a hospital.

(11m 33s):
After our father had had a suspected heart attack. It’s been a long evening. And to after midnight, Follow in several hours in a hospital, the pair decided to join Josh his cousin and his best friend, Reese Kennedy for a few drinks at the armory bar in East Ko, the DJ was playing R and B music and his friends were dancing. As Josh went to buy a drink. The police have since re-released the CCTV of what happened on that night. So unfortunately I can describe it in some theater, but just after one o’clock Josh was standing at the bar when he was approached by a man who have been sitting on a long bench like sofa on the other side of the bar, the bar is only small.

(12m 24s):
So one CCTV camera picks up the whole pub. The man who’s dressed in a car key, Canada goose jacket and jeans approached Josh. Their pay is to be a couple of words share between the two before a third man, obviously reacting to something that has been said, attempts to step between the, to the man gets an object from his coat pocket and holds it behind his back. The men then appears to feign a hip up towards Josh for making a splash emotion towards his neck, a split second after Josh, he puts his hands up to his neck.

(13m 9s):
There is the realization of what has happened. You can see on the CCTV that a spatter of blood appears on the floor as Josh staggers backwards in shock. Whilst the man calmly puts the knife back into his jacket pocket, which is now soaked with Josh his blood and walks out of the bar across in the field and rode out of sight from the cameras. As soon as the attack happened, Josh was being assisted by his cousin, Reese, his girlfriend, Lucy, his friends and strangers in the bar. One of which was, fortunately, a nurse.

(13m 49s):
They tried so hard to keep Josh alive and apply a CPR until the paramedics arrived. But unfortunately, their attempts we’re in vain. Josh past away on the floor of the bar. According to the testimony of those who were there, Josh tried really hard to hold on, but he sadly ended up suffocating on his own blood due to the wound, a wound, which the following Tuesday, during the post-mortem ups, which mortuary will be revealed as a 37 centimeter, a long, deep cut, which have gone from his left ear to the right side of his chest, cutting through his vital arteries and his neck and chest.

(14m 37s):
Josh his attacker who had been in the bar for grand total of 20 minutes when he killed Josh in order to do this case justice and why it has taken me so long to tell this story, you need to understand that there are three perspectives of this tragic event, and I’ll go through all of them. There is the police investigation, the families fight for justice. And what happened to the individual who left the park that night? Therefor, this recap of events will not necessarily be in a chronological order and I’ll tell it as best I can in the way that the events played out in real time.

(15m 23s):
Traci was at home alone. When she received a call a 1:20 AM to inform her about what happened. The family resided in Kingsbury, in Northwest London, a few miles away from the famous Harrow school upon hearing of the incident, she rushed to the BARR, a six and a half mile journey, which would have taken around 20 minutes. But when she arrived, police officers were carrying out forensic tests. So they would not let her in DCI, no Merck, who was one of the first people on the scene.

(16m 4s):
And he shared the story of the investigation on the met police, his website, every murder scene is tragic. You visit as a Sunni, the investigating officer, knowing of course that someone is lost their life, their, and he said to a police. I, if you look for opportunities, I remember meeting Josh his mum for the first time at the scene. And out of the corner of my eye, I saw a refuse fan empty in St. Bins ads do a double take is this was Sunday morning. The bin men was stopped in the hopes that they may have emptied a bin contain in the murder weapon, unpleasant, but critical specialists, search officers, then sifted through the rubbish.

(16m 55s):
Unfortunately for the police, this did not produce the weapon. The road remain closed while a very cool German Shepard was put to work, searching for blood season’s CCTV from the bar. It was also crucial to the investigation. When CCTV is retrieved by the police, it has to be taken by a specialist engineer to ensure that nothing important is deleted in the chain of custody is correct. Should it be needed? A trial? This engineer was on the other side of London at the time, and the clock was ticking.

(17m 36s):
And for some reason, attempts were being made to destroy the evidence. Fortunately from that CCTV evidence and fingerprint work on the glasses that the man drank from that night, it did not take long to identify their prime suspect. 27 year old Shane O’Brien originally came from the Sutton estate in Ladbroke Grove, very near to the route of the famous Notting Hill. Carnival O’Brian was registered as unemployed and had no bank account. So the police were not able to trace, wear any of his spending as occurred.

(18m 19s):
He was believed to have been involved in the drug trade, but a little more on that later DCI McHugh made a very quick decision to publicize O’Brien’s picture in the media, along with a reward of 10,000 pounds for his capture on the 12th of October, 2015, the police ruled out gang violence as the motive behind Josh his murder, chief superintendent, Nick Downey, he Lyndon’s bearer commander said justice deaths was tragic and senseless, but he did not have any connection to any known gangs.

(19m 1s):
On the 15th of October, Tracy posted two, a blog on the justice for Josh Hanson Facebook page, a quote I had to officially identify Josh his body at the mortuary yesterday. And my heart that was already broken is now shattered into pieces. The injury that Josh received is barbaric then to see my beautiful son laying there, maned the shock me to my core as a mother, I will do all I can to keep my son’s memory alive is to a handsome man that he was the, not the one that I had to see yesterday.

(19m 47s):
He was a humble young man who I told every day that I loved him and was proud of him for all. He represented, hardworking, caring, loyal, unkind. The police. His first breakthrough came within the first week when staff at the CAMBA castle, a pup in canvas sands, a coastal town in East Sussex called one of the team, detective, Constable Sam, fan it to say O’Brien who had been staying at a local caravan park. He had visited that pub Follow in the murder.

(20m 30s):
And after seeing the social media post, a member of the bar staff had recognized him. But by the time the officers got to the caravan park O’Brien who had left their followed painstaking and time consuming work for the murder investigation team to examine all of the CCTV in and around the caravan park and try and work out what car he had traveled In they discovered a black VW golf that fitted the rough timings they had, and that then enabled them to track its movements and what O’Brien did in the time following the attack on Josh, what they discovered was astounded.

(21m 21s):
According to DCI met hue, a quote. You would never know that this man that just killed another in cold blood O’Brian was seeing casually enjoying a Curry with a friend pose in, in front of a mirror, even getting the leftovers in a bag to go and then spend in a couple of hours, Ashford, designer outlet. You think a man in his position might quickly grab the first thing on the shelf and make off, but no, a CCTV shows he carefully selected and try it on trousers and shirts even ask in a shop assistant for Help with the color size.

(22m 8s):
And at one point he was always paying in cash and was careful with that. On the 22nd of October, the family gave an emotional appeal through the met police. The voices, you will hear a Tracy then DCI met here and then Brooke Josh was funny, caring, kind, considerate, compassionate, hardworking, supportive, generally just pretty much perfect to me.

(22m 54s):
Josh was at the armory bar, just off for about one o’clock in the morning. He received the fight when to his neck, we’re searching for any witnesses who are the Ariba to come forward. It what ever information you hold. Don’t assume that we already have it. Please contact us. And we’re also actively seeking the whereabouts of Shane O’Brien we’ve released a picture. You would like to know where he is. Shane of Ryan. Now you want to speak to it with regard to Josh’s murder and we’re offering a 10,000 pound reward Is the worst pain. And have you ever felt in my life One I’d never thought I’d have to feel about my baby brother, losing him, my best friend and my and a half for me, you know, we were best friends and I still can’t imagine for that for him, but I really want to make him proud.

(23m 56s):
I, I just, I just can’t even begin to even think why some women to do that to Josh Y someone would take him away from us. He had such a beautiful life in a lovely people around him. And I just want anyone, anyone like my mum, we just want anybody to come forward. Please don’t be scared because it would help us. And it will help everyone around us. And we just want to give Josh where he deserves and that justice, you know, it would be brave like us having to be brave every single day to help catch the person that did this.

(24m 38s):
And we’re asking them to their strength as well, to do the same thing. And anyone who’s hesitating about making that call or wondering whether it’s the right thing to do. Please look at the devastation that is caused to Joshua’s family. They need justice. I need you to make that call to the place today so that we can get justice for Josh Also on the 22nd of October though, officer’s search the caravan. O’Brien have been staying in, in canvas sands and recover the car. Key Canada goose jacket O’Brien who had worn at the Ariba Josh. His blood was found on the sleep as well as O’Brien’s DNA.

(25m 24s):
On the 28th of October, the investigation team arrested an unnamed man at Gatwick airport in connection with Josh is Killing, but there was no records as to whether they obtained any new information from this arrest. The 24 year-old was helped by detectives and was eventually arrested on suspicion of perverting, the course of justice and an assistant and a fender on the 16th of November in a public message. Tracy wrote when your heart is broken beyond repair, what do you do? How do I live without my beautiful son?

(26m 7s):
How can the future even seem possible without his arms around me, comforting me and telling me it will be okay, mom, what is the point to life? When there’s so much heartbreak, destruction and cruelty in this world? My son Josh was sure it was so precious to me, along with his sister, Brooke, we had so many plans for the future. I lift for them and would do anything I could to help make them happy, because that is what made happy. No one is perfect. And we had our moments like any normal family, but we had an unbreakable bond that was solid on the same day and appear was shown on BBC.

(26m 59s):
Crime watch on the 20th of November, Josh his funeral that the family called Josh his final farewell celebration of his life was held at sacred heart church in Kilburn father, Terry Murray conducted the mass, which was about an hour in length. All of the 10 days we asked to wear anything other than black as Josh was full of life and adored all things bright and colorful. And as a true reflection of his personality, Tracey said, I would like to you all to shine just like him, more than 1000 people attended the service and the mourners spilled out of the sacred heart church on two quakes road, Josh arrived at the surface in a white casket with an angel drawn on the lid in black, his coffin carried by a white horse, drawn hearse mourners individually lit a candle to remember Josh and to during the service images of him throughout his life were projected onto a screen.

(28m 16s):
Some of the mourners wore hashtag justice for Josh wristbands or carry curings to highlight the hunt, to find his killer close family and friends then continued on to Henry and crematoria for a short committal service. Josh his wife was held at Allianz park. Now the home of rugby club Saracens Josh his final farewell was an alcohol-free event. Other than the toast during the week, the attendees played one of his favorite games, roulette and listened to some of his favorite music.

(28m 58s):
While looking out onto the pitch where he had spent his school sport stays. Tracy told the Kilborn times our broken hearts will never heal because my daughter and I now have a missing link in our family unit Josh to save the love, pour out of Josh his final farewell celebration, not only humbled us, but gave us comfort in knowing that his love reached far and wide, you will never be forgotten my beautiful boy, your sister, and I will keep your memory alive and we will do everything we can to get justice for you.

(29m 46s):
Unfortunately, the police had hit a roadblock when it came to find it. You know, Brian, what they had learned now was a O’Brien who had been smuggled out the country. It was now an international search and the leads were not limited to properties had been raided One in rice slip and one in Lubbock growth, but no new leads have been uncovered. The next update wasn’t for another five months On the 9th of March, 2016, it was announced the O’Brien who had been added to the most wanted list by Crimestoppers and the national crime agency under operation return, detective chief inspector Noma Q said, we believe O’Brian could be in the Netherlands.

(30m 43s):
Although inquiries continue into several other European countries that this state there is a European arrest warrant out for O’Brien. We hope the launch of this new crime stoppers, an NCA appeal will raise awareness and lead to his prompt arrest. But again, there was no new leads On the 10th of October on the first anniversary of is passing. The family held the first Memorial football tournament and family fun day, which was a huge success with over 60 of Josh’s friends and family members and work colleagues take it apart with still no news about O’Brien Tracy posted a blog on the 11th of December, 2016, it was clear to feel the family’s pain.

(31m 43s):
The Pain is shock comes in waves. Some I ride like a roller coaster and I always feared their and others that are just about catching my breath from the smallest thing can trigger this excruciating pain and fear. For instance, I find myself laughing. The shock stops me in my tracks. As I think to myself, you just laughed, trace Y. How could You To seeing a new photo of Josh that I stare at for days and ask why, why would somebody want to do this to you?

(32m 24s):
My beautiful, happy boy in February, 2017, a man by the name of Enzo melon, Shelly was arrested in Prague in the Czech Republic for criminal damage. And the man had a distinctive owl and skal tattoo on his back. It was so confident and arrogant when he was arrested, it was clear that it was no big deal for him. He was bailed as it was a low level offense, but fingerprints were taken and later proactive computer searches will request it and it revealed his true identity.

(33m 8s):
This man never reported back to the police station. O’Brian was used in the Italian alias of Enzo Mellon, Shelley supportive by false documentation. By the time the investigation move to the Czech Republic, O’Brien have moved on. The police were back to square. One upon investigation detectives believe that he was in the city for at least seven months. He was known to a frequent at the city’s nightclubs in boxing gyms. He had boxing gloves on him when he was arrested and that gave the murder investigation team leads to follow up in the form of local gyms.

(33m 56s):
The team also manage to trace a barber who had cut O’Brien’s hair. Several times, I, Brian had said that he was Australian, but did not have the accent to match. They also found the tattooist. He had visited to cover up his existing tattoos. Police now had had an update on his appearance. However, so although they did not have their suspect, they had their first positive sighting in nearly 18 months. Mugshots showed the hair growth in his hair to shoulder length and had a full beard with a distinctive, no tattoo of the owl.

(34m 40s):
Hold in a skull, which is covered up in his previous Shannon 1504 Oh six tattoo on the 11th of October, 2017. Josh his mom. Tracy shared another heartbreaking appeal to Mark. The two year anniversary of her son’s death. The metropolitan police had now increased the reward money offer of 50,000 pounds for Shane of Brian’s capture. She said these past 24 months have been a living nightmare, a nightmare that I would not wish on anybody.

(35m 24s):
I nurtured my son from the moment I saw him held his hand while he took his first steps, handed him his school back on his first day at school and watched him grow into a bright, capable, funny, and loving young man who worked hard and provided for his family. We laughed and cried together and shared our innermost thoughts and secrets. He was my son and he was also my best friend to show you how not easy. It is to file a claim with Geico. We hired a soap opera star gracious me. My car has a storm damage and I have to file a claim.

(36m 7s):
Could it possibly get worse? Well, my claims team leave me for someone else. Someone less intense. No, actually when you file a claim with Geico, you get your own dedicated claims team who promises to stay with you throughout the process. O I’ve never known such loyalty. I can’t wait for the second season. Geico great service without all the stress. Imagine pouring over photos and small video clips because that’s all that is left. The can bring you close to almost touch in your child and imagine having to share your pain and grieving alongside a manhunt while we grieve Shane O’Brien the man the police would like to speak to in connection with my son’s murder as yet to be caught.

(36m 58s):
And we still wait for justice. I hope and pray that you only ever have to imagine what I have just shared with you. And it never becomes your reality because it rips it, your soul and your very being Follow in this appeal. Another person came forward to say that O’Brian may have been in Gibraltar around this time. Inflammation was also receive the O’Bryan may have been in niece in France in early November. Officers also investigated reports of sightings in Bari, in Italy, all new leads, but as 2017 drew to a close, the authorities was still no closer to catch in O’Brien around Christmas.

(37m 58s):
The police was saved yet. Another sighting that he was in a tanning shop in West London, it sounded unbelievable to the investigation team that he would be so close to home. But CCTV showed a man who looked very similar to our Brian. Unfortunately though, after investigation, this lead also let them to an impasse and it was back to investigating things to see what that could have potentially mist. All the time new cases were coming into the metropolitan police and their focus was starting to be divided in the new year.

(38m 41s):
However, O’Brien’s cousin, Jason manners was jailed for 14 years in his role in a 10 million pound cocaine ring and possession of a firearm. A friend Joseph pale was also jailed for 16 years for smuggling cocaine and heroin via helicopter from the Netherlands to Britain. When police arrested pale, they seized kilos of class, a drugs with the street value of 12 million pounds, as well as 30 encrypted mobile phones, both Peele, a manners lived on the West London as a state where a Brian grew up.

(39m 30s):
The belief was that it was through one of these contacts, the O’Bryan chartered the plane and they accompanied O’Brien out of the UK into the Netherlands this day, STO although there was a European arrest warrant out for O’Brien, he was not on Interpol’s list. The international Crime police organization, more commonly known as <inaudible> is an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and Crime control on the 11th of February, 2018.

(40m 11s):
Tracy posted on her Facebook page, something which again, shed light on the way that the family was being treated it read this month has been shocking. Not only am I having to fight for more help to raise awareness to our justice for Josh Hanson campaign. I’m also having to battle with the murder investigation team MIT eight through my naivety. I thought that Brooke and I were on the same page as the mat and other Crime agencies while working towards the same objective while it seems that we are not should a family fighting for the justice for the unprovoked murder of their child, have to fight for the wanted poster of Shane O’Brien to be placed on Interpol’s most wanted, should have family have to insist that all communication be carried out by email or text to avoid having what they say, being taken out of context.

(41m 28s):
Should they have to hear what they’re entitled to from other mothers? Who’ve also lost a child to murder because it has not been related to the, by any of the agencies. They have open communication with should a grieving family have to accept the mayor of London’s sedate Cannes refusal to help us to display the wanted poster on underground and overhead train stations. When they have a contract with the transport for London, should I say nothing to the public for fear of reprisals?

(42m 9s):
Is it right? And just that I was not told that I can request a copy of my son’s post-mortem report from the coroner’s office, by my family liaison officer, and only found this out after being told by another grieving mum who had to do the same, is it right? That I am having to fight for justice was so many obstacles in my way. The answer has to be no to all of the above. Doesn’t it? These are just a few of the issues that I am sharing with you all, but there are many more, I am sharing things that Brook UN I have been dealing with on our own.

(42m 57s):
And while trying to get the right advice, we are being pushed from pillar to post. We feel oppressed and vulnerable with very few places left, turn victims need support. They are the ones in the larger picture of a murder investigation that needs to be looked after the most. They are the only ones who are grieving, not the investigation team, not victims support, not the mayor’s office, not the therapists. I have had enough of the platitudes, the excuses, the red tape, the London men said to me, when I asked for the poster to be displayed on train stations.

(43m 48s):
If we do it for you, we have to do it for everyone. Then do it for everyone. Step up and be counted, make it new policy in America appeals a shared or milk cartons. I provided the mayor’s office with the total amount of stations in London and greater London. And I asked for the current official, met, wanted posters so that all families would have the opportunity to share their posters this way. And guess what? No response Y Oh, let me guess, because that would be transparency.

(44m 33s):
I hope this post does not shut a few doors. I have left it open to me for fear of being associated with someone who is speaking up. This has happened to many other grieving families. And as a consequence, I have kept my own counsel up until now. I’m waiting to hear back from my MP Dawn Butler, who was offered to help me and to secure room in parliament. So the Josh Hanson trust can invite a cross section of victims to talk about their experiences and quit.

(45m 14s):
On the 25th of May. O’Brian was finally put onto, into Paul’s list. As a written notice, a red notice is a request to law enforcement world-wide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition surrender or a similar legal action. It contains two main types of information, information to identify the wanted person as such their name, date of birth, nationality, hair, an Eichler photographs and fingerprints. If available information related to the crime they are wanted, for which can typically be murder, rape child abuse or armed robbery.

(46m 6s):
Within weeks of the red notice being published, there were 15 potential sightings report it to the police or the national crime agency who were working at a broad to track down. I Brian, four of these were investigated and eliminated from inquiries, but they gave the investigation team more places to look in. Particular efforts were being focused on Mark Bayer in Spain, Bangkok in Thailand and Dubai, the Texas chief inspector norm McHugh said, we are really pleased with the response to our appeals.

(46m 45s):
Since I Bryan was placed on Interpol’s list. And I would urge people to keep their eyes open wherever they are in the world. Please don’t be discouraged by the fact some potential sightings have been investigated and discounted. We want to hear from anyone and everyone who thinks they see O’Brien or has any information, no matter how small It was also believed that O’Brien used another alias. Enzo Machado Machado means ax in Portuguese, but again, for the family, it was a painstaking.

(47m 29s):
Wait is there was still no concrete sightings, but the metropolitan police is a prime suspect. Tracy decided to take matters into her own hands on the 11th of September. Tracy updated everyone again via Facebook. One of the things in our post was the mayor’s office have replied to my email again, saying that their position is the same as it was last autumn, and that there was no scope to support all the appeal posters in tube stations. So I’m going to do the next best thing is to stand outside the us on the 11th of October, 2018 on the third anniversary of her son’s murder.

(48m 19s):
Tracy shared that her daughter, Brooke members of their family, a few friends and ourselves that handed out over 7,000 posters in the week prior. And we’re going to hand out another 1000 outside Paddington station on one of the days of a repeal sky news interview Tracy outside of Victoria station. Yeah, it is demeaning. The last thing anyone would want to do, especially a mother who’s grieving. Her child is to walk around with a man. The police would like to speak to the connection of his mouth on her chest. It’s a very painful, it’s a very uncomfortable for me.

(49m 0s):
More than one person knows where he is. Obviously he’s been helped just come forward, even anonymously don’t you even have to leave your name, just do the right thing. Now help me. My please, Tracy added over the past three years, I’ve distributed over 40,000, wanted posters around the world. I have sent it electronically and I have shared it with your help throughout the world and across social media, hundreds of thousands of times, my campaigning is relentless because it’s all like can do to try and get justice for my son, Josh, all of Tracy’s work to get justice for her son was also starting to get recognized in the community on the 11th of February, 2019, despite there still being no update of the whereabouts of our son’s killer.

(50m 2s):
She posted, I was asked if I were to talk to year nine students about the effects that knife crime and justice death has had on me, how it is devastated my family along with Josh his friends and colleagues and how carrying a knife is never under any circumstances. Exceptable this was something that I had to prepare for emotionally as it was something that I was not sure that I would be able to do without breaking down. And the last thing that I would ever want to do is to make children cry.

(50m 43s):
Some Of the footage that we have shared in our presentation, I’ve had to watch over and over again during the process of putting it together and then again, to seek approval, to share it in schools. And then of course, when sharing it with the young children, and this was heartbreaking, I tend to avoid watching videos of Josh laughing or talking because they’re so painful. And I have never shared or watch the videos of Josh his friends and family carrying Josh his coffee. But when I was sharing his story with so many children, it was sat there looking at him and that may in their school uniforms, I knew just how important it was that I went on this journey with him, all of us together with Josh and to do all that I can to help prevent this from happening to them.

(51m 44s):
I took a big deep breath and brought Josh into the lives of over 250 pupils. And while I was talking to them, I imagine Josh sitting there in his uniform with these friends, and I knew how much of an impact it would have had on it. At the very least he would have come home and told me about a mum. His son had been murdered and we would have sat down and discussed it at length. We would have talked about knife, crime, her pain, and the unnecessary loss of the life of a young man who had his whole life ahead of him. But it was murdered.

(52m 25s):
I now Know that this is something I can do professionally and while I did cry. So did the children, not for me, but with me because they saw what everyone else saw. You knew Josh a kind funny and caring young man with so much love in his heart and with a laugh and sense of humor that would have you in stitches During This month broken, I was also a part of a workshop at city hall, discussing the mass office of policing and crimes violence reduction unit, while giving us feedback and our experience as victims of violent crime.

(53m 13s):
We have also had meetings with the police gang unit who wants us to share our experience of knife Crime and the work that we are doing to help support others through our charity. Before I go on, I just want to express again, my operation for Tracy and Brook, when this all happened, would it be in local to me? I did keep up to date with what was going on with, I will freely admit not a true understanding as to the impact that the campaign could have as it was over a considerably long period of time.

(53m 54s):
Now that I fully research this and got it down in one story, I understand now why I always had the feeling that I had to cover Joshy story and make sure that I can tell everyone how incredible this family has been throughout the latter. Part of the investigation, the support the investigation team had from the national crime agency and law enforcement authorities across the world, including the federal agents in the United States had increased DCI. McHugh said we kept up the publicity drive using every opportunity to appeal and get O’Brien’s image out there, creating a hostile atmosphere to make him such a hot commodity.

(54m 46s):
Those supporting him would turn their backs on him. I’m sure he felt that. And perhaps that’s what lead to the final call late on Thursday, the 21st of March, 2019 DCI McHugh was called by O’Brian solicitor, who was based in the UK saying the O’Brian was considering hand. He knew himself In and wanted DCI MCU to travel to Budapest in Hungary to personally meet him. DCI McHugh said my immediate thought was Y really, he could have walked in to any police station and handed himself in as one of the worlds most wanted.

(55m 35s):
Man, was this a trick to waste our time and resources getting out. They’re only to find out that he was long gone somewhere else. Then it changed when we were told that the meat location was now in Romania, we were able to alert the Romanian or authorities who did some brilliant work, and they got him detained with three mobile phones and counterfeit documentation. Finally, on the 23rd of March, 2019 O’Brian was arrested inclusion Apaka Romania.

(56m 20s):
So what happened during a Brian’s time on the run? After I Brian had left the Ariba across the field and road towards the junction with Monfred way. And I got into a small Y fan driven by a friend, which took him to the white city area. Police inquiries revealed that after attacking Josh O’Brian left London around lunchtime on Sunday, the 11th of October, and traveled to the holiday park in canvas. And he had made arrangements pass, fleeing the scene in the white van.

(57m 0s):
That’s around 7:00 PM that evening O’Brian and a friend went to a local pub. They return the following night. And in conversation with bar staff, O’Brien said that he had a caravan at canvas sands. They then left and went to an Indian restaurant for a meal. CCTV images shows O’Bryan behaving in a cool and relaxed manner. Despite having just killed a man on Tuesday, the 13th of October O’Brian and a friend drove to Ashford design outlet, retail park in Kent and visited several designer shops O’Brian was caught on camera carefully, selecting and trying on shirts and trousers before paying in cash.

(57m 52s):
He also brought a suitcase and took time to have lunch on Wednesday, October the 14th staff at the pub O’Brien have visited Sora police Facebook appeal offering a 10,000 pounds reward to Trey. So Brian and recognized his image. They call the police who rushed to the scene, but O’Brian was long gone enquiries to trace a VW golf. O’Brian traveled around him whilst at the holiday park, showed it a travel back towards London on the 13th of October. And then at 1:15 PM passed very close to Biggin Hill airport at 3:02 PM.

(58m 40s):
O’Brian left the country in a privately charted twin engine, propeller plane. He had booked with the help of a friend called Vanessa air traffic control records showed its destination was the Southeast at the Netherlands near the German and Belgium borders. London big inhale airport was an old RAF airport, which was converted into a private airstrip in the 1960s and is based in the London borough of Bromley. The private jet was a four seater plane. As it was chartered from a private airstrip.

(59m 22s):
He was able to fly out of the UK without a passport by Brian grew long hair in a bed and got that tattoo of his daughter’s name covered up as he used false identification documents to travel around multiple countries, including Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. It was a theme throughout the investigation. O’Brien’s ability to travel on false documents and undetected through countries using private planes and highly encrypted phones cost in 3000 pounds a piece. He was also a believer to have spent some time in Dubai, always use in an organized crime Network to transfer between locations before finally being arrested in Romania.

(1h 0m 15s):
When he was arrested, he had a false Danish passport under the name of Oliver Jakobson and a capital one credit card under the name of Jake Tyler. O’Bryan used a Canadian driving license under Jeff Williams and a false American express card. And had it in Australia, in driving license extradition from Romania was Swift O’Brian was a company back to the UK by Matt police officers and DCI MCU was waiting at London Heathrow airport and watched his plane land before going to meet him.

(1h 0m 58s):
DCI McHugh said I had mixed emotions when I finally saw him in person, a bit of nervousness, a bit more of the Y. I watch that CCTV of the attack a a hundred times. I still couldn’t work out why he did what he did. And I also had a bit of the, yes, finally, he was taken to Heathrow police station in DC. I am accused, charged him, not something he would normally do at his rank, but he had to complete the story. Hi friend, it’s your home speaking.

(1h 1m 38s):
And I need some favors. Could you turn on some of the lights in the basement? M I’m scared of the dark. Also. This one is easy. Could you bundle your home and car insurance with Geico so we could save money? Last thing, just a suggestion. Could you steam clean the carpets? I need a spa day Darko for bundling made easy. Go to today. O’Brian didn’t react and didn’t say anything finally for justice family on the 9th of April, 2019 Shane O’Brien after 1000 hundred and 77 days appeared at the old Bailey via video link from her Majesty’s prison.

(1h 2m 26s):
Belmarsh dressed in a black jumper and blue jeans. Judge M Molyneux remanded O’Brien in custody ahead of a plate and trial preparation hearing on the 25th of June and set a trial date for the 16th of September, 2019 at the plea hearing. O’Brien pled not guilty. The trial started on the 16th of September, 2019 in court, 14 at the old Bailey in London, the honorable judge, Nigel lickey QC was presiding.

(1h 3m 10s):
Mark Hayworth. QC was acting on behalf of the crown Graham timbers. QC was acting on behalf of O’Brien Mr. Hayward, QC set during his opening statement for reasons that have yet to be fully explained, the defendant stood up and approach the other man. As they spoke briefly with others around them, the defendant reached for his blade and with a single slashing motion, he used it. He cut his throat. You would judge for yourself when you’ve heard the evidence, but it was an act of pitiless savagery.

(1h 3m 55s):
The jury was then shown the CCTV footage at the attack. When I, Brian took to the stand at the start, but the second week he was asked by the defense counsel grant, 10 bath QC to explain what had happened. I Brian said it sat down with three of his friends near Josh and his group before it became a parent, they weren’t happy with us sitting at that table. A Brian said amongst our little crowd, everyone agree that the situation seemed hostile. It felt like they judged us.

(1h 4m 35s):
As soon as we sat down, after it became obvious, the problem was with me in particular Josh in particular, started being very aggressive by his facial expressions. He was making a very aggressive body language staring straight into my eyes. He was the instigator of the whole thing. He was raring to go personally. I felt like he was ready to attack me. O’Brien told the court, the officer standing two, leave the bar at close in time. He approached Josh. He added?

(1h 5m 16s):
I said, along the lines of what’s your problem. Leave me alone. He was smirking in a sarcastic action. Still keeping up the persona. When I stood up, I didn’t have a plan to do anything. When I approached him in that split. Second, that moment froze. When I made that action, I didn’t mean to connect with him in any way. I wanted to scare him off to pretend to attack him, to scare him. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart did not mean to touch in with that blade.

(1h 5m 58s):
I did what I did because I felt I was about to be attacked. I genuinely felt threatened. I Brian said he left the bar without realizing the aid, even wounded Josh telling jurors. He did not find out until around an hour and a half later asked about the blade that he had produced from his jacket pocket. O’Brian said that he had bought it several hours before to open boxes. He had left was friends before moving to our beta for the party season in cross-examination prosecutor, Mark Hayward, QC arced at the time.

(1h 6m 41s):
Did you see Mr. Hanson with a weapon, Oprah and replied? I didn’t see him obviously with a weapon he possibly could of had a weapon. And I had seen him pass something shiny. In my opinion, when I went up to approach him, I felt under threat and possibly he could have had a weapon. I, Brian said that bar is very small. Just body language can create an atmosphere. Mr. Haywood said it can. If you’re looking for it, Mr. O’Brien on Tuesday.

(1h 7m 23s):
The first of October, the jury took 55 minutes to reject as lies. O’Brien’s defense that Josh had provoked him. And he only meant to scare him. The jury unanimously found a Briar guilty of Josh’s murder. Shane O’Brian was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 26 years upon sentence in him, judge lickey said this was a grotesque violent and totally unnecessary attack on an innocent man.

(1h 8m 8s):
The reason why you behaved in such a way may never be fully explained You however, no, the reason by the time you walked a few paces towards him, you had retrieved the knife and had it ready to use. Whatever reason you had cannot explain or justify what you did. You showed no sign of regret or feeling for Josh Hanson or anyone else at that seen the court has heard from people who knew and loved Josh people whose lives have been affected terribly by your actions.

(1h 8m 52s):
They have struggled to cope with the fact that Josh was murdered by You for no reason at all. You took that knife with you into the bar, intending to have it available, to use you murdered Josh Hanson in front of people who were enjoying a Saturday night out there had to see and experience the death of Josh Hanson. This was a random attack with no warning in an otherwise pleasant social situation. The wound and the blood lost must have been visible to all Josh Hanson stood up.

(1h 9m 36s):
Must have been acting unusually because of he was disorientated in confused by a result of his injuries. Some witnesses were reported to have been so shocked. They became confrontational with workplace. When they arrived. Judge licky, QC determined that there was some premeditation, but little planning. He accepted the O’Brien did not intend to kill, but rejected any suggestion he was acting in self-defense. He deemed the intent to seriously harm by slashing a man’s neck is not significantly different from an intent to kill judge licky, QC told O’Brien you are not sentenced to prison for a number of years.

(1h 10m 30s):
You were sentenced to life imprisonment. Even if you were released from prison, you will remain on license for the rest of your life. As he was dismissed from court Shane O’Brien nodded up to members of the public gallery. A man stood up and said, save yourself 26 years and kill yourself. Your fucking O’Brien smiled. As he was led out of the dock. DCI McHugh said after the sentencing, it’s been a long and complex investigation and we feel it during the last almost four years, offices’ of joy in my team, been promoted, retired in two DCS, died suddenly of cancer within six weeks of each other, DC Vener who took the initial breakthrough call and DC, Bernie loony, another hugely valued colleague and friend.

(1h 11m 38s):
So during the trial, I had a lump in my throat. As I heard evidence gathered by those amazing officers who are no longer with us. Josh his mum. Tracy said about the, a conviction. The aftermath of Josh his murder has left us broken beyond repair there’s Josh was taken from us in the most horrific way possible, suddenly abruptly, viciously, and violently, and nothing will ever raised the CCTV footage of Josh his final moments from our mind as he struck with a knife.

(1h 12m 21s):
So horrifically and callously, along with his suffering, as he tried to fight for life, she also gave their statement outside court <inaudible> we can save one life. One son bought his mother’s side. You have time-saving otherwise it wouldn’t have, when you were still have to make a more bearable place.

(1h 13m 6s):
Josh just in case Tracy asked and metropolitan police to share the footage of the attack online. After the trial say sharing the CCTV with the public was important for me, for many reasons, Josh was innocent. He did nothing wrong. And now everyone can see for themselves that he was just an innocent young man. Enjoy seeing a night out, any shadow of doubt that anyone had as to why Josh was murdered.

(1h 13m 53s):
I hope it has not been answered. I also want everyone to see what happens when someone carries a knife, you either become a murderer or a victim of a murder. Josh was my son. I was a mother and a father to him and I will do whatever I can to make changes to knife Crime in his memory. He is not a victim. He is a life changer and his story that is heard and will continue to be heard by thousands of people will save lives. But Tracy did not want to stop there.

(1h 14m 35s):
She now wants to make sure that this did not happen again. She also wants it is an inquiry into the background. How a man had been allowed to walk into a bar after the hour of lost admittance and also carry a knife In and challenged on the 11th of October, 2019. In-between the guilty verdict and the sentence in she posted on what was the fourth anniversary of Josh is passing. What makes it even harder is the coroner has rejected my application for an inquest to take place.

(1h 15m 15s):
When I requested it two years ago, he agree that we should have won. So it was postponed. But since the sentencing, the coroner now feels it’s not necessary. Again, our antiquated laws and previous legal cases from which they base their decisions on to not go ahead with an inquest or not relevant to me as I want answers and have waited long enough silently and respectfully, the coroner does not think that the Ariba now known as the <inaudible> coat or in London borough council need not answer for their failings by holding them partly responsible for Josh his death.

(1h 16m 5s):
The bar broke its license as they continue to allow people in after a big night. And they did not search people coming in or ask them for ID on the night of Josh is murder Help Linden council and the Hill in Durham. Police also failed their community as they did nothing leading up to Josh his death, but to support the residents associations request, to carry out checks and take their complaints about the boss. Seriously enough, when they asked for it’s licensed to be reviewed because of antisocial behavior and late-night disturbances two years prior to Josh’s murder, another young man had been stabbed in the Ariba.

(1h 16m 54s):
So why was this bar allowed to continue to operate when there was no precautions put in place to search people for knives or offensive weapons coming in to the bar? Shane O’Brian was also a high risk to the public. He had 17 previous convictions, two of which were for knife offenses. In fact, the most recent offence was just over a year before he murdered Josh. He was caught walking into a nightclub with a knife. He was charged and was given a community order and a suspended sentence.

(1h 17m 37s):
Had he been given a custodial sentence, which he should have been given Josh would still be here with us living his best life. I won’t even get the opportunity to ask the probation services in court, what measures they had put in place to ensure that the public was safe or if a rehabilitation program had been put in place, unless I take out a private prosecution, have an, an inquest would have enabled me to ask direct questions to all of the above and for the public to hear their answers. Why does the coroner not deem these issues in the interest of the public?

(1h 18m 22s):
Important enough is life not precious? Well, if this happened to another young innocent person, I personally have no connection to this case at all, except it having happened about a mile and a half from my home at the time. But again, I want to express my aberration for the strength of this family. Tracy is still fighting to this day for answers. You can see her monthly blogs, where I took the majority of our comments from the Josh Hanson

(1h 19m 1s):
Last you were there. See if there’s anything you can help with. But at the end of the day, this case has been eating away at me for years. And now I’m truly happy that I’ve been able to tell Josh his story. So that’s it for this week. Please remember a few, enjoy the show or wants no more. Please follow us on Twitter. True Crime Fix pod that’s at True Crime Fix pod on Twitter. The podcast also has a Facebook page True Crime Fix podcast, but there’s also a fan page True Crime Fix discussion.

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