Koodathai Cyanide Murders (Part 1) by Final Imprint: True Crime Tapes

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Show Notes

Final Imprint presents India‚Äôs most disturbing true crime stories. 47 – year-old mother Jolly Amma Joseph poisoned and killed six members of her own family for 14 years. And in tape 3 we see how she managed to remain above suspicion until the police blew the cover off in 2019. Support the show on PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/finalimprintTCT

Research and writing: Mis Dwemeaner

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Welcome to true crime by Indie Drop-In each week we feature an episode from the best independent creators hit subscribe for more great, true crime content. If you would like to help indie Drop-In support indie creators, you can buy us a coffee. Just go to https://buymeacoffee.com/indiedropin or click the link in the show notes below today’s episode is from Final Imprint: True Crime Tapes. Don’t forget to check out the show notes for links to subscribe and follow on social media. Enjoy the show. Hello, two campaigns. We knew we would have to do two parts areas at one stage or another, but to our surprise today’s case grew so quickly and stature that we had to break it up into parts.

There’s just too much information to be crammed into one episode. And we felt that no detail was too small to be left out. Fortunately, you, our dear listeners will not have to wait long for the second part in this epic tale of criminal enterprise, because we intend to release the next part. This coming Monday, the crime I’m about to tell you is so unbelievable and fantastical that if it wasn’t for the thousands of pages in the form of affidavit statements and other formerly release documents from the police and the court, you would be excused to think that this story is more fiction than fact. And that surely you are hearing the script of a movie, but before I begin, let us take care of some housekeeping.

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Once again, we are blown away by the support from all our listeners. We read every comment and the advice and the positive feedbacks makes us work all the harder to bring you content that you enjoy and appreciate. We love to hear from you, and if you don’t find us on your favorite platform, let us know, and we will try to rectify, not kick back, relax and listen to a story just made for a Bollywood movie listeners note.

(2m 7s):
Before we begin, the following tape contains adult themes and acts of violence. It won’t be suitable for all listeners. Imagine you are taking a trip to India, not Monday, which is over credit streets and slum areas made famous by Slumdog millionaire, but the roving lush Hills on the outskirts where farmers live in harmony with the jungle and enjoy a simple life, still steeped in many traditions, it is in one of these quiet villages.

(2m 54s):
The story of jolly my Joseph began nothing about her upbringing. Give the slightest inclination that this woman would become one of the most prolific serial killers India had ever encountered in a country where only 6% of the population convicted of a crime are women. The arrest of jolly Joseph on fifth, October, 2019 caused quite a stir and goodness. And the marquee catalog. Sinai murder cases have created ripples in the state. Many find it hard to believe that a woman known to be family oriented well-respected and liked could be a cold blooded killer.

(3m 34s):
And the police are finding it hard to contain the crowds as it take the suspect around to reconstruct the client. This humble sleepy town, which jolly called home for many years would never be the same. Again, not much is known about Jolly’s childhood. She was fifth of six children and her parents grew and sold pepper as well as owned two ration stores. The family was by no means wealthy, but they were better off than most. She was described as quiet and respectful child. Some neighbors would say that they were stingy and did not always treat them well. But her brother who took over the farm would say that she was spoiled and always craved the finer things in life.

(4m 15s):
There was no doubt that jolly was a very bright child. She did exceptionally well at school and was the first of her family to pursue a university degree to jolly this experience was liberating. She was in love with the student life and had, as she did in her village, an active social life. Most remember her as an intelligent woman with a social grace, just one incident gives us a clue of things to come. A roommate accused her of stealing a pair of gold earrings, an ugly road in suit and jolly was told to move out. It is here where the beginning of the end for jolly began, whether she did not complete her degree in commerce because it was too difficult or whether she just did not want to, because it was too much work.

(5m 1s):
We do not know what is known is that she continued the charade taking money from her parents as if she was still well on her way to achieve a higher end.

(5m 58s):
In May, 1997, Charlie would attend a family gathering of Matthew Mandaya during what she met his nephew, Roy Thomas. It was love at first sight and the romantic relationship blossom fast in a country where arranged marriages are still frequent. The love match seemed ideal. The problem was that neither jolly nor Roy were prepared to work for what they had by all accounts. Roy was lazy, lethargic and ambitious, and he had a serious alcohol dependency problem. Jolly on the other hand, had lied to her parents about her studies. The blurring of the truth was becoming a trait she was becoming comfortable with and with little effort, she and Roy convinced her family that Roy was employed and earning a decent salary.

(6m 47s):
The fact of the matter was that Roy’s parents had for the majority of his life provided for him to Roy’s parents. She carefully portrayed herself as an educated woman with master’s degree in commerce Roy’s parents were impressed. Both were well-respected teachers and Tom Thomas even owned a divine education society, a learning institution with a good solid reputation. The only person who raised this approval of the love match was Matthew Roy’s uncle. He knew from the start, the two of them together in a marital union was a bad idea. Whether he just knew his nephew was a washed out alcoholic, that would amount to nothing. Or if a sixth sense warned him of an impending doom to come.

(7m 30s):
We will never know his objections were ignored in June of 1997, jolly her attempt at gaslighting, her voice situation and manipulating the narrative had succeeded Roy and jolly moved in with Tom. And I know my Thomas Roy’s parents were by no means blind to their son’s fault, but jolly had thus far as successfully played the role of educated daughter in law and devoted wife of their elderly Thomas couple, a Norma was the more dominant she ran her career and the household with a tight ship.

(8m 13s):
This matriarch was by no means a tyrant in her community. She was revered member of her social circle and she and Tom not only touched children in the village, extra lessons, but they also took the time to mentor and advise others to jolly undermine, embodied everything she wanted for herself. She admired the elderly woman tremendously and idolized her mother-in-law with a combination of prideful, envy and adoration in 1999, jolly gave birth to her first son, Roy as predicted and had made no real plans to pursue a career in a couple of was completely dependent on income of the parents.

(8m 56s):
The first hiccup to live a life of leisure came in 2002. When Nima announced that she wanted to retire when jolly was first introduced to the family, she continued with the lie about her education, adding that she had achieved a master’s degree in commerce without a NOMAS income. The households finance began to take a strain. And Unimog also felt that such a useful degree should not be wasted. Jelly knew that the moment she tried to apply for a job, her lie about her qualifications would be revealed. First. She objected that her son was still too small, but I know my refuse to listen to any excuses. She offered that she would take care of the child since having worked so hard for a higher education and to not use it would be a sin in her eyes when their back against the wall, instead of coming clean, she adds another layer of cards to the deck that was stacking to jolly and it existence had become problematic.

(9m 56s):
She told her she needed to take an additional course to be able to get a decent job in the government and her parents who by now had been fooled for so long paid for this big belief. Of course, no one knows where she went or what she did, but no evidence of this course was ever produced. What we can have a personal is that during her absence, jolly was planning the demise of her mother, the LA during the harvest festival of UNAM, jolly returned home to her family. She later openly admitted to attempting to poison her. Mother-in-laws several times. The first time just gave undermine digestion. And the second time resulted in her having to stay in the hospital.

(10m 40s):
Then Joel, even remember the product doc hill that her father used on the street animals around their property. Surely she procured the poison from a veterinarian and the neighboring town. Then she did something that solidified her personality as a peer psychopath. She tested the poison on her dog. She had since childhood, it begs the question of whether she was really a dotting owner of a dog for all those years, or was she just thinking emotions? The dogs Hadley immediately died and the plan was set into action during or now no sermons were present in the house and jolly took it upon herself to prepare a special bowl of soup for her.

(11m 21s):
Mother-in-law within minutes, I know must started forming around the mouth and fell to the ground jolly immediately called for help, shouting cardiac arrest. But I know mom passed away quickly and no one raised . She was elderly, no inquest was requested with a Noma gun. Jolly Lee assumed the position. Yeah. As matriarch, she became to Tom who had for the most part dependent on his a daughter, more than a daughter-in-law systematically should take over the main role as head of the family, and also took charge of the finances.

(12m 2s):
She, after all had a degree in commerce, she artfully negotiated her rise in the stature by declaring that she had been offered and accepted a position at the highly regarded national Institute of technology. Her motives for this deceit are truly baffling. She went as far as forging, fake identity cards and even a sticker with the university logo on the side of her car, her second husband, and there will be a second husband would tell police how she would pretend to be on the phone, talking to students or other people, employees of the institution, all of this was revealed to be false and no records of her working there would ever be.

(12m 43s):
You found what she did for the 16 years as she continued this lie. No one knows why she did it. No one knows perhaps the prestige and the admiration it gave her idol. Wasn’t enticing enough reason. The fact that no income was earned from her many hours of working at the university also seem not to have raised any suspicions. She would borrow money from her parents at times. But so when it became clear that the only way to obtain all the family’s wealth was by getting rid of Tom Thomas, using her connections she had made while investing Tom’s money in real estate, she found someone qualified enough to forge a final will and Testament.

(13m 28s):
This was the only way she could ensure Rangi and Rojo. Her younger siblings would inherit nothing or overpowering. Greed had sealed the fate of Tom Thomas and on 26, August, 2008, he collapsed after digesting a tablet that jolly had built with Sinai given under the impression that he was taking his daily medication. The verdict was of course cardiac arrest, but jolly added the romantic notion that Tom just did not want to continue alone without his beloved. A new mom jolly produced the will after Tom’s funeral. And although Rojo and Reggie had objections to document was declared to be legally binding and all assets of Tom Thomas were now officially in Jolie’s name.

(14m 12s):
The family felt that perhaps Tom, really his son would never amount to much left his fortune to the couple. He probably figured that in Charlie’s name, the assets would not be screened. By this time she had perfected the role of caring, respected matriarch and Rangi and Rojo who had immigrated respectively to share a lot. Guy in Florida knew that if they protested, they would seem to have sour grapes for the sake of peace in the family. The matter of the will was pushed aside. One would mistaken to think that jelly was satisfied with the state of affairs. She was the head of the family and seemed to have respectable job. And she was admiring her community.

(14m 53s):
After her arrest. There was rumors that jolly was a sex addict. There was no evidence of this, but she did. However, seduce men, when the fancy took her Roy, on the other hand, it must have been aware of this infidelity, which often took place under his own roof. This combined with the grief of losing two parents, drove him deeper into the bottle. Once a tiger taste is human blood. The saying goes, it is unable to stop chasing it. Royce drinking was getting out of control. And after having succeeded in effortlessly murdering twice before jolly started planning the demise of her husband, one of the people she was having an affair with was Ms.

(15m 34s):
Matthews, not to be confused with the uncle mentioned at the beginning, ironically, he was a cousin and a regular drinking partner of Roy. She was so confident in the spell. She had woman around Ms. Matthew, that she approached him blatantly for the procurement of Sinai later, Ms. Matthews would vehemently denied knowing anything about the murder plot. According to him, jolly wanted to get rid of big rats. One, can I help to wonder if that was a bit of a Freudian punt? Ms. Matthew had a friend Birgit Kumar who owned a jewelry? Well, it was a person called a Goldsmith called Kumar, actually from whom, you know, she managed to get this project actually, you know, gave it to a person called Matthew.

(16m 21s):
Matthew gave it to a jolly Joseph now from get all these potassium cyanide from that is going to be a big question. And also in the investigation, Johnny, Joseph has clearly mentioned that she always kept and the cleaning and coloring of Gold and jewelers have a license to own it. Kumar who was known because Nova was easily convinced to part with some of his product for a promise of sex with jolly and 5,000 rupees, which translates to about $90. Fortunate for us jolly gave a rather graphic statement about what happened on the night of the 30th. September, 2011, Roy had gone out drinking and although it was a Friday night, jolly sent the boys to bed early.

(17m 7s):
She had prepared Roy’s favorite rice and check bakery. And once she was certain, the boys were asleep. She went to the kitchen, retrieved the cyanide. She had hidden in the coffee, tin and laced, not only his meal, but also the glass of water. She was accustomed to serve with his meal. She then went to lie down next to the sleeping children. And she waited. Roy eventually came home, checked on his sleeping family and went back to the kitchen, presumably to eat his supper. It was the first time jolly used cyanide. And she became anxious. When she heard no further sounds. She went to the kitchen and found the happy in plate of food.

(17m 49s):
But no, Roy suddenly from the direction of the washroom, she heard wrenching choking. Her weight was clear in distress, but jolly was taking no chances. She waited until all sounds from the washroom. Before the run to Matthew Roy’s uncle, he immediately had the locksmith opened the door. As Roy had locked it from the inside this time when jolly shouted cardiac arrest, Matthew did not agree. He requested an inquest which jolly refused. He then approached Roy siblings and ask for permission for an op topsy from them Rojo who had already suspected foul play readily agreed.

(18m 38s):
And after the cause of death was revealed to be potassium, cyanide poisoning, alternative, jolly for an answer by now, she had perfected the art of cutting deceit and manipulating people. She told the family, Roy had been devastated by the loss of his parents, that he had drank poison and committed suicide. Most of the family accepted this explanation and even agreed to having the original cause of death listed as cardiac arrest despair, the family from more grief, little did they know that jolly had no intention to slow down on her path of death and destruction? Matthew Roy’s uncle Harvard could not console himself with the verdict of the death Rojo and Benji’s objections now seemed more viable when his sister, I know my dad, it was Dave natural.

(19m 28s):
He knew his brother-in-law was struggling after the death of his wife. So even that debt could have been expected in a way, but the debt of three of his close relatives, could that be coincidentally accusing jolly of murdering members of her own family would be seen as an outrageous claim, but he could not shake the nagging feeling that debts were more than bad luck and that jolly might be involved jolly. Hadn’t been nothing but supportive and kind. And he was sure that if it wasn’t for her, the family would have crumbled. And her defense jolly had shown nothing but kind and respectfulness towards him. His unavoidable search for answers would eventually be his undoing.

(20m 17s):
Matthew during a visit at Jolly’s home carefully raised his suspicions about the death of his family members. By now we know enough about Jolene that her antennas went up. No doubt that while Matthew was drinking his whiskey from the bottle of Hebrew jolly view, the next obstacle to a freedom and wealth conveniently when her uncle left, jolly took the opportunity to keep the bottle until the opportunity presents itself. And our 20 of February, 2014, she was able to execute her fourth murder while relatives gathered for a wedding, jolly had heard, Matthew would not be attending.

(20m 59s):
She excused herself. The cyanide laced bottle of alcohol. Matthew had left behind once at his home. She prepared food, but in a clever twist, she used no cyanide in the food. Instead she poured him the glass of alcohol to drink and pull lightly refused. When he offered her a drink jolly, then sat back, watching her uncle eat his meal and drinking his beverage, waiting for the poison to take its quick and deadly effect in her own chilling words. She told police how she sat calmly watching her uncle first start to choke foaming at the mouth and finally falling to the ground.

(21m 51s):
She then got rid of the bottle of alcohol and wash the glass. Ensuring no trace of poison could be found leaving the half consumed plate of food on the table. Once she knew he was dead, she called for help. Shouting of course, cardiac arrest again, quite a plausible reason for a 68 year old man with a history of serious heart problems to die from only by now, we knew better. And this is where we leave our epic tale of passion, poison, and all consuming pursuit of money.

(22m 32s):
Join us this coming Monday for the second part of this tale of two and find out what happened to the family that seemed curse for some in their village. But before we leave you, we would like to remind you to follow us on Instagram, like our pages, join our group. And please take the time to leave us a review a minute or two out of your day will mean the world to us. And if you’d like to support the show through PayPal, we’ll leave the link in the show notes as always any form of support is greatly appreciated and it doesn’t have to be financial sharing of episodes, inviting friends and family to listen and interacting on social media.

(23m 12s):
I’ll go a long way to help the show grow and improve last but not least. We have decided to pay homage to the two crime giants whose shoulders we stand on today. We will from now on introduce you to a true grand podcast that we enjoy and whose host and production we admire today. We choose dark topic. Jack Luna brings special charm to the stories he tells by his masterful narration. We will end this episode with his introduction to a show until next time, stay safe. And remember the real monsters hide in plain sight. Now Or all of the vehicles that have driven past the modest home with barred windows at 38 25 Norton avenue in south LA, large ruts should be worn in the asphalt gawkers and private vehicles rented cars.

(24m 58s):
Tour buses, try to imagine today what it looked like as a vacant lot, surrounded by acres of vacant lots, nearly four generations ago. They pull up images on their cell phones to compare the mundane before them to a Monster’s handiwork splayed out in grainy photos on news pages from the time and eating up image displays of history’s worst atrocities following an internet search, but you can’t tell from the location now would have been there before inhumanely parceled parts left nude to some valve, a brutality. So grotesque, so galling so fascinating that thousands of meander past each year, just so they can tell their buddies over beers that they’d been there that they’d stood in the place where seven decades before the mutilated dissected desecrated body of Elizabeth Short, the black Dalia had been found on a cold January morning in the shadow of 1947 Hollywood land.

(25m 59s):
But the tourists don’t linger long hair. There are other sites to see just a short drive, 10 miles east takes them until they have fluent tree lined streets of Brentwood. There is a condo here on the murder map, just blocks off Wilshire Boulevard. A Stone’s throw from the Brentwood country club. Though. The view from the street is hidden behind Palm trees. What you can see a Terra cotta brick walkway brings flashbacks of the Crimson soaked pictures captured in June of 1994 at eight 79 south Bundy drive. It was here that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were slain Nicole’s estranged husband.

(26m 43s):
The Heisman trophy winning OJ Simpson would be accused. The circus began with fans of the retired football player, cheering and supporting him as he threatened to kill himself in the backseat of his best friends, slow moving Bronco and culminated in gavel to gavel coverage of the murder trial. Yet despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence pointing to his guilt, when the damn glove didn’t fit, the jury did quit on live broadcast television watched around the world since the time of public hangings that drew scores of pack stage wagons from neighboring counties to pitches on social media of smiling friends, posing on the same train trestle in Delfi, Indiana, from which two young girls disappeared only to be found murdered grief.

(27m 32s):
Tourism has been a thing the same tourists can be found in Chicago as dark tourists. Visit the corner where HH Holmes once loaded over tenants, robbing them of their lives in a building built specifically for murder. It could be found in Germany and Poland where the Paul and horror of staggering grief still hangs heavy over gray concentration camps in Paris where Sightseers retraced the final limousine ride for princess Diana Thanks again for listening to true crime by Indie Drop-In if you would like your show featured, reach out to us at Indie Drop-In on all social media or go to Indi drop in.com.

(28m 53s):
See you next time.