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According to Mencap, a learning disability is “a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities which affects someone for their whole life.” Typically, it can take a person with a learning disability longer to learn new things and they may need extra help to develop new skills or interact with others. Around 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability and 351,000 of these are children aged between 0-17. There are different conditions that make a person more likely to have a learning disability. The majority of people with Down’s Syndrome and Williams Syndrome will more than likely have some level of learning disability. About half of people with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome will have a form of learning disability. Different types of learning disability exist, with some people presenting with only mild symptoms which makes it slightly more difficult to diagnose. Other people may have moderate or even severe learning disabilities and these people may need significantly more help, including with personal care, mobility and communication. Learning disabilities often get confused with learning difficulties, which umbrella conditions such as ADHD and dyslexia however it is possible for a person to have both a learning disability and a learning difficulty.

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Welcome back to another episode of Murder and More as always I I’m your host Carey. Yeah. According to Mencap a learning disability is quote a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities, which affect someone for their whole life and to quit Typically it can take a past them on the landing disability longer to learn new things, and they may need extra help to develop new skills or interact with others around 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability and 351,000 of these are children aged between zero and 17.

(1m 43s):
There are different conditions that make a person more likely to have a learning disability. The majority of people with down syndrome and Williams syndrome will more than likely have some level of learning disability. About half of people with Autism or Asperger Syndrome will have a form of learning disability. Different types of learning disability exist with some people are presenting with only mild symptoms, which make it slightly more difficult to diagnose Other. People may have moderate or even severe learning disabilities. And these people may need significantly more help, including with personal care mobility and communication.

(2m 24s):
Learning disabilities often get confused with learning difficulties, which umbrella conditions such as ADHD and dyslexia. However, it is possible for a person to have both a learning disability and a learning difficulty. Okay, so it was borne on the 13th of September, 1982 and rugby a market town and Warrick HSA, which is nestled between Birmingham and Northampton Gemma is older sister Nikki recalls how excited she was to have a younger sister and describes Gemma. That’s been a really cute child.

(3m 5s):
Gemma was one of three with Nicki being 10. At the time she was born and a brother Neal who is seven Gemma is mum. Sue describes her as being an extremely loving and affectionate child for recollects that she had concerns. They have a Gemma is development. She recalls that last Gemma was a happy tots. She required a lot of attention and often seem to be in her own little world. Gemma was never officially diagnosed with the learning disability, but it was suggested by many doctors that she had some form of difficulties, which are ultimately when they were named causing years of distress and fights for Gemma his family to get to the access to the support she required Was incredibly loving, forgiving that we were never told what exactly is wrong with her.

(3m 53s):
Apart from shed learning difficulties, behavioral problems, She didn’t talk, she didn’t sleep. And you know, our sleep patterns were wrong, everything or the way she, and I don’t know, just digestive in the world. Wasn’t a normal, I’d already have two children show that she was very much harder. And I was really, really worried for them on a variation that is something wrong, but I couldn’t put your finger on it. She was happy. Yeah. Gemma was always happy. She was oblivious to the chaos she was causing. It’s the people that we would, we were the ones that were a little bit shocked at how our actions, The learning disability made Gemma young for her for years.

(4m 33s):
And now describes her as a friendly innocence, naive and overly trusting of everyone. Absolutely innocent. I suppose, as the, the, the, the, the best word to describe her innocent, naive, even if he’d meet one person once, and the next time she’d meet them, she’d throw her arms around them as if they were best friends in have known each other for years, As Gemma grew up her disability and start contrast between her behavior and the behavior of other children became more noticeable with her being bullied at school and struggling to form friendships with other children. As she got older, the bullying goes on us and, and swallowed to beyond the lines at the school Gates.

(5m 19s):
And before long, she was getting nasty comments about her parents. Some behavior when the family were out together as a consequence of Gemma’s lack of friends, psychologist, Emma Kenney suggests that she would have found it extremely lonely, especially witnessing have family easily. For me, in those bonds with other people and would have yearned for the same connections herself Gemma slips through the gnats on multiple occasions. Her family knew from a very young age that Gemma had learning disabilities, but despite this, she attended mainstream school where staff were adamant that she was keeping fine. She went To a normal mainstream for school and middle school.

(6m 3s):
According to the school, she was fine. She, at this point, she was hoping, I think that that’s the way that the tomb is Popin now what that meant. I don’t know, but she was coping is one of the most maddening parts of my time with Gemma is the fact that we knew she couldn’t do anything near the kids could do. And yet nobody took her out of that school and put her somewhere else. I don’t know how she kept slipping through the net because she was quite obviously struggling At the age of 19 Gemma was offered a place at a residential college in North Wales, where she learnt how to take care of herself away from her family. It was Absolutely brilliant.

(6m 46s):
She thrived that she, she eventually learn how to do that, how to mix with the people, how to cook, how to clean, how to keep herself clean, and they seem to understand it. And I was so confident with them. She was looked after up to a certain age, she was in special, a special school, or that can look after an accommodator. She could learn life skills correctly. There was the best place for us. She was happy though. She had two years there with the choice of a third year, but ’cause she was, she was at an early twenties. Then she have to make the decision. In spite of her learning disability Gemma was determined to live as independent life as possible, and make the decision to leave the college, a move into hiring counsel flapped back in rugby, near her family.

(7m 39s):
This decision concerned Gemma is family who would have preferred. She at least to be offered a place in assisted living when she can be kept an eye on and offered assistance. If required, the family had significant doubts over whether she would be able to cope living completely independently of them. However, as Gemma was an adult, her family stood by her and supported her through the process as best as they could. It’s very difficult once you to come back and choose on our own, but things you have to take a step back to try and get on with it. The problem with Gemma was she wouldn’t let you in to have a flat she’d always meet you outside.

(8m 19s):
She’s a very secretive like that. She kept to herself to herself and all the ways made out she was happy. She also would only ever tell you what she wanted you to hear that she wouldn’t of admitting that she had me, you know, or anything like that. It would just be on no, no, no, I’m fine. That’s fine. It would be revealed years later that Gemma, his family were entirely justified in having concerns with her flat lettered, with rubbish. The floors were barely visible under the junk that lay strewn all across them. And she was clearly unable to clean the flat Sue was that Gemma I wouldn’t have been happy and the flats, but she would never have admitted that.

(9m 1s):
And it was just happy to have her independence. Furthermore, a block of flats Gemma was living in, was also inhabited by drug dealers. And it suggested that they use Gemma is vulnerability to the store drugs in her flat. I got told that she’d got caught up with a group of people and they were using her flat to stall drugs. And when I asked her about it and she kept saying, know their presence, I’m looking after them. And it was heavy drugs. It was her and it was crack cocaine. And I said to him, why have you got involved with this then?

(9m 42s):
Because they’re my friends. They liked me, but to her, they were presence. And that’s what they told her. They have a presence for people and they wanted to keep them as a surprise. And she believed them When Gemma was living independently and was in her mid twenties for the first time in her life, she made a friend or at least she became acquainted with someone who she believed to be a friend. Gemma spends a lot of time with her new friend, Shantelle Boosie. And the pair would regularly go out for a drink, could go to each others’ house for a coffee, or when they land or the friendship Gemma is family with Ava joyed. Nikki suggests that if Gemma were to describe Shantelle, she would of exclaimed.

(10m 25s):
She was her best friend who she did everything with. And Gemma his family believed Chan’s. How was the kind that lovely passen Gemma described harass to have befriended Gemma and taken her and dragged wing. Gemma a hundred learning difficulties, obviously to anybody and everybody for somebody at Shanahan’s age to spend time that much energy. Now to that I’m really good at just knowing that there were some of the team, which was a lot younger than Gemma, but mentally Gemma was a lot of younger than her, but some busy choosing to spend more time with him. It was, it was amazing. It was a breakthrough. I never thought that would happen.

(11m 5s):
John’s house has her own group of friends that she also introduced Gemma to Daniel Newstead Jessica Linus, Joe Boyer, and done connect with some of whom Gemma is niece Taylor knew from school. Yes. I remember it from school and it was just, it was a certain group of girls. I didn’t really know them is that you just didn’t want to get in trouble with, on the playground or you could see them. Maybe I’m getting a little bit of a telling off from a teacher and you just say, Oh, the other ones to watch out for. I remember meeting Joe who seemed fine. It was fun guy. Just kind of cool. Just chatting like anyone else.

(11m 47s):
I actually remember sharing some chocolate buttons with him and my friends have always with, and some of the people that they were like two couples, they were Shantelle and Danielle in the middle of Duncan. And then and Jessica are people like that are not friends with people at Gemma. And if they are, it’s often for some sort of personal gain, However, this illusion of a lovely kind friend quickly faded, and as time progressed, Gemma his family became increasingly concerned that Shantelle was actually taken advantage of their fun daughter and sister, rather than being the genuine friend to her, the families soon land that Shantelle was taking money from Gemma by her naive ity.

(12m 42s):
Would it have meant that Gemma saw this as how simply helping a friend as opposed to Shawn’s house taking advantage of her gem is naive. Itsy made an extremely difficult for her to see or anything, but the positive in people immediately difficult for her to discern people’s or ulterior motives. All say, as a consequence of Shantelle being Gemma is fast, have a friend. She didn’t really know what’s a true friendship entailed and she had no previous experience to compare it to Emma Kenney suggests there, even if Gemma had been savvy to Sean’s house, the seeds, she would have continued the friendship. Nonetheless, as having a friend was more important to her than the quality of the friendship itself.

(13m 26s):
The 7th of August, 2010 was a cloudy, but warm Saturday. Gemma visited her mum before gumming on a night out in rugby with Shantelle and the other four friends. You don’t, you give me a goodbye kiss to non goodbye, and she’d grown up to a total of 10. She shot it live you too. It’s 11:30 PM. Gemma is spotted on CCTV with the group, but to have Shantel’s friends or observed perforating Gemma to the apparent amusements of Shan’s Help booth is suggested that the altercation took place as a result of Gemma making a joke about Shawn’s house H on entry to a pub after a few minutes Sean’s house drags gem, or a way with one of the boys who partic in the berating Duncan Edwards following behind the rest of the group, which consisted of Daniel Newstead Jessica Linus Syndrome Boyer stayed behind and waited for the trio to return.

(14m 33s):
This was not only the first official confirmation that Shantelle was abusing Jemma’s vulnerability, but it also demonstrated an escalation and have a behavior it’s a physical abuse, roughly an hour later. Shan’s Harless. Once again, witnessed on CCTV, physically and verbally abusing Gemma who remained with the group, despite the poor treatment at the hands of her, suppose it friends, the rest of the group and toe Shawn’s Halla eventually walks away leaving Gemma alone and even more vulnerable on the streets of rugby in the early hours of the morning, despite the callousness of this event, things were about to take his hand for the worst, and Become even more horrifying in nature.

(15m 26s):
On Monday, the 9th of August, two days after Shantelle was witnessed bullying Gemma on CCTV, a man was out for an early morning joke. When he made a gruesome discovery, he was jogging past a disused railway line, just outside of rugby town. Censor. When he discovered the naked body have a woman who had clearly been the victim of a brutal homicide detectives arrived on the scene shortly after the call was made by the joker. And they were quickly able to identify the body as belonging to 27 year old Gemma Hayter they then faced the heartbreak and task of informing Gemma his family.

(16m 9s):
They should, they found the body of it. You can move on that on the line and a shutdown at the time will Think bond shut down. And they said that deepest Gemma. There was me and my brother, my mom stepdad, Nan. And that’s when they told us that she was naked and that she was lying face down with the feet on the path and ahead, and the undergrowth and that she’d been severely beaten, Needless to say, Gemma his family with devastated by the loss of their beloved kind caring, loving daughter and sister Sue and Mickey van hat’s to face the horrific task of identifying Gemma’s Bassett body, which bought bruises and stop boons that indicated a breech or to quote.

(17m 16s):
The only way I can describe it is that Gemma looked as if her face had been used for target practice and quote, Sue wins. Hands is how the interview is of the documentary Britain’s Darcus to booze the firm Gemma’s neck up. It was completely black from all of the abuse. She had suffered leading up to her death. Oh, that was my little sister. Can I get all the marks with that? And it was obvious. Well, it happened to her, but the worst thing for me, it was watching my mum and my Nan be in that room with that I have and grind up.

(17m 59s):
How much of my mom kissing her is dead. She never watched us. It’s not just broke my heart because I can hear. And my mum literally howling in tears at the state have a daughter. And I didn’t, I didn’t want that. The cause of death was ruled as a drowning Gemma Hayter drowned in her own blood from her broken nose. Imagine an investigation quickly ensued where police tried to build a picture of Gemma as last main movements.

(18m 43s):
They searched the area surrounding the location. Her body was discovered and also came through her phone records. True identify when it was last used to help build a picture of Gemma’s last few hours, where she been an eye daily, who she get banned with the phone records revealed that Gemma had been in, in regular contact with Chantel booth and unsurprising discovery, considering they were best friends, police than trolled through hours of CCTV footage from Around rugby and stumbled across for Ted shaft. Gemma with Shan’s hall and a few other friends just hours before her body was discovered, police and instantly became suspicious of the group’s involvement and the Crime and all five were arrested on suspicion of the murder of Gemma Hayter and were taken to the station to be interviewed after two days of extensive questioning on Saturday, the 12th of August Duncan Edwards, Jay Boyer, Shantelle booth, her boyfriend, Daniel and Joe Boyer’s girlfriend, Jessica Alina’s, which charged with the murder of Gemma Hayter Dunkin, Joe and Daniel were already known to police.

(19m 58s):
And Shan’s how, and Jessica had both been through the care system and had both had children themselves that had been taken off of them by social services. Gemma his family was shocked to learn that her best friend had been charged with Gemma is Murder I’ve got a phone call from the police on a Thursday is saying that they’d got to five people in custody. And I just, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that it was her. I couldn’t believe it was Shawn Sal and our friends. I suppose. We’d just thought, you know, she’s been out and somebody, a friend did to her and, you know, come with me, Gemma sort of a thing never would have in a million years would have thought that it would, would have been A friend police ceased 27 different CCTV recordings.

(20m 44s):
And in an attempt to piece together a timeline of how this final hours are spent and presented this to the jury. When the trial began, that wore at crown court in June, 2011, the courts had the, on the Sunday after Shaun’s hall and her friends had deserted Gemma and left her alone on the streets of rugby town center. She left her flats to meet up with the Greek Gemma was taken sessions, how booths Haim was instead of enjoying some quality time with her friends Gemma was in stats, abused and tortured at the hands of all five accused during the torture Gemma his had was bounced off a radiator, which broke her nose, an incidence that is proven by the presence of whole blood, still in charge of house flats.

(21m 31s):
She was also forced to drink your end as of a backhand before being brutally beaten at the hands of the people she believed were, I have friends Gemma is older sister States that she will never forgive the monsters who brutally mattered her younger sister quotes. I’ll never forgive them. They taped Gemma’s face up and made her drink urine out of a car. It was a sadistic, like poking a stick as a child. I have no understanding of that side of human nature and quote ad’s midnights. The group informed Gemma that they’d walk her home, who despite suffering hours of abuse and torture, Navely agreed to go with them.

(22m 15s):
The last image is of Gemara life is when the group who is seeing, walking along the streets would that hurts, covered in their faces and in an effort to avoid being identified, the five accused a leading and Gemma walks and to shots with a bloody nose and clearly in distress, some pain as the result of whole deal closely, following behind completely unaware that she’s being walked to her death Niki, recall’s watching the CCTV footage. Quote’s at one point Gemma looked at the CCTV cameras and that will always haunt me to watch your little sister walking, knowing she’s about to die as horrendous and quotes For us to watch.

(22m 58s):
That is quite hard because that’s my last memory of Gemma scene. A bit more to add to that, knowing the shed have no idea what I was going to be that to happen. She thought she was Going home. The fact that Gemma continue to stay with the group, even after the abuse, she suffered surfs again to prove her naive city and overly trusting nature. Despite everything Gemma is still considered. These five people have friends. And that is one of the most heartbreaking things about this case. Her trust and vulnerability were completely abused by monsters quotes. Gemma didn’t understand. She proved out the night she died after everything they did to her, she still followed them home.

(23m 42s):
She just followed chance how like a little puppy and craves psychologist, and mechani also suggests that Gemma remained with a group because had a desire to be liked and have friends help weight. Her needs to survive. Gemma is then led by the group. Parts of sites have CCTV cameras to a deceased railway embankment, where she was stripped beaten caked and stopped. And the back of the neck before being left for dead with Ben Ninas covering her head. As far as anyone was concerned, this was a hate crime and Gemma family knew she wouldn’t have done anything to initiate such a brutal attack.

(24m 24s):
This was a senseless Carlos cold madder. Most probably on the basis that JAMA had a learning disability. They saw her as being different to them, which in their minds potentially meant they were able to treat that differently. Two at 1:27 AM on Monday, the 9th of August hours before Gemma is lifeless. Body was discovered the group who witnessed on CCTV calmly walking back towards rugby Without Gemma. And so when you have five members of the group had phones with them on the evening, but not one of them bothered to call emergency services, which just says to prove the callousness of the Crime.

(25m 5s):
Furthermore, the complete disregard for JAMA or her family is proven feathering courts. When the five were witnessed, laughing and joking during the trial, Hey, this is really cool up to the unbelievable know, is that what sort of a thought the respect it took it for the court? Definitely not respect for the Jewish notice, but for the virus did pass the notes to each other, laughing, joking. They couldn’t have cared less synopsis if they want. Now we’re at some sort of fun for a total disrespect for the whole system Gobby in the, in the doc. You know, when they, when they, it was their turn to speak, they spoke back.

(25m 48s):
They swore they just just awful or four people is just such a hurtful thing to do. Not sure they would respect it or not. One of them is that they were sorry. No one of them explain why they did what they did On the 12th of September, 2011 justice for safety and Shan’s house. Joe Daniel, Jessica, and Duncan were found guilty. And what all ordered to save life sentences at her Majesty’s pleasure before justice Rafferty handed them their sentence. She told the group just how despicable their acts were.

(26m 27s):
Quote’s this is difficult to express how file or your behavior was in August, 2010. She was locked into the love of tree. She called out again and again for her mobile telephone, which was put down another laboratory it’s to protect you by ensuring she could not get help. I struggled to see how much lower or you could have sunk. She had to be taken out of the flats, cleaned up, so that attention would not be drawn to her on REIT. She tagged along battered in pain, an unsuspecting, like a faithful, loving dog. As you walked her to her desk, she choked to death on her own blood because of what There.

(27m 10s):
And then the flats you had done to her one final indignity was to come. You stripped her naked and left her body where you had dragged it Gemma Hayter died alone and quotes. She went onto a single Shan’s and call her a quote nasty piece of work and quit going on to say quotes over the years, have you treated Gemma Hayter like a toy to be picked up and put Down dependent. I suspect on whether there were a gap in your measurable life that she could fail and quote Shanto Daniel and Joe were found guilty of the matter of Gemma Hayter 21 year old chance.

(27m 54s):
Help booth was jailed for a minimum of 21 years. 19 year old, Daniel Newstead was audited to spend a minimum of 20 years in prison. And 17 year old, Jay Boyer was sentenced two, at least 16 years behind bars, 19 year old Duncan Edwards and Jessica Linus 18 by a convicted of manslaughter and were saved 15 and 13. Yes. And it says respectively, all five were also found guilty of assault and causing natural bodily harm. It, it was then that their reality of the crime hit the teens and they crumpled on herring, their sentences.

(28m 34s):
Gemma his family released the statements. Following the conviction, quote, our Gemma was a very loving and vulnerable woman who trusted everyone and had trusting nature and vulnerability lead to her death on August nine last year, a family has found the last year and especially the last seven weeks, incredibly difficult. And today we welcome the jury’s verdict. Now a family can finally move on and hopefully do whatever we can to help prevent anything like this happening again to another fundable adult in the future and quote outside court, Sue expressed dissatisfaction at the sentences quotes.

(29m 20s):
This will give them plenty of time to reflect on that dreadful action’s in August last year, when they took my daughter from me, this will never bring her back. But as Bortz has some closure, thank you to everyone that has shown us support and his quote, despite these sentences, for some of Gemma family, family, especially Gemma’s older brother, Neil, doesn’t see this. As justice being served, all five convicted will still gets to live their life. They all get to celebrate their birthdays and Christmases and will be young enough upon their release to start a family, or at least start a fresh opportunities that they brutally ripped from Gemma DCI James assets, who led the Murder investigation, stated quote Gemma Hayter was killed and a brutal attack at the hands of five people, three of whom have been convicted of her murder.

(30m 17s):
And to have her manslaughter, she was a fun, honorable young woman who put her trust in to people. She considered to be her friends. Those people betrayed her. This has been a traumatic year for Gemma’s family. As they have tried to come to terms with her death. And they know they have found some aspects of the court hearing difficult to cope with. They have been strong and that her termination to seek justice for Gemma. And I hope that now the trial is over. They can begin to rebuild their lives and quote Gemma is intensely missed by all her family, especially those closest to her, her older sister, Nikki, our brother Neal and her mother, Sue, You have an assistant.

(31m 2s):
I miss, I miss my mom happened her talk to her and she was just a cheeky. She’s taken care of the spark later. I wish I could have shown him that I loved him more. I could have been There. I did love us. She knew it. She knew, you know, every, every phone call would end in all of you, but it could have been more involved in life. That’s probably my greatest regrets. I just felt Gary that I hadn’t and I had to stop it somehow.

(31m 43s):
And all the warnings. Were they aware that she was vulnerable? Not saying I’m sorry. I would say I’m sorry. It wasn’t that Okay. On that fateful Knights back in August of 2010 Gemma his voice was taken from her by five teenagers who didn’t understand the brutality of the crime they committed. But despite this many people are willing to speak up and advocate for Gemma Sue now spends her time discussing Gemma’s matter and raising awareness of hate crimes. Have you done anything to anybody over again?

(32m 25s):
And I think you probably have to Gemma because she had learning difficulties. So it’s made me realize that there are people in this phone and I don’t want anybody else to sit. Like, like Gemma must have said, I don’t want And believe the line. People need it, but anything else you can get that across that way. Suze Haim is to remind people that being Different doesn’t permit others to treat you any differently and that you should not accept bullying because of the way you are. If somebody’s is different when they’ve got a learning difficulty. So they have a different religion or a different color, or they are just different.

(33m 9s):
That isn’t a bad thing. Absolutely. Sue’s tagline for these talks and campaigns and a motto. We should all remember when we encounter other people who may be different to us is being queue is not a crime hate crime is Thank you for listening. Don’t forget to head over to Apple podcasts, to leave a rating and drove You and Patrion to consider becoming a patron of measuring more as a patron for just for just $2 a month, you get access to episodes early and that free, and you get a sticker sent to you.

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The link to my Patrion can be found in my show notes to interact with us. You can follow us on Twitter and Tumblr at Murder and More Instagram at Murder and More part and Facebook at Murder and more podcast to view the sources and pictures for this episode, head over to www dots Murder and More Have an amazing few weeks stay safe. And I’ll see you all in two weeks for another episode.

(34m 45s):
Thanks again for listening to True Crime by Indie Drop-In if you would like your show featured, reach out to us at Indie Drop-In on all social media or go to Indie Drop-In dot com. See you next time.