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Richard Troy Gillmore, also known as the Jogger Rapist, could be responsible for dozens of crimes that took place in the Portland Metro area in the 1970s and into the 1980s, prior to his arrest. He has been incarcerated for 36 years following his conviction for the singular sexual assault that was still within the statute of limitations. He will now be released in time to enjoy Christmas & New Years as a free man in the city of Portland. This week’s episode shares the stories of several young women and girls whose lives were profoundly impacted in irreparable ways by his crimes and of course attempts to answer the inevitable and burning question of how the hell did we get here?! Because, this is really happening.

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Pastebin has flagged some of the source material this week for containing sensitive material. Gee, ya think? So we won’t be able to share the complete list of references through that platform. We’ll include some of the most critical items within the body of the show notes. Please be advised that this week’s episode may contain content that is triggering for sexual assault. Take care of yourself first always.

Visit the Powerful Voices Project website for Sexual Assault resources.

Click here for the petition.

Click here for the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center’s website. You can contact the organization, make a donation, even join their mailing list, or find them on the socials.

Click here for information about HB 2317 in Oregon.

Click here for State of OR Parole & Post-Prison Supervision Board Action Form dated 03/11/2016 – unredacted.

Two Psychologists offer different evaluations of serial rapist Richard Gillmore as he seeks parole today.

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