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True crime stories from the best independent podcasters.  Every week a new creator drops in an episode from their catalog into this podcast. Think of it as a test drive of the best true crime podcasters in the world.  You can find more from the creators in the show notes of their episodes.


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MURDERED: Gemma Hayter by Murder and More

According to Mencap, a learning disability is “a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities which affects someone for their whole life.” Typically, it can take a person with a learning disability longer to learn new things and they may need extra help to develop new skills or interact with others. Around 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability and 351,000 of these are children aged between 0-17.

Murder on Board PSA Flight 1771 by Forensic Tales

On December 7, 1987, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771, carrying 38 passengers and 5 crew members, departed from Los Angeles for what should have been a short flight to San Francisco.

Ho-No-Hana Sanpogyo – Japanese foot-reading cult by Let’s Start a Cult

Ho-No-Hana Sanpogyo targeted desperate people – often housewives with sick husbands and children who were searching for any possible cure to save their loved ones. These needy people would sacrifice their life savings in exchange for the promise that their suffering would end.

Eight Members of the David Family Died. Why? by Crimeatorium

Subscribe to Crimeatorium Podcast Subscribe to Crimeatorium on iHeartRadio – Subscribe everywhere else – Show Notes Rachel David looked down to the street below as she sat upon the...

Josh Hanson Killing by Shane O’Brian, One of Britain’s most wanted men by True Crime Fix

On the morning of the 11th October 2015, the life of the Hanson family changed forever.

The abduction of Elizabeth Smart by Stolen from Me

Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her bed on the 5th of June 2002 at knifepoint. Brain David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee kept Elizabeth hostage for 9 months committing the horrendous crimes of rape and abuse

Murdered by Police: Elijah McClain by A Few Bad Apples

Subscribe to A Few Bad Apples on iHeartRadio on Stitcher Everywhere else He was a young man, minding his own business, who walked into a local convenience store for...

Sayonara Fresh Start, I’m Thirty (Murder of Donald Fish) by Anxious and Afraid

Subscribe to Anxious and Afraid on iHeartRadio – Everywhere else – In this week’s episode, Abby tells Shawna about the 1990 murder of Donald Fish in the town of...