Sister City Crime Presents Granny Zhukova by PNW Haunts and Homicides

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This week in a special segment, we finally have a clever name for, “Sister City Crime,” we’re briefly touching on one of Caitlyn’s major no-no topics with the case of Sofia Zhukova in one of Portland’s sister cities. We’re visiting the Russian city Khabarovsk. Some details are far too sadistic and salacious for the show notes, but others, like her missing date of birth, are just wild!

If the topic proves to be entirely too upsetting for your stomach, we highly recommend revisiting the Pittock Mansion or Heathman Hotel episodes that have recently been featured by platforms aimed at supporting indie podcast discovery. A big round of applause and many thanks to Feed Drops, the Indie Drop-In Network, & Sitch Radio!

This week we shared a promo for Serial Sistaaas!

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