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We join our three preceptors at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963! We explore and question all the ‘magic’ angles of the death of John F. Kennedy. America’s 35th President in broad daylight during a presidential motorcade through the streets of Dallas Texas. There are claims that the CIA were not only involved but carried out this assassination and that the alleged shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald was merely a pawn in a much larger plan! What happened during the course of that November day? What led up to this? Who were the parties involved? We look through all the open and closed windows. No blade of grass left untouched.


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If you would like to help Indie Drop-In support Indie creators, you can buy us a coffee. Just go to or click the link in the show notes below. Today’s episode is from Hush Hush Society. Conspiracy Hour. Don’t forget to check out the show notes for links to subscribe and follow on social media. Enjoy the show. Begin good evening, Hush slings, And welcome. I present your preceptors to the underbelly of the, for the whisperers of conjecture and the No thus begins to the conclave of the Hush, the site What’s up Hush slings on declassified Dave In our mystery, Mike, and as always, we’re joined by our compatriot slick frog Sanders.

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How’s it going guys? Good to be back. Welcome back to the Hush house Society. Conspiracy hour. Last week, we jumped into part one of the JFK assassination. And this week we’re cruising into Dealey Plaza. Again, for more details of who may have been involved with killing America’s 35th president, but Before we dive in, let’s remind everyone that we have a live show as our season finale, which will be happening November 9th. So if you have any questions or topics research that you want us to look into, feel free to email us at Hush Hush Society at planet Also feel free to reach out to us on all our social media is through Facebook or Twitter and Instagram.

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You can shoot us that email. All right, guys. So last episode, when we dove into the John F. Kennedy Assassination, we talked about what the president was doing in Texas that day. We talked about Lee Harvey Oswald in the school book, depository building how the shooting actually happened with the theory of multiple gunshots. We went into the autopsy and potential findings of suspicious things that happened to throw all of that. This week, we will be diving into the possible players that could have been involved in the Assassination who could have done it, who could have planned it out, Who could have set the gears in motion, who could have pulled the trigger, who done it?

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There are some key groups that we have found out were a part of this, or I could have been part of this. We we’ll go over all of them. And we will start with one of the biggest in notorious groups that could have been behind this Assassination. And that is LA Cosa. Nostra the mafia. So to understand how the mafia plays a possible part in the assassination of JFK, we have to look at all of the things prior to 1963, as well-documented that the mafia in the CIA had a professional relationship. They teamed up in a plot to kill Fidel Castro. After the Bay of pigs, the casino operations of the mafia had taken a hit resulting in millions, lost in an operation mongoose.

(4m 28s):
The mafia would aid the CIA by having one of the mafia associates who worked in the kitchen of Castro attempt to poison him. The reaches of the mafia, even extended to the FBI. As it said, Operation mongoose was a secret program aimed against Cuba to remove communism from its power. So right Off the bat, we have to look at the mafia as a very viable threat when it came to JFK, it’s no secret that JFK had quite a few enemies at the time of his Assassination, which makes the Conspiracy ever-growing Lee Harvey Oswald. It was later found out through investigation, kind of had ties to the mafia. He was peripherally attached to them, but Jack Ruby, the man who ended up killing Lee Harvey, Oswald definitely had ties to the mafia.

(5m 15s):
If you look back at Jack Ruby’s history, he was born and grew up in Chicago. So he became an affiliate of the Chicago mafia families, mainly the Giancana family Who ran Chicago’s big Crime outfit from 57, mainly to the late sixties, the G and Connor family were also heavily involved in the 1960 presidential election victory with Kennedy, JFK, and Robert There, father Joseph. He was running bootlegging during the time of prohibition and he kind of had the ins and outs of when prohibition would end through being friends with politicians and people high up in the, in the world.

(5m 57s):
And he ended up buying up all of the scotch from these British importers and he bought up all the scotch. So when prohibition ended, he made this mass amount of money and he stepped on the toes of the mafia at the time, especially within the Chicago area and other major cities, For sure that doesn’t float too well, assuming that that was a huge, massive income for the illicit markets have the time. Yeah. You’re looking at the time of prohibition where the mafia, like you said, was making most of their money. They’re running the illegal bootleg game There. They got the speakeasies, they got the impor of moonshine from the South.

(6m 38s):
They got scotch and whiskey coming in through the, through the ports in New York and New Jersey. This was their livelihood for the most part Global networks. I’m sure. Oh yeah. They were probably getting so you would imagine they were probably getting things from, from Italy, Sicily, especially the gen con a family who had ties in Sicily it, when you’re going into kill someone’s business, of course they’re going to want something in return. He also has a big player in gambling as well. When you think of gambling, when you think of casinos, at least to me, the first thing that pops into my head is his, the mafia or losing my rent for the month. That to me, You have a good time at a Vegas man.

(7m 19s):
All right? All or nothing Of Kennedy made a promise to the mafia. He said, look, we’re going to get my son into the white house. He is going to be in power and then everything, all the heat is going to be taken off you guys. He is going to make it so that everything is fine and dandy. You guys go about your business and nobody will ever bother you again. That didn’t happen far from Robert Kennedy goes on to become the attorney general and makes it his mission, that he is going to go after the mafia. He’s going to go after the mob. And for the longest time, the head of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover had denied the existence of the mafia Together. How do you deny the existence of the mafia? He must’ve been getting something out of it.

(7m 59s):
People on street corners knew who the mafia ones like, how do you deny it publicly? But the people on the street corners were the ones that were getting shot on the street corners or having their businesses shaken down for money. And then it makes it to the highest level where the president gets killed. Hey, it’s all possible. You never know. Right. Or Kennedy comes in and he starts taking off the mafia. At the only reason that he becomes attorney general is because of his brother is the president. His brother kind of gives him that position. What does the mafia take that as disrespect? What’s the one thing that you don’t wanna do to a mafioso disrespect of this, that we look at one of the largest mafia bosses at the time, Samuel Mooney, Jean Connor.

(8m 42s):
One thing to point out too, that during the sixties Giancana I was recruited by the CIA I’m in a plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, Trying to poison his food. I guess what you know, that’s a very Italian thing to do, you know, to put some ground up glass on the meatballs or something, A fun goal, swallowed glass. I’m bleeding internally here.

(9m 22s):
This is me pause a little crunchy There, Tony, Hey, Mooney. What’s up with the meatballs. But they realize that their mother did not make those meatballs G and kinda kind of agrees to go in on the CIA thing, because he has businesses through his mafia, friends or his lieutenants or whatever you would call them. He has two business associates, one Carlos, Joseph Marcelo, and Santo traffic Conte Jr. Now Santo traffic Conte junior. He was the head of the traffic content F Crime family. And he controlled organized crime operations in Florida and Cuba.

(10m 2s):
He had links to the Bonanno crime family in New York city, which it was said that J Edgar Hoover at one point or another had meetings with. So kind of suspect Is there, I don’t know, man. I don’t know if that’s to suspect like, you know, you got this big government politician me in with the, the smoke, the smoke mafioso type guys. Yeah, totally not shady, but I don’t Crime family also is where you get into like people like Donnie Brasco. So see, the thing that strikes me odd is that the head of the FBI goes and meets with one of the heads of the New York Crime families.

(10m 42s):
But then will come back to his office and deny the existence of the mafia. That’s for sure. Interesting meeting to have, and then forget about it. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe he had like dementia or something. I mean, that’s like going to meet Santa clause and then coming home and telling me the kids. There is no Christmas. It was all a dream though for Christmas this year, Christmas never have never been at Christmas. Oh no, I don’t know. Alright. And validate SIM as a person, people obviously know that the mafia, is that a thing? Why or why would he do that? Why would he do that to himself? So maybe you have to look at the time frame in which she was saying it a, We are looking at in may 20, 20.

(11m 26s):
Yeah. Maybe in the sixties. They’re not playing as big of a role as The did in the seventies, eighties and nineties. They’re under the radar at that point, like I said, doing business shakedowns inter family Wars, I guess, or with other Crime families. So who knows maybe it was one of those things that was kept under the radar. Yeah. Maybe the mafia didn’t really come into popular light until the early seventies, when the godfather actually came out Also Carlos Joseph Marcelo, who was an a, he was a Crime boss out of new Orleans. And his territory went from new Orleans into Texas. He had reaches into Dallas, especially.

(12m 8s):
There was also a story that Carlos Marcelo went to the immigration office, just a mandatory stop by and say, Hey, I’m not being a scumbag type of thing. And as he’s leaving the immigration office, Robert Kennedy has his thugs come in. One of them, coincidentally named maroon, they pick up Marcelo. They drop him off in Nicaragua in the jungles of Nicaragua with nothing, no food, no water, no anything. And left him to die in Marcelo almost did. So there in lies another issue. And another problem that Marcelo himself took personally against the Kennedy’s and especially against Robert Kennedy and he bear Grylls does way right out of that fucking situation or a dude wasn’t he back in like two months, like within two months, right?

(12m 57s):
Yeah. That’s incredible. Did it? Well then, So after the whole Bay of pigs fiasco, cubic put a clamp down on everything. America stops treed with them. It was a stop on both ends of that relationship. If there ever was one which in turn destroys the casino business and the illegal gambling business of the mafia within Cuba, that’s Santo traffic on his territory. Now he’s working out a Florida in Cuba. So he is taking a big hit to the money, which I’m sure he was handing off the G and Connor at some point. So now the mafia is hurting, losing all this money. There is a big motive for why they would, You would want Kennedy gone, but yet he was operating out of Miami Palm beach, Fort Lauderdale, all those places in the close vicinity to Cuba.

(13m 47s):
It’s not beyond reason that you can already see the gears of this turning and see how the plans could have been laid out. Is it possible that the CIA reprised their relationship with the mafia in order to pull off and Assassination on JFK its the mutual beneficial operation? Well, cause you are getting rid of the main competition. Yeah. Literally the people that are helping you in your tracks, Which kind of delves into another group that would have wanted JFK gone is the CIA. So when JFK comes into power and he takes this presidency, one of the first things that he says is that he wants to dismantle the CIA into a, a a hundred different pieces.

(14m 28s):
He wants them to take all their operations secret or otherwise all their black ops and run them through the joint chiefs of staff. Now that puts everything on the books and takes funding away from the CIA, at least an endless amount of money away from them. It was tell me when you were taking the money away from the CIA, I did that take away There reaches to get like into like black projects. Would that have affected that budget? Well, yeah, you have to imagine that now every plan that they have, every operation that they want to make every move that they want to make, they have to run it by the higher ups. So If you make sorry, Thank you. Beautiful voice. But it does put a hindrance on an agency that previously had no restraints.

(15m 14s):
Did it ever lose its restraints? Well, no thanks to Kennedy getting Mercked. Yeah. That’s the reality of that. Which further proves there a potential motives, you know, The only danger to the CIA was Kennedy. So now you have these two groups that have previously worked together on operations, especially throughout Cuba. You have two groups that definitely would benefit from Kennedy being out of the picture. It’s not all that far fetched that you could see. Hey, why don’t we shake hands again? Why don’t we work together again?

(15m 54s):
And instead of you having one of your guys poison the pasta sauce that we, which is we just take a shot at that President. I don’t know. That seems like a pretty solid plan. And he plays in a positive visual. Don’t drink the table wine Story that goes around. At least this is how the facts are laid down on the part of the mafia. The order to take out the President goes on. They try to find somebody to perform the deed and they pretty much put it all on Carlos Marcelo. So Carlos Marcelo is in charge of finding somebody to take on this task.

(16m 35s):
Since his territory is in Dallas, ease starts talking to traffic Conti about how Kennedy wasn’t going to make it to the next election. He keeps hinting at how Kennedy is going to be hit before the next election because Robert Kennedy is doing a lot of damage to the mafia overall, especially when it comes to Jimmy Hoffa, Jimmy Hoffa is being called into courtrooms and he’s being questioned by Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy has a tail put on Carlos Murders Cello. One thing about Marcelo is that Cynthia, he was running a Crime operations out of partly Dallas. Is that in a book in 1989 called mafia kingfish, Carlos Marcelo in the assassination of JFK was written by a guy named John H. Davis.

(17m 20s):
He says Oswald and Ruby had a quote strong ties to Marcelo. Yeah. So that that’s pretty much a, a direct link. No, whether you want to debate whether the author is credible or not, that’s completely up to you. But I don’t know. It seems like a pretty, pretty strong source considering they were all linked Dallas, Texas at one point, you know, and some shady business, it’s one of the more credible Conspiracies and it has a lot of facts to back it up. One of the things that I think is kind of the smoking gun, no pun intended is that Santo traffic Conti, at one point, he’s involved with the CIA and they all are.

(18m 7s):
It’s a relationship that they carry on, even pass the Assassination. So traffic Conti one day is talking about how the hit was put out on Kennedy. And he’s quoted as saying, I think Marcelo was wrong in taking out John Kennedy. It should of been Robert Kennedy Done, done. So you have this mafioso who is closely linked to Carlos Marcelo. He is closely linked to G and Kohno and it is closely linked to the CIA. And he is quoted as saying in not so many words that Marcelo put the hit out on Kennedy, But the wrong Kennedy it’s alleged that Carlos Martello actually admitted to putting this head out while he was in a Texas prison.

(18m 54s):
Did you hear anything about that? Yes. Yeah. So he literally admitted to this dude, a Jack Vanlandingham, he mastermind in the whole plot. He planted red herrings. He called them pretty much things to mislead and allude information. He planted these red herrings to confuse press and embarrassed, the FBI and CIA into suppressing information, which is pretty much what this is all about. The suppression of information. He then went on to admit that he arranged for two men to carry out the hit of the Assassination and setting up Oswald as the fall guy. Essentially just the scapegoat. Yeah, the Patsy. And he told this dude Jack Vanlandingham that he ordered for the murder of other conspirators, such as Johnny Roselli and Sam Garcia.

(19m 43s):
So he cut off all loose ends as do Johnny Roselli. They found him floating in a 55 gallon barrel in some Bay near Miami decomposing. Some fishers fished them up. And Sam Garcia I’m pretty sure got shot to death, but that doesn’t sound like some, Oh, I thought he was in the barrel fishing. No, no, no, no, no, no. Some fisherman found them. Hey guys, check out my new boat in the us. That’s 50 funds. And also about that mafia King fish book that was written along with Oswald and Ruby, having strong ties to Marcelo Oswald was supposedly in Russia, a Russian wife back to Texas that wasn’t actually Oswald.

(20m 26s):
It was an imposter that visited the Russian embassy’s and Cuba and Mexico. Very strange stuff that goes into that. All right. So you got to take a moment to kind of step back and look at Lee Harvey Oswald as the perfect Patsy. He was found plodding to try and kill major general Edwin Walker, seven months prior to JFK being. So that right there puts him into the cross hairs of being a viable threat. He’s already on the national security list for being someone that popped off. Yeah. He also works in the Texas school book depository, which puts him there, which puts him right on the spot. During that day, he has ties to Russia.

(21m 8s):
At one point, he wanted to go and live in Russia and prove his fealty to go to Russia. He’s got a Russian male loader wife, all signs point to that guy being the one to pull the trigger. Plus he has an army background, but it’s also said that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA operative himself. Is it possible that Oswald was the second shooter after all, but didn’t take the kill shot. And Jack Ruby might have been part of it. And Jack Ruby goes and wants to silence Oswald from outing him, But you also had a disturbing, the peace charge on him on August 9th, 1963 in new Orleans Lee Harvey Oswald did.

(21m 50s):
Oh no shit. He was arrested in new Orleans. He’s arrested in new Orleans. Now we’re looking at new Orleans who was the Crime boss in new Orleans, Marcelo, Marcelo. Oh geez. And all starts to come together. Pretty tight. Hey, Oswald being in, in Louisiana, Marcelo in Louisiana just months before. Mm. Sounds like a family to me. The one other thing to know about the mafia before we move on is that before JFK was killed, Jimmy Hoffa was being looked at by Robert Kennedy. He was kind of investigating and to him and Jimmy Hoffa had a lawyer named Frank rogano now Frank rogano post HofA and post the Assassination was later quoted as saying Hoffa had passed a message to his lawyer and he went on to pass on the message to Marcelo and Jean Cano to quote, take out Kennedy.

(22m 50s):
So half a wanted Kennedy dead. But did he want John F. Kennedy dead? Or did you want Robert Kennedy dead? That’s the real question. The thing that makes it more compelling is that both of them are gone now. Oh yeah. They got them both. At some point, whoever it was got the right Kennedy. Right. Well, I feel like either way, both would of had to go for their motives. You know, It’s entirely possible. You look at Robert Kennedy five years later, he gets assassinated. So, you know, maybe the mafia takes a couple of years off, gets the heat off of them, quells, any kind of suspicion that they were involved. And then they go back and finish the job, the right job this time could the JFK assassination simply have been a miscommunication.

(23m 34s):
I’m a horrible game of telephone. Imagine that, right? Like, Holy shit, you guys killed the president. No, not that Kennedy. Come on. I’m like, Oh gee. Oh, Oh, you know, like you didn’t even get a text then you’re just like, you saw that on TV. And you’re like, Oh shit. Oh fuck. Hey, I’m just going to keep saying, Hey, What’s up hatchlings, mystery Mike here. And I’m here to tell you about a contest that we’re currently running is really easy. It answer. All you got to do is go to iTunes, submit a review for our show and screenshot it.

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Then send it on over to us. You can do this through our social medias or through our email at Hush Hush Society at planet, you’ll be entered to win a travel size edition of Conspiracy. The card game. This card game explores all of the conspiracies and test your knowledge of the deep dark unknown. This contest will run until October 5th, second and third prize winners will also be chosen and receive a Hush Hush Society sticker pack. We Kind of all encompassed the mafia in the CIA. Being a part of this will take a step back and look at another government agency that might have had the inkling that they wanted the President to no longer be around, which would be the FBI.

(25m 5s):
Mainly the head of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover. Like we said before, Hoover was completely denying the very existence of the mafia while Robert Kennedy, the attorney general was investigating the mafia and trying to just completely cut them off. JFK was going to force retirement on Hoover at his legal federal retirement age. And I don’t think Hoover was really, really about all that. Probably not like bro, you’re too old. Get the hell out of here. This is all I have. But yeah, Yeah. I mean, if you look at Hoover, he was this very staunch man. He was very proud of his position.

(25m 46s):
At one point it was sad that J Edgar Hoover was the most powerful man in America, including the president. So when you have that title and you are pretty much the alpha and the Omega of the, of the FBI at that time, why would you want to leave? That’s true. But at the same time, why wouldn’t you want to leave? Like how that’s gotta be wicked stressful dude, and lets not forget. Like we said before, J Edgar Hoover had met with multiple mafia families in New York on multiple occasions, clearly showing some, some strong ties going on there. See you it’s interesting to me because it’s very possible that a lot of these agencies and a lot of these government figures were probably getting kickbacks from illegal activities, especially the CIA, the CIA throughout all of the time has been found to fund their operations and extra money and all that other shit from selling drugs or pulling off assassinations for hire.

(26m 50s):
And it’s no secret that the CIA has gone above and beyond to secure funds. So could we look at J Edgar Hoover and say, okay, this is an untouchable man. He could have had anybody wiretapped. He could have had anybody followed and did it possibly happen to everybody but him, I don’t think that’s unrealistic whatsoever. Assuming the position that he was in your right. We also have to look at the Cubans as a whole, as a potential suspect of the Kennedy assassination. If you guys listened to the last podcast, you know, that Kennedy sent in an operation called Bay of pigs, which was an utter failure to pretty much this assemble the Cuban Castro, whole power play that they had going on over there.

(27m 39s):
You had an operation mongoose going on where we were pretty much tried to kill Fidel Castro to get rid of them, put an end to the communism, all that. So that was pretty much no love whatsoever between Cuba then and the, the, the Kennedy family. So there are, there’s definitely a possibility that Fidel had an out for John F. Kennedy for trying to put an end to what he worked for for Cuba. That’s interesting in itself because if you’re talking about power, you have a very powerful individuals involved in this whole situation. You have Fidel Castro, you have Alan Dallas and the CIA. You have J Edgar Hoover in the FBI. You have Marcelo and traffic Conte and Jan Kano from the huge mafia families.

(28m 25s):
So, and it said that the mafia had deep, deep ties into, into the government or one person was even quoted as saying, you can’t have the government without the mafia and you can’t have the mafia without the government. They were kind of hand in hand. Well, in 1959, there’s the Cuban revolution where tons of Cubans migrated to the United States. I’m not, you know, with hopes to overthrow Castro and then come back to the U S and live here. Fidel Castro also previously had made a statement saying that he had a desire for revenge against the United States government. So post JFK Assassination, his words were closely looked at and Fidel was put into the crosshairs of the American government as a huge suspect of being behind this Assassination.

(29m 14s):
Plus Fidel had a relationship with Khrushchev and that brings the Russians into it. And who was involved with the Russians Lee Harvey Oswald. So it’s, it’s all things that come full circle. It’s all relationships, whether they be peripheral or pretty direct that are pointing to something other than maybe just one person did this. This is definitely an elaborate lot by probably not one. Yeah. I’d say like, realistically, I don’t think it was one person or even one group of people. I think it was definitely something larger at play. Some, some shaking of hands.

(29m 54s):
Now that we’ve looked at the main players and the main conspirators that could’ve been at fault for this Assassination and Ben behind the planning of it, let’s kind of take a look at some of the lesser known or lesser thought plots or conspirators. One of those being the KGB, could it have been a KGB agent, could have been the KGB as an entity that put out the hit on behalf of crew trough. You could have very much been, we were in the arms of the cold war. Well, yeah, it didn’t Russia handover those missiles to Cuba.

(30m 35s):
Hmm. And then we just kinda walked up in their, trying to put an end to it like that, that makes Russia look weak. In my opinion, It’s kind of well-known that the KGB had operatives within America, whether they were sleepers or they were whatever they were, they were within the borders of the United States. Absolutely. And that brings into play. The possibility of did we have a Manchurian candidate? Did we have someone who might of gone undergone some sort of government experiment, whether it be the Russian government or even in the United States government, could Lee Harvey, Oswald have been a subject or victim of an MK ultra like experiment.

(31m 24s):
I was just going to say, Lee Harvey Oswald is a perfect candidate for some type of driving experiment to make somebody do something against their will. Yeah. Military background kind of already doesn’t have the greatest relationship with America. And doesn’t really like the way that us politics are going and is very outspoken about it. So, Hmm. Patsy Wheeler. Yeah. We need to Patsy alarm. When we look at the Zapruder film, we see that there’s a lot of people in the crowd, but one person in particular was drawn out to those that were investigating the Assassination and taking this whole thing frame by frame, that individual came to be known as the umbrella man.

(32m 10s):
So in the film, you see a show off to center or right of the grassy Knoll, you see a man who is wearing a suit and above him, he has a black umbrella Clearly to cover himself from the, the hot Texas, very harmful UV rays Could be, but investigators looked at it and they said, Hmm, could that umbrella have been a weapon? Well through drawings and design in a way that they came up with it, they looked at it and they said, okay, well the handle of the umbrella could have been the trigger. And then the barrel of it could have been one of the ends of the umbrella arms.

(32m 53s):
It’s a very odd drawing and you can definitely see it. If you look it up on the internet, That wasn’t the CIA known for having weapons that were like that. I mean, it’s almost like double lo stuff that spy where the umbrella man is. His name is Louis. Steven Witt. I believe he was brought into court years later and had no recollection that he was even a suspect. Yeah. Imagine years after the Assassination, somebody comes to you and they say, Oh yeah, we’re looking for this guy that was holding the umbrella in the film. Oh, that’s me. Yeah. He’s the one that did it. Yeah. Okay. Can you, can you imagine the cold sweat that goes off your body when you get that?

(33m 34s):
Like, cause I believe that the way the court cases were in the seventies or the eighties, imagine getting that phone call and just, Oh God, God. I knew I should have left the umbrella a home. Yeah. I should have just put the sunscreen on man. Like, Well, as it turns out, Louie Steven Witt came to court, brought the umbrella, which is also odd in itself because even if the umbrella was a weapon, why would you bring it into court with you? When did you just leave it at home and get yourself a black umbrella and then go to court and be like, Oh look, it’s just a regular umbrella. Yeah. A or whatever. But either way he comes into court and it’s years later, it’s probably like 15 years later.

(34m 18s):
And that’s another question that I have to bring up 15 years later, how much what’s the longest that you’ve ever owned an umbrella? I don’t think I’ve ever owned an umbrella. That must have been a stellar umbrella For 15 years. Roughly. Do we know where a Louie? How much does the rain and Texas? Well, yeah, True. And Dallas. I mean it reigns and Dallas, how fast is this an umbrella decompose they have There in tornado alley. I believe so. It’s it’s they must get rain. According to wit he brought out the umbrella during that day, knowing that the president would go by it as a show of some sort of protest against the president, not mainly against the president, but against his father, Joseph Kennedy.

(35m 2s):
He didn’t approve of a lot of the things that Joseph Kennedy had done and how JFK had gotten into the office. So back in the thirties and forties, a way of showing protest was to go to a public forum and hold up a black umbrella. That is, it Is very interesting. I’ve never heard of that. Its an interesting form of protests considering now a days forms of protest are not much different, but in that forum, I’m not sure. I think we should give it a shot. Yeah. Let’s bring umbrellas instead man. Nobody is going to get it though. No, I don’t know. Maybe we got that one guy that was like, Oh the umbrella man, yo You got my umbrella bro.

(35m 45s):
Another conspirator that may or may not have been a part of this. We have said previously and many people have said previously that there was a second shooter on the grassy Knoll one man in particular named James files. He was put in prison for 50 year a term because he had murdered someone now while he was in prison, he goes on to confess to news reporters and anybody pretty much who would listen that he was the second shooter in the grassy Knoll. He goes on to say, explain exactly where he was standing, what he was doing, what weapon he was using, how it all went down.

(36m 26s):
He even said, Oh yeah, I saw the highway sign in. And the president’s motorcade was about to go beyond the highway signs. So I took the shot before the sign. He had some stuff to say about it and a lot of people wrote him off. The thing that’s interesting is that there was a psychologist, Jerome Croft cross said that files had one of the most credible claims as to what happened during the assassination of JFK. No, that’s crazy. That’s just one guy coming out and he wasn’t serving a life term. Correct? Like he was just serving 50 years. I mean, essentially It was serving 50 years, but the dude was, was in his fifties or sixties so That you might as well have just been life for that to be the most credible claim of who may have killed JFK.

(37m 13s):
There’s a lot of people that are in insinuated to be involved. But if this one guy’s saying it and then you have a psychologist, that’s saying, yeah, this makes the most sense. Wouldn’t that fit the narrative to what people are doing nowadays with these horrible events that are going on To have a psychologist look at this guy, you know, and of course everybody is going to kind of pass him off and be like, okay, this guy is crazy. Whatever. He’s just trying to gain some sort of notoriety or whatever, but to have a psychologist come in pretty well accomplished psychologist to come in and say, you seems to say this with a lot of confidence. He says this with some interesting facts and it’s entirely possible that he was the guy that did it.

(37m 58s):
It still doesn’t discredit the mafia’s involvement, the CIA’s involvement, the FBI’s involvement, Cuba’s involvement, anybody else’s involvement with it. Because just going back to the previous episode, when we talk about the autopsy, how did somebody alter the president’s body? If the government didn’t have something to do with something that was going on? Well, it’s interesting that you bring the mafia back into it. So files upon multiple of his interviews regarding the Assassination had said that at one point Hoffa called off the Assassination, he called Carlos Marcelo. Carlos Marcelo had hired files to be the assassin, half calls, Marcelo.

(38m 42s):
He calls off the Assassination and file says, OK, what are we going to do? We’re calling this off. Marcelo says, no, fuck it. We’re going ahead. So Marcelo obviously took this kind of personal w with everything that went on with Robert Kennedy, dropping him off in Nicaragua and business, going down the tubes and all this other stuff and the money that they were losing and just the overall headache that the Kennedy’s were presenting to the mob. It checks out one of the out of the box conspiracies that we will quickly touch on because there is not much information behind it. There’s definitely no facts behind it. Is it possible that Jackie Onassis could have been part of this plot to kill her own husband?

(39m 30s):
Ben, as I touched before, didn’t he cheat on his wife with Marilyn Monroe? I mean, it said that she wasn’t the only one. So, so I would imagine if you got ties with people like Marilyn Moreau President or not, I’m sure she’s not the only one from what it seems to be. Kennedy was a player. So you think his wife just killed him over that? I think that’s probably one of the more farthest of conspiracy theories in the whole thing. But imagine if that’s the one it’s just, I’m pissed at my husband, shoot him. Yo, it happened the student. Does that happen on the scale like that?

(40m 10s):
Where you see it in that public light, you know what happens every day, but does it happen in a presidential motorcade is, you know, but it still contradicts the claim that one of the, was it a secret service member that said that he saw her picking up his brain matter frantically. So if she had anything to do with it, you would think she would be cool as a cucumber unless she’s a fantastic actor. And she just wanted to pick up your husband’s brains afterwards just for shit on him. You know, did she know that she was going to get splattered? I mean, there’s always a God A chance when there was a shooting, maybe she had something to do with his death, but didn’t know the method of his death.

(40m 58s):
Cause she was definitely quite surprised when he got capped. So you surprised is an understatement, I think, Oh no, John your brain, let me get them for you, But you’d have to be a bad actress or something. John, let that go. No, there goes your, You had yeah, but I was concerned moan. Oh, So the rest in peace Shaq, you, we have to jump into it. Sorry. Didn’t they just temporarily transport her Crab Apple trees from the white house.

(41m 37s):
Yeah. There was a big thing about that fake news that they took it out forever, but I believe it was temporary transported now to shake the tree is healthy. I don’t know. Then the crab Apple, that’s the crappy luggages. And they moved in back to Dallas to them and the grassy Knoll. But it’s no longer a Knoll. It’s an orchard. Yeah. Yeah. That was a grassy orchard of Dealey Plaza, fertilize with wonderful vivid colors coming off the crab apples from the depository building.

(42m 20s):
If you look right out of it from the sixth floor window, you’ll be able to see these perfectly. So after all of the place, Have you talked about with the JFK Assassination, it comes in to the investigation. There are multiple committees and meetings and court hearings that happened. One of the bigger ones was the Warren commission, which happened only a couple of days later from the Assassination. And it was put into effect by Lyndon B Johnson. It was like 803rd And 88 pages or 890 pages long, like the actual record, right? The record just under your eye, You were later was given to Johnson and yeah, you’re right.

(43m 1s):
It was about 888 pages. And it had 26 other external documents and testimonies from over 550 people. And it was made public a couple of days after Johnson. Got it. One of the things about the Warren commission, that’s weird is that the us attorney general at the time, Nicholas Katzenbach, believe it or pronounce that, right. He sent a memo to the white house aid for Johnson named bill Moyers. And he wrote what the public must be satisfied. That Oswald was the assassin that he did not have Confederates who were still at large, which is very suspect. Yeah. Why would you include that? Why would you say, Oh yeah, they have to have to believe this.

(43m 44s):
Yeah. We got to convince them now in other suspect thing that goes along with that quote, is that a part of this Warren commission, Alan doles, which is someone who you had talked about in the MK ultra episode was the former director of the CIA. And he was a part of this commission and he was appointed to coach and interview CIA witnesses on what to ask and answers to basically answer, which is very suspect because you’re looking at this man is essentially telling people what to say. And both Lyndon B Johnson and doles were both super nervous to make sure that this commission that was put together did not find out Kennedy’s secret involvement and their administration’s plans to sass, innate Castro in other foreign leaders.

(44m 27s):
All in all this Warren commission concluded that president Kennedy was assassinated Lee Harvey, Oswald, and then Oswald entirely acted by himself. It also concluded that Jack Ruby in the man that murdered Oswald a couple of days later in time, he acted alone by himself, which totally discredits all these other players that we talk about that only these two people we’re involved in just murdering each other in one murdering the President. One of the other meetings that had happened, this happened a couple of years later, it was called the Ramsey Clark panel in 1968. And there was a panel of four or so medical experts appointed by attorney general Ramsey Clark to examinate photographs, x-rays documents or a bunch of other evidence from the Kennedy assassination, his autopsy and the panel concluded that Kennedy was struck by two bullets, one from above and behind in one from the front above his right eye.

(45m 24s):
So putting that into effect, if Lee Harvey Oswald was the only one that killed president Kennedy from the depository building that we speak of, how does he again get this entry room above the right eye, which is complete at odds to the Warren commission’s findings? Yeah. Like if it wasn’t a cover up, why wouldn’t they have held this Ramsey Clark panel before the Warren commission and included that information that they, they examined? You know, That’s one of the most damning things about the narrative that there is a lone gunman that a shot from the Texas school book depository and that it was Lee Harvey Oswald by himself is that you have this Killshot.

(46m 8s):
That was definitely, definitely, definitely not made from behind. You can see it definitely not film. If Pete, If pictures speak a thousand words, then the frame have a film, speaks a million. There’s just no way that it happened. Now, there was a doctor that was in Parkland Memorial hospital. When the doctor had got to win. When Jay JFK had arrived at the hospital, that said that JFK was wearing some sort of corset. So he was wearing some sort of chest and back brace that was held together with ACE bandages and wrapped around his legs and all this other stuff.

(46m 50s):
And he goes on to claim, well, if he was shot from behind, of course he wouldn’t slump forward because this, this course that, that he was wearing or this brace that he was wearing would have held his Up. Okay. But why would this head snapped back on that front? No, this is not attached to his neck. It’s not attached to the back of that. This is head you’ll also have the sheer fact that his brains are on the table. So there’s an art on the back of the limo. Obviously video is not the best, but you can see the blowback it’s clearly there in the video.

(47m 31s):
All right, guys, I’m going to tell you from everything that we’ve looked up on this episode, from everything that we’ve researched from all the time that we’ve spent, I’m going to go with the mafia. The mafia in the CIA relationship was at fault for this and Lee Harvey. Oswald was a Patsy. I’m going to agree with you. Yeah, that seems like the most definite conclusion. Definitely some other suspect players, but a lot of it comes full circle Or you have at peeps, there is so much research that goes into the JFK Assassination. There are books, endless, endless amounts of books.

(48m 11s):
There are documentaries. There are speakers. There are experts that have looked over it for years upon years, there is so much to look into formulate your own ideas and see what you think. If you think that Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone, then so be it. If he thinks something that we didn’t mention, let us know, tell us, go on our social media is go to our email and leave a note. Say, Hey, you guys fucked this up. Please Tell us, shoot us a message and let us know, but it hit us straight in the cerebellum, Remove The frontal colo out my mind with new things.

(48m 60s):
It Is that about does it for this episode of the Hush house Society Conspiracy Hour. But we want to thank you all for listening. The response to our show has been fantastic. Thank you guys with the conclusion of the John F. Kennedy Assassination two weeks from now, we will be releasing a two-part episode going into a more modern topic. Jeffrey Epstein, both Episodes of this Jeffrey Epstein debriefing will be released within one week of each other. We’re Going to dive deep into the pedo aisle. Yes. We’re going to lock ourselves into that manifest and hop on that plane like Microsoft, like simulator.

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