The Suspicious Death of Noah Donohoe by Riddle Me That!

Donohoe was a 14-year-old boy who lived in Belfast with his family. On Father’s Day June 21, 2020, amidst lockdown Noah had made plans to go to Cave Hill Park with friends to complete his Duke of Edinburg award (similar to Boy Scouts, but decidedly more complex). Noah put the location into google maps and set off, but something must have derailed him.

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Noah was caught on 22 CCTV cameras; this was nowhere near the 180 counted on the route that Noah took that the family would later count. There appeared to be gaps in footage and in time. The CCTV that was captured was disturbing, Noah was in various states of undress, shedding his clothing and belongings. Noah’s mother Fiona sounded the alarm later that day and the community rallied behind her; people came out in droves to search for Noah. Noah would later be found in a storm drain in a loyalist area, an area he was unfamiliar with and no business being in. Why was Noah there? And why did the PSNI make a preliminary conclusion of accident upon finding an unclothed 14-year-old boy in a storm drain? This was before a pathologist had looked at the body and determined manner of death, prior to the forensics being run, prior to evidence being collected and prior to individuals who may have had something to do with Noah’s death being questioned. The family has been let down by investigators and stonewalled, as a response the community filled the gap, standing up to the authorities and forming Noah’s army, a movement that is in direct response to the family feeling as though they need to push authorities to do what they are supposed to do…. investigate the death of a child thoroughly. There will be an upcoming coroner’s inquest, where hopefully all the details will come to light. In this episode I speak to Sunday World Journalist Trish Devlin about her experiences as a journalist in Northern Ireland, the abuse, trolling and misogyny she’s personally faced, as well as the history and delicate peace in Northern Ireland. Trish has had the pleasure of speaking to Fiona Donohoe, as well as other family members. I will link below all things Noah Donohoe related, as well as Trish’s work on the case for the Sunday World.

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