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Our Team

Indie Drop-In is a small focused team that has been creating podcasts and youtube channels for several years.  You can see one of our more current projects at https://fandummies.com. FanDummies launched July 2019 and has over half a million downloads. Our goal at Indie Drop-In is to operate Podcasts, Youtube, and social channels to promote Indie creators in an effort provide the same opportunity for listeners as the big brands.


Creator, Founder

Technology Strategist, Podcaster, and Youtuber



Creator, Founder

Graphic and Web Designer, Podcaster, Youtuber

Who We Are

Indie Drop-In network is creator operated podcast network which aims to expose the listener to indie podcasters. 

Each day more than 1,000 new podcasts launch. Listeners can only find the most advertised and highly funded podcasts. Our goal to match high quality independent content with targeted listeners.  

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