How does Indie Drop-In work?

Listeners of Indie Drop-In podcasts get to hear full episodes from different independent podcasters every week. 
Creators submit their episodes for the appropriate genres here. Once approved, the episode will be assigned a date and will appear in the Indie Drop-In feed on the assigned date. Listeners will get a chance to hear a full episode from the creator and subscribe to their show. 

Indie Drop-In sells ads to fund the marketing and operations of the network. The podcaster who submits an episode to Drop-In gets access to an audience and opportunity to ask the audience to follow their podcast.

It’s a Win-Win-Win for all parties.

How does my Podcast Qualify?

It’s straightforward to qualify. Podcasters must have all the following:

  • Consistent releases for the past 3-months.
  • Podcasting for at least three months. If you feel your show is highly produced and organized and you plan on podcasting for the foreseeable future, exceptions can be made. Please submit an episode for consideration.
  • Reasonable sound quality at the sole discretion of Indie Drop-In (Episode where one host is on Zoom, skype or other conferencing technology will be declined. For remote hosts please record locally or use a service such as riverside.fm or squadcast.
  • Edited (No live-streamed or unedited recordings)
  • Remove all ad’s including all host-read ads

What can I expect once I'm approved?

Each creator is assigned one week. If you have a single part episode it will be released on the Monday of your week.

It will be released via:

  • An Indie Drop-In RSS based podcast available on all platforms
  • An Audiogram on Youtube. If you have a video to go with your episode we will publish that instead of the audiogram
  • An Audiogram or Video on Facebook
  • An Audiogram or Video on IGTV
  • Social media posts the week of your feature

What Genres are Available?

There are many genres available. You can even upload to a show that hasn’t been launched. You will get a premium slot and increases marketing by participating in the launch. 

Does my podcast have to join the Indie Drop-In Network?

No, Indie Drop-In is not a network podcasters have to join. The network consists of all Indie Drop-In “creator feeds” and is used to drive even more listeners to creators podcasts.

Do I still own the episode I submit?

The creator grants Indie Drop-In perpetual use of the episode for purposes of listing in the Indie Drop-In channels (RSS, youtube, twitch, etc.) and advertising the show on the network. Indie Drop-In does not have rights grant use of your episode to any third party. 

Can I remove my episode after it's been published?

Removal of the episode is at the sole discretion of Indie Drop-In. Indie Drop-In spends money to promote the various channels and requires content to deliver to listeners. You can, however, ask for an episode to be swapped with another if you feel the current episode doesn’t represent you favorably.  

Will Indie Drop-In alter my episode in any way?

If you have accidentally left in 3rd party ads in a submitted episode, Indie Drop-In may cut them out. Indie Drop-In may also perform some light mastering for quality and volume matching to conform to international loudness standards.  We also may suggest changes to the episode title and description to maximize SEO. 

What about Patreon, Merch, etc.?

Host read advertisements for Patreon, merchandise, live shows, etc. are allowed and encouraged. Advertisements for any third party must be removed.

Can I mention my network and other shows?

Yes, any networks your show is a part of are allowed to be mentioned in the submitted episodes. The mention must be natural and not part of a pre, mid, or end-roll advertisement. Something such as “We are on the MEGA network where you can find other shows” is fine. Absolutely no trailers. If you operate a network and want to collaborate Contact Us.

What type of episode should I submit?

Submit an episode you would consider your best work. The episode may be the first time the listener has interacted with you or your show, and you want to make a good impression.

How can I maximize my feature?

  1. Ensure you are listed on iHeart, Stitcher, and TuneIn. 
  2. Claim your podcast on Podchaser and create creator accounts for your hosts.
  3. Download the Goodpods app and claim your show and follow Indie Drop-In
  4. Multi-Part Episodes generally get more referrals. Upload all parts of a multi-part episode. 
  5. Record an intro speaking directly to the show’s listeners.  E.g. Hi True Crime (scary time, comedy, etc.) Fans, I’m Greg my show is GregsShow and I talked about fun stuff, once per week. I hope you enjoy the show!
  6. Cut out any rambling at the beginning of your episode. Remember, the Indie Drop-In audience doesn’t know you, they don’t care how your week was or what you ate for breakfast. Get to the content as soon as possible.
  7. Maximize your episode name and show notes. Take out episode numbers from titles and focus on interesting and keyword-rich names. Put your show notes, links, and all relevant things in the show notes. You can also include a full description of your show and host bios. You have 4000 characters, use them.
  8. Generally, the longer the episode the better. Please try and choose something at least 30 minutes in length. There is no maximum.

Can I make an episode specifically for Indie Drop-In?

Yes! If you want to help support Indie Drop-In you can create an original episode exclusive to Indie Drop-In. You can then promote the episode to your listeners on your show.  Your listeners will love the bonus content and they might find another podcast they love as much as yours!

What if the episode is still live on my podcast?

In most cases, the episodes submitted are from your back catalog. You can also record an exclusive episode for Indie Drop-In. Exclusive episodes speak directly to the Indie Drop-In audience and can be very effective at driving listeners to your show.

What if my episode is a story that has more than one episode?

Indie Drop-In allows you to submit up to a 5 episode arc. Your arc will air in its entirety the week you are assigned. For example, episode 1 will be Monday, episode 2 on Tuesday etc., etc. Multi-Part episodes are highly encouraged. Each episode is an additional change to win over new listners.

How many times can I submit an episode?

Each creator can submit an episode or episode arc four times per year. 

What happens if my episodes have host read ads?

Episodes submitted with any ads for third parties (sponsors), including host-read ads, will be declined. 

Will Indie Drop-In insert ads into my episode

Yes, Indie Drop-In is ad-supported. In most cases, a pre, mid, and post-roll ad will be added to every episode. Indie Drop-In uses a mix of dynamic and host read advertisements. Ad revenue is used to advertise the shows and fund Indie Drop-In operations.

Can I ask people to subscribe to my podcast in the episode?

Yes! The goal is to get Indie Drop-In subscribers to love and follow you. Please make sure to tell the listeners how to find you and subscribe to your show.

Will anyone introduce my episode?

Yes, Indie Drop-In will have a host introduce your show and plug your podcast. When your episode is over, we will read a review and explain how to subscribe.

Can I record a special Intro and/or outro?

Yes! Recording a special intro or outro for the submitted episode is allowed and encouraged but not required. A regular show from your back catalog with 3rd party ads removed is all that is required.

Can I submit show notes?

Yes, the notes on the show are essential for listeners. You can put in links to subscribe as well as your social media etc. Submit show notes like you would for an episode on your podcast.

Please note: Affiliate links will not be accepted. Indie Drop-In reserves the right to create affiliate links for any items mentioned in the show notes.

Can I submit my podcast cover art?

Yes. We want the listener to experience your episode like they were listening to your show, artwork, and all.

What happens if I decide to quit podcasting

Reach out to us via the contact form or on social media. Indie Drop-In may offer to buy your feed or take over your hosting. 

How do I submit an episode?

Create an account and proceed to submit an episode here.

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