True Crime

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Indie Drop-in network presents, True Crime!

True crime stories from the best independent podcasters.  Every week a new creator drops in an episode from their catalog into this podcast. Think of it as a test drive of the best true crime podcasters in the world.  You can find more from the creators in the show notes of their episodes.


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Autumn Stone – A Walk in the Park by When Suicide is Murder

This Episode is about a young mother who was found dead in a public and highly populated lake. The scene was bizarre and no one can figure out how she ended up in the water.

Divorce Through Death – Poisoness Giulia Tofana by Ye Olde Crime

Lindsay and Madison discuss the prolific poisoness Giulia Tofana, as well as why it’s important to vet your clients, that snitches get stitches (or nooses, hard to say), and how ancient make-up was basically designed to kill you at the same time it made you look pretty.

The Electrifying Execution of Ruth Snyder by Near Death Dolls

Paige and Lisa, otherwise known as the Near Death Dolls, take you through the murderous escapades of black widow wannabe Ruth Snyder. She’s out to kill her motorboating husband for the insurance money, with the help of her corset salesman side-piece. Sparks will fly when she meets her maker and Ruth will become famous for a shocking reason!

Charles Davis Lawson – Christmas Day Mass Murderer by Weird Distractions

Confusing, heart-wrenching, and downright diabolical Christmas adjacent case of Charles Lawson. Tune in to hear Christie’s coverage of this case – maybe not with your family, though.

The Stutter by Dark Side

In a sleepy, suburban village in middle-England, a young girl goes missing; Lynda Mann. This beautiful girl’s murder would go unsolved for many years….until a local Doctor made a mistake in an experiment he was conducting….

The JFK Assassination by Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour

We join our three preceptors at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963! We explore and question all the ‘magic’ angles of the death of John F. Kennedy. America’s 35th President in broad daylight during a presidential motorcade through the streets of Dallas Texas.

Did Stephen King Killed John Lennon? by Curly Conspiracies

John Lennon’s death broke the hearts of many around the world on December 8th, 1980. Did Mark Chapman, the man who pleaded guilty, truly kill John Lennon? Or was this plan in effect by the higher ups for a while and an author we have come to love and enjoy, Stephen King, truly pull the trigger?

Robert Spangler – Colorado Serial Killer and Child Murderer by Mask of Sanity

For decades, Robert Spangler got away with the murders of two wives as well as his two children from his first marriage. It wasn’t until he was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer in 2000, that he finally confessed to his crimes after being suspected and watched by authorities from several different agencies. During one of his interviews, he claimed it was easier to kill his wives than to go through a divorce. This serial killer and family annihilator is one of the most callous men to ever exist.

Survivors: Thad Phillips & Teri Jendusa-Nicolai by Happy Hour Gets Weird

This week Cassie & Tiff share two stories of survival: Teen taken in the night and forced to endure the unimaginable; a Mother suffers at the hands of her domestic abuser.