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Indie Drop-in network presents, True Crime!

True crime stories from the best independent podcasters.  Every week a new creator drops in an episode from their catalog into this podcast. Think of it as a test drive of the best true crime podcasters in the world.  You can find more from the creators in the show notes of their episodes.


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Eye of the Storm by still…

When Angela Ewert vanished after pulling over to the side of a highway late one night, police realized an ominous pattern was emerging. She was the third young woman in about 10 weeks to go missing from the same part of town and under eerily similar circumstances.

Koodathai Cyanide Murders (Part 1) by Final Imprint: True Crime Tapes

47 – year-old mother Jolly Amma Joseph poisoned and killed six members of her own family for 14 years. And in tape 3 we see how she managed to remain above suspicion until the police blew the cover off in 2019

Murder of Elderly Minnie Elkins from Lubbock Texas by Hub City 10-8

We speak to Lubbock Police Department investigator, Zach Johnson, about the murder of Minnie Elkins, a 93-year-old grandmother who was beaten to death In her bed and hear the story of how DNA identified her killer 23 years after the crime.

The Death of Colleen Ritzer by Murderific True Crime Podcast

Philip Chism was a 14-year-old boy who attended school in Massachusetts, who had no outward signs of trouble or aggression. Yet on October 22, 2013, Colleen Ritzer – a beloved math teacher – had been raped and stabbed multiple times by her student, Philip.

Jonestown- The Peoples Temple by the Jury Room

Let me welcome you to Jonestown. On November 19th, 1978, hyacinth thrash a woman in her late seventies had under her bed in Guyana, South America. The Alabama born woman had been living in a clearing in the guy on a jungle known as Jonestown for some time. Now, ever since her prophet, Jim Jones had led his devout followers there.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist by Murder Bucket

One of the largest museum heists happened on March 18, 1990.

Autumn Stone – A Walk in the Park by When Suicide is Murder

This Episode is about a young mother who was found dead in a public and highly populated lake. The scene was bizarre and no one can figure out how she ended up in the water.

Divorce Through Death – Poisoness Giulia Tofana by Ye Olde Crime

Lindsay and Madison discuss the prolific poisoness Giulia Tofana, as well as why it’s important to vet your clients, that snitches get stitches (or nooses, hard to say), and how ancient make-up was basically designed to kill you at the same time it made you look pretty.

The Electrifying Execution of Ruth Snyder by Near Death Dolls

Paige and Lisa, otherwise known as the Near Death Dolls, take you through the murderous escapades of black widow wannabe Ruth Snyder. She’s out to kill her motorboating husband for the insurance money, with the help of her corset salesman side-piece. Sparks will fly when she meets her maker and Ruth will become famous for a shocking reason!