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Indie Drop-in network presents, True Crime!

True crime stories from the best independent podcasters.  Every week a new creator drops in an episode from their catalog into this podcast. Think of it as a test drive of the best true crime podcasters in the world.  You can find more from the creators in the show notes of their episodes.


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Kira was attacked by a serial rapist by What Was That Like

What’s the most scared you have ever been? I’m not talking about being on a crazy roller coaster ride or watching a scary movie. What we’re talking about in...

Death Row Series: The Death of Monica and Dominique Frome by Crimeatorium

On Monday the 22nd of December 1997, a motorist was driving close to Monticello Utah along U.S route 491, when he noticed a white, stuffed bear, lying in the road.

Belle Gunness, Americas most prolific female serial killer by The Tales We Tell

What do you do after both your husbands and a couple of kids “accidentally” die and you find yourself left with a bunch of insurance money and a 48-acre farm? Hit the personal ads of course!

Washington: Murder of Bruce Kim by State of Fear

The Washington Murder of 13-Year old Bruce Kim. Why did this case receive so little coverage?

The Death of Faith Hathaway by Weird Distractions

This week, Alex tells Christie the heartbreaking murder that rocked a small town community in Louisiana.The case of Faith Hathaway was only a part of a chaotic bender, where two men changed the lives of everyone they seemingly came across.

Down Unda Who Dunnit the infamous Gatton Murders by Ye Olde Crime

Lindsay and Madison discuss the infamous Gatton Murders, as well as why you should never go to a dance at night, that there are things BESIDES animals that can kill you in Australia, and how important proper police procedures are when trying to, you know, solve a crime.

The Pierce Family: Unfolding of Tragedies (Part One) by Reverie True Crime

The Pierce family women were the best of friends. Mom, Rebecca and her daughters – Vivian, Amanda and Kimberly were so close.
In 2009, Vivian was in an abusive relationship with Damon Butler which turned deadly. Damon took the lives of Vivian and her mother, Rebecca. It was brutal. Kimberly and Amanda made it through that difficult time but unbeknownst to them, there was more devastation to come.

The Tragic Case of Keeley Bunker by Stolen From Me by Linsey

Keeley couldn’t wait for her 20th birthday celebrations, keeley and her friend Monique planned a night out with a concert and then a club.

Heavens’ta Betsy aka Gary Lee Schaefer by Thrice Cursed

Rebekkah almost has a mental and emotional breakdown as she tells you all about the gruesome rape and murders of 3 young girls, as well as the sexual assault of another in Springfield, Vermont.