A SkeleTalk With Dr. Jess, Physician Medium by Skeletales

We sit down for a Skeletalk with Dr. Jess this week, a badass physician and medium. Jess tells us how her abilities really came to light through the tragic loss of a friend.

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She tells us how since this event she’s discovered other mediums who are also physicians and that we would all be a little surprised how many of them are out there. Jess recounts stories from her childhood where she’s been met with spirits who have passed and how she was currently confronted with a “shadowed spirit” who has scared both her and her son.

Dr. Jess is a true delight, you won’t want to miss this!

** Trigger warning: In this episode suicide is mentioned. If this topic is sensitive for you, you may want to join in mid-episode for the rest of the stories.

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As always thanks for listening and Haunt Y’all Later!

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