A Taboo Tango – The murder of Justin Derik Barnard by A Nefarious Nightmare

In this little-known but very heartbreaking and baffling case, Justin Derik Barnard had his life robbed of him in Tuscarawas County, New Philadelphia, Ohio in 2005.

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He was a bright and goofy teenager who loved legos, being a shoulder for his loved ones, and would give his last dollar if someone else needed it. To this day, nobody knows exactly why he was murdered, his family and loved ones haven’t received closure, and Courtney deep dives into this case in an effort to rekindle his memory as Justin, like all victims, had a voice that needs to be heard. If he were still alive today, it is firmly believed that he would be advocating on the behalf of those that are deemed outcasts and misfits.

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Resources for those who are bullied or have witnessed bullying behavior – https://www.bullybust.org/resources

(You may also feel free to email us if you need an unbiased ear to listen. Our email is anefariousnightmare@gmail.com just put in the subject line “Bully Behavior” – we may not respond right away, but we will take those emails seriously and will definitely read them.)

Let’s make #rememberingjustinbarnard go viral. Many victims stories do fortunately become known and heard, let’s include him.


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