True Crime

Murdered by Police: Elijah McClain by A Few Bad Apples

Subscribe to A Few Bad Apples on iHeartRadio on Stitcher Everywhere else He was a young man, minding his own business, who walked into a local convenience store for a drink, and walked out, was tackled down to the ground by several police officers because he appeared suspicious. Police held him in a carotid position,…

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Sayonara Fresh Start, I’m Thirty (Murder of Donald Fish) by Anxious and Afraid

Subscribe to Anxious and Afraid on iHeartRadio – Everywhere else – In this week’s episode, Abby tells Shawna about the 1990 murder of Donald Fish in the town of Roseburg, Oregon.Just before the Fourth of July, Donald Fish was brutally stoned to death and left near the Umpqua River. Listen in to learn the details…

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