Children Who Kill by Horrifying History

To all of the parents out there – I salute you. Raising a child is extremely challenging, even in the best of times. Emotions and behaviours rapidly change as children grow, and learn about the world around them. Children just like adults feel sad, anxious, upset, or even aggressive at times. But in most cases, this is typical in a child’s development. Sometimes though, it is not.

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Many mental disorders start in childhood. From anxiety disorders, ADHD, to depression and PTSD – many adults who reach out for mental health treatment realize that their issues started in childhood, and wish they had help sooner.

But there are times that a child develops issues, and they are not properly dealt with. There are also times that people do not see the signs early enough, and it results in disaster.

Here’s a heads up for today’s episode…today we will be talking about murder and abuse that involves children. Listener discretion is advised.

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