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Rachel David looked down to the street below as she sat upon the railing of her 11th story hotel suite. Angry onlookers were chanting the word, jump.

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(1m 29s):
Don’t forget to check out the show notes for links to Subscribe and follow on social media. Enjoy the show. Rachel David looked down to the street below, as she sat upon the railing of her 11th story suite Angry onlookers were chanting the word jumped bitch. Jump. This episode contains violence against children. Listener discretion is advised.

(2m 8s):
Charles Bruce Longo was born in Yonkers, New York on November 9th, 1938 to a wealthy prominent area doctor. His mother was Episcopalian and his father was Italian. He also had a younger brother named Dean who went on to become a police chief in Florida. Bruce was described as striking in handsome as a young man, not very athletic, but fun-loving an active, this description came from a neighbor, his mother, however, described him as self-centered as he thought he was better than others because his dad was a wealthy doctor.

(2m 51s):
Bruce went to court in high school and upon graduating in 1955, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. While in the service, he became friends with members of the LDS church and began attending services with them. In 1958, he returned to Yonkers where he was baptized as a member of the church. He served in the LDS run version of the boy Scouts, and it is said that he was a strong influence on the young people. In 1960, Bruce was called to serve a two year mission to Uruguay. Bruce funded this mission himself.

(3m 32s):
It was while on his mission that the first inklings of mental instability began to surface. It is not uncommon for symptoms to show in someone that already has a propensity for mental illness while they are serving a mission. He was hearing voices and told church officials that he planned on becoming an apostle. Despite this onset of mental illness, he was able to memorize the book of Mormon. That’s the LDS church, companion scripture to the Bible. And he was described as a zealot after serving 11 months of his two-year mission, he was sent home.

(4m 14s):
He had contracted hepatitis and was continuing to hear our voices. This is typically not done unless it is deemed absolutely critical where the health of the missionary Bruce was briefly hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation and treatment for his hepatitis, but he continued to have visions. An example of what is a zealot. Bruce truly was. It has been said that he was responsible for baptizing is doctor and a nurse that cared for him in the hospital. Shortly after he was released, he headed to Brigham young university, a credible school owned by the LDS church and young LDS students go there hoping to find their eternal companion.

(5m 3s):
That’s an LDS term for a husband or wife, Bruce majored in Spanish and minor in political science. He met Marguerite Brigetta Erickson. A fellow student at BYU from Sweden Marquis was born on November 4th, 1939 in Sweden, and was converted to the church at the age of 18. Before attending BYU, she was described as soft spoken and easily influenced Bruce proclaimed a market’s roommate that he had a revelation that the two were supposed to get married market is said to have been flattered by Bruce’s proposal.

(5m 46s):
He was a good looking and charming man. She dropped out of school and the two were married in December of 1961. By the time Bruce graduated in 1965, the couple had to children and the Family moved to salt Lake city around 1969. Bruce claimed to have had a revelation saying that he was going to be the next prophet of the church in 1970, the standing prophet of the LDS church, David O. McKay passed away. Bruce was sure he was going to be named as his replacement and was severely depressed.

(6m 26s):
When that role was handed to Joseph fielding Smith. Bruce had been in contact with church officials during this time professing to be God, the Holy ghost or the Messiah and demanding all ties from the Members be paid to him. Bruce was ex-communicated from the church for a pasta. See, as it was Margate shortly after this, he grew out his hair and let his beard get long and legally changed his name to Emmanuelle David and Marguerite’s name to Rachel Emmanuelle was the clear Patriarca the Family and Rachel dutifully took on her role as this subservient wife Emmanuelle David for him to call to have about 13 followers.

(7m 15s):
Many of whom were family members with some being friends, almost all had been ex-communicated from the church and took on the surname of David Emmanuelle, continued to claim. He was the Messiah and taught his followers to refer to him as such at various times, he referred to himself as the Holy ghost, God and Jesus all wrapped up into one. He seemed to truly believe this about himself. And so to does Family and followers, Emmanuelle acquired a heavy, finely crafted long sword that he carried with him at all times, claiming it was his Holy weapon.

(7m 58s):
It was inscribed with the words, holiness to the Lord on one side and David on the other next to a star of David Emanuel moved his family along with this cult to a small town called Mann Thai named after Citi in the book of Mormon, like most false profits, Emmanuelle was charismatic and was able to convince some prominent people in Mantai to donate to his coats during their stay in Mount Died. The Davids opened at night crafting business that was run by the cult Members, which is one way they supported themselves.

(8m 38s):
The Members also became adept at scamming people into donating money for supposedly Family emergencies. These scams caught the attention of the FBI and David and his followers were under investigation for wire fraud in 1971. The David Family in his developed group of followers, moved out of man Manti and took residents in hotels across different States, mostly in the West, leaving unpaid bills in their wake. They made their way back to salt Lake city in 1977 and moved to the international dunes hotel in downtown salt Lake city.

(9m 22s):
By this time, the Davids had seven children who had all been given biblical names. Rachel born in 1960 to Elizabeth, 1963, Joshua 1968, Deborah 1969, Joseph 1970 David, 1971, Rebecca 1972. Their given names were Marcy, Eva, Frank Anthony, Debra, Rebecca, and Charles Bruce.

(10m 2s):
They to I’ll carry this surname of David the David. We were homeschooled by Rachel the mother and had never been to a public school lessons taught. We were reading art, math, and Bible study. They were described by those who were able to see them as clean, neat literate, and well-behaved their skin was milk white, no doubt from being kept in the suite. Most of the time the boys wear their hair embraced like their father, the girls girl’s hair was long and parted in the middle, pulled away from their face by burettes.

(10m 44s):
They were never permitted to use the hotel. Swimming pool water is considered a place where the devil has a strong influence. There is speculation that this may be why the Davids kept the children’s sheltered from the outside world. And we would only allow them to speak to others with the manuals permission. Whenever the maids came in to clean they’re sweet, the children were ushered into another room until the cleaning was complete. This hotel suite, they lived in cost $90 a day, and it was paid daily with cash by Emmanuelle, with a crisp $100 bill.

(11m 26s):
They would order food in from expensive restaurants in the area as Emmanuelle had a big appetite, and it was a large man weighing around 300 pounds and standing at six foot for it was figured that the Davids needed about $300 a day to maintain their lifestyle. That’s equivalent to about $1,200 in today’s money. Emmanuelle did not work and hadn’t since 1965, except for an odd job here and there. The family’s living expenses were being funded by its members, some selling their homes and belongings and hunting. The proceeds over to the Davids even perspective Members would pay for the privilege of belonging to this called with one such a woman, giving the Davids $25,000.

(12m 18s):
Another devoted follower who had been a member of the fame to tabernacle choir at one time, con some of those members and friends out of money to hand over to the David Family this cult member was convicted of wire fraud and spent five years in prison. He used the story of a paralyzed nine-year-old girl in need of money for medical expenses as the con, he pleaded guilty to the charges, but in later years, he denied being involved in any illegal activities. Needless to say, there was all manner of fraud and scams going on in those years that never fully came to light.

(13m 0s):
This all speaks to the effectiveness. If the Emmanuel’s charm, this was especially evident in the influence and hold he had on his wife, Rachel, she was described as unusually subservient to Emmanuelle, probably due to the fact that she actually believed he was a God we’re at the very least a prophet Emmanuelle. Sister-in-law stated that Rachel followed her husband around like a puppy dog Emmanuel. David had friends outside of the call that helped him as well by loaning him money and use of their vehicles. One, such a friend was a man of means who is a missionary companion of a manual Wells.

(13m 44s):
While in Uruguay, this man is still living. So I won’t use his name as he has struggled throughout the years for giving Emmanuelle cash and loans. And just generally buying into a manual tells stories. This friend was under the impression that Emanu-El have access to money due to his extravagant lifestyle. Emmanuelle really pulled one over on this guy and took advantage of his kindness on July 31st, 1978, Emmanuelle entered his friend’s place of employment, panicked and out of breath stating that he needed to borrow his truck.

(14m 25s):
The friend handed the keys to Emmanuelle an off. He drove destination unknown to anyone but himself. Pine crest Canyon is located just East of salt Lake city. It’s filled with houses now, but in the seventies it was used for outdoor recreation on August 1st, a hiker discovered the body have a manual David in the driver’s seat of the truck, he had rigged a new garden hose from the exhaust pipe to the inside of the truck. He had borrowed and used cloth to seal off any potential leaks Emmanuelle David had committed suicide all afternoon, and it has a report.

(15m 9s):
Well, Patrick, Bruce David Longo who Died several days ago did and did indeed live high as disciples seem to be the reason he was able to do this. For example, a co-owner of the Florida leaves restaurant and expensive French cuisine outfit in town says Longo ordered food to be catered regularly through the international hotel. Usually I was told to bill was a, a $110, sometimes a $140 for dinner. Plus a 20% tip when Margaret Gail’s of the floor of the LEAs delivered, she said to children were already seeded at the hotel room table. David Longo bought his clothes at dallies big and tall store, a size 14 shoes, 50 inch waist size 56 jackets.

(15m 52s):
Those costs $300 each in the last six weeks alone, the cult leader spent $3,000 on clothes. According to Jack Sanders of Dallas. When people I talk to you today who knew Emmanuel Bruce David Longo could recall no time when Longo has ever actually worked the money he lived on may have come partially from the estate of a deceased father who was a prominent Yonkers New York physician. Some money came from a former disciple by the name of Washburn. Chippin said to have had an inheritance and more recently Longo apparently got money from disciples engaged in fraud by interstate telegram, the local FBI in the us attorney’s office recently in may of this year got discipled Sterling James peacock sent to the federal penitentiary.

(16m 39s):
Now evidence we have gathered indicates that peacock known as Moses gave money to his prophet. Longo peacock got the money by telling people falsely that he had a daughter in a salt Lake hospital who needed money. Another disciple of lawn goes is under investigation right now for a similar type of fraud. Well together, these disciples took $38,000 from suckers in the last eight months alone. The FBI says Bruce David Longo himself has been under investigation and it wasn’t under investigation. At the time of his death assistant us attorney. Steven SNAR told me today, they never could actually prove that Longo made his disciples commit the fraud.

(17m 19s):
The FBI was looking for a long ago. About the time he committed his suicide on Monday, it seems that long ago is the spiritual world is religion was coming to an end, very fast for a very material reasons and ostentatious lifestyle apparently supported by common theft Officers arrived at the international dunes hotel. The next day to inform Rachel of her husband’s death. The officers stated that she didn’t seem shocked just and worried. She told the officers that her husband had been depressed and had a better place to go. She also added that she had no way of paying for his funeral.

(18m 3s):
Rachel, who is wholly dependent financially on her husband, Emmanuelle must of felt desperate, an add a loss as to what to do. Next. It is said that she made a call to her family who lived in Denmark at the time she spoke to the hotel manager that night and asked if he would work with her until she got her finances worked out. She even spoke to a delicate tests and manager that night about enrolling her kids in school. Although we will never know what transpired when the Family ride back at the suite at 11:00 PM on that night, we do know what happened at approximately seven 15 on August 7th, 1978, Jim Bradley the hotel manager who had just spoken with a new widow in the previous evening with standing at the front desk.

(18m 57s):
When his wife who also helped manage the hotel, approached him and said, quote, Jim they’re jumping from the balcony. Unquote, Jim exited the hotel and went to the East side of the building where a crowd of onlookers was gathering witnesses that saw the whole event state that who we now know as Rachel walked her kids to the railing of room 1105, there she pushed Joseph Eight David seven and Rebecca six up and over the railing. At least two of these younger children clung to Rachel before going over after that, the older children, Rachel 15 Elizabeth 14, Joshua at 13 and Deborah nine stood on folding chairs that were stacked next to the railing and jumped without provocation from their mother.

(19m 59s):
All the, while this was happening, the crowd was yelling at Rachel to stop, but it was to no avail after the children had gone over, Rachel stepped up and sat on the railing for around 30 seconds. The crowd was angry at what they had just witnessed and began chanting jump bitch, jump. And that is exactly what she did. Lifted him up and drop the mover. Then the last person pause for a while and then went, just went over the edge. I kept yelling, Oh God, it stops him to stop him. But then we could, we can see some of the observers up on the platform.

(20m 40s):
They’re all of our members of the Emmanuel. David Family the father Emmanuel committed suicide by us fixing Monday, his body was found yesterday in a pickup parked up at Canyon. When deputies last night told his wife Rachel, about the suicide. She said it didn’t surprise her, that her husband had said he was ready for the next world. You man, you all considered himself. The true prophet, the Messiah God is Family and a few close friends believed him this morning and the mother and the three children who voluntarily jumped apparently decided to join him in the next world. Six of the David family members landed on a canopy roof of the hotel coffee shop nine stories down then onto the sidewalk.

(21m 29s):
Three fail the entire 11 stories onto the sidewalk. One of the boys ended up in the gutter witnesses say that the youngest daughter, Rebecca desperately grabbed onto the railing and Rachel pried, her fingers loose. This was confirmed when an autopsy was performed on her, buy the bruising on the tips of her fingers and broken fingernails. They were all taken to area hospitals where they were all pronounced dead upon arrival or shortly thereafter, except one Rachel, the oldest child of Rachel and Emmanuelle David.

(22m 11s):
She just literally mangled both of her legs. All the bones, both of the legs were broken. She fell a Scrabble at something and she split her pelvis and a literally tore right up into the, a dominant cavity. She sustained some abdominal injuries, including a ruptured spleen. She also has a slight, a bruise on the long, and she also has a, a fractured shoulder. That’s an open fracture. At first it was thought that it was Elizabeth. It was still alive. It was later confirmed that it was Rachel. Rachel was admitted to the shock and trauma unit of the LDS hospital. She was in a coma and doctors weren’t sure if she was going to survive.

(22m 56s):
She immediately went into surgery where she was administered 21 units of blood. About a week into her hospital stay. She was listed in stable condition, although she was still unconscious. After two weeks, she was still in a coma. However, the doctors felt that she was gaining consciousness after multiple surgeries to repair the damage from the fall to her broken body. She regained consciousness. Rachel was kept protected from the public. So a little is known about what happened to her after being released from the hospital. It is known that she lived in a foster home for a time and has been in different care facilities in the salt Lake Valley.

(23m 42s):
Throughout the years, she lived with her uncle Jacob David, who became her legal guardian and other called Members in Colorado. Until recently, while staying with him, she was not able to remember what happened that day. At one point, she stated to her uncle quote, I want to shove it all out. I want my family back on the quote. She can’t walk, but she can raise her body with the use of a Walker. She would pass the time by doing paint-by-number art. She left coffee and listening to Neil diamond.

(24m 23s):
She believes her father will return some day as God ’cause quote. He never liked her and quote, according to inside edition, who she didn’t interview with in 1993, she has continued to try to follow the suicide order and has attempted to kill herself several times. She is now in a longterm care facility in Idaho, in a steel, in a wheelchair. She is 56 years old, epilogue autopsies on the victims revealed that they all sustained fractures of the legs, ankles or pelvis indicating that they went down feet.

(25m 7s):
First spectators claim that none of the victims made a sound as they were following the medical examiner stated that it was common for people who jumped willingly from Heights to make no sound at all. The police found a $5 bill in Emmanuel’s wallet and $65 cash in Rachel’s purse. There were no suicide notes. None of the children were wearing shoes and they were found neatly placed in plastic bags, in a closet in the suite, after the deaths, Emmanuel’s mother Loseanne and brother Dean arrived in Utah and informed the authorities.

(25m 52s):
They weren’t interested in taking any of the belongings of the David family and that they didn’t have the money to provide funeral services. When officials went through the hotel to gather the family’s belongings, there were several drawings the kids have done in honor of their father. One note, it was written by two of the children, read a quote, dear daddy and momma. We hope the temple goes. We hope we get the watch. As soon we hope we get to go to a hotel Utah, sooner than soonest, we Help California is destroyed. Love Joseph and David unquote.

(26m 36s):
It was clear that the children revered their mother and father and took their teachings to heart. The mates from the hotel, the David stayed at and struggled with regrets for not reporting the parent’s to social services. It is speculated that the reason Emanuel committed suicide was a loss of disciples, which resulted in less cash. The pending investigations, an unfulfilled prophecies, one failed prophecy was a California would fall into the ocean. Another one is at salt Lake city would be consumed by fire.

(27m 20s):
The state paid for the burial of the Eight family members at a cost of $3,472. Their caskets were gray and there was a spray of flowers placed on each one pink for the girls and yellow for the boys. Their parents’ caskets were bare Emmanuel’s mother and lose and Longo in her brother, Dean Longo, Rachel’s brother Leonard Erickson, 18 members of the press, and about a hundred onlookers attended the small grave site service that was held. The Lord’s Prayer was resided and Jim Lark and of Larkin funeral home.

(28m 1s):
I gave the eulogy. He asked for a moment of silence from the crowd, since he didn’t know what the David’s beliefs were. He said, quote, the way they lived was no more of a mystery than the way they Died. And they were all buried in one unmarked grave until recently when a headstone was purchased for the Family. As recently as 10 years ago, Members of this call still remained and believe that Emmanuel would return to earth.

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