Furby Fan Club by Spooky Spouses

HEY, FRIENDS! It’s our 150th episode! We made it! Thanks for being weird with us since we started this show in October 2017!

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Topics in Episode 150 include an unsafe amount of a Fart Soundboard, teaching your Furby how to kiss on the lips, Lindsey’s very own Nobel Peace Prize, Jordan’s “happy place”, a ghost punch in the woods?, biting a Middle Schooler for snacks, a stolen box of Human Heads, Lindsey’s dumpster chair, and unknowingly dating a ghost?? Join us, won’t you?

Haunted Hotline:

Do you have any questions regarding the paranormal, personal experiences with a talking possum, time travel, are warlocks good at card tricks, or literally anything at all? If so, call/text our Spooky Hotline: 803-816-2667 (BOOS) We’ll use your voicemail/text on our show. It’ll go straight to voicemail, so, no worries, there will never be any weird phone conversations. We promise!

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