Haunted Amusement Parks! Disney, Lake Shawnee, Pripyat, and the Land of Oz! by Scary Savannah and Beyond

In this week’s episode, we’ll be visiting four super creepy and, in some cases, haunted amusement parks! We’ll visit some Disney parks, the notoriously haunted Shawnee Lake park, the Pripyat amusement park, and the Land of Oz!

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On What We’re Watching, we explore the classic 1985 film, “Return to Oz,” Brett relives some of his childhood fears.

And on Layla and Coffee talk, we talk about some treats and a new coffee mug, featuring Coffee!

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0:00 Intro
6:58 Haunted Amusement Parks
9:50 Scarowinds
15:00 Disney Parks
29:00 Lake Shawnee
43:36 Pripyat Amusement Park
48:55 The Land of Oz
1:00:07 What We’re Watching – Return to Oz
1:08:24 Layla and Coffee Talk
1:11:28 Outro

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