Haunted Mexico Mexico’s Haunted Hot Spots by Hidden In The Shadows

In this episode of Hidden In The Shadows, we explore Mexico’s most unique haunted hot spots and strange encounter stories.

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Mexico has a lot of rich history and the fact their history stems back all the way to the Aztec’s creates some impressive paranormal activity.

Explore with Megan and Isaac, Mexico’s story of La Pascualita. A mannequin rumored and debated to either be a very uniquely created mannequin or the embalmed daughter of the shop owner. Or the house of tubes where unfortunately the daughter of a wealthy couple died and her ghost still haunts the property today. Have you heard of Gremlin bells? Yes, we talk about those too and a very intense encounter story from a biker vacationing in Mexico! This episode definitely has some unique stories as well as some theories as to why Mexico holds so much paranormal activity.

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