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Show Notes

In early February of 2012, Colleen Margaret Povey was in the final days of her breast cancer battle. As her family surrounded her hospital bedside, her eyes remained fixed on the door, desperately searching for the faces of her daughter and granddaughter whom she hadn’t seen in nearly three and a half years.
As Colleen’s body became weaker, she squeezed her husband Scott’s hand and asked; ‘Is Karlie and Khandalyce here yet?’
These were Colleen Povey’s final words, and within hours she passed away at the age of just 44.
This is the heartbreaking story of 20-year-old Karlie Pearce-Stevenson, and her 2-year-old daughter Khandalyce Pearce.

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Detailing the crimes and events committed against others. Listener discretion is advised in early February of 2012. Colleen Margaret Povey was in the final days of a breast cancer battle. As her family surrounded her hospital bedside, her eyes remained fixed on the door, desperately searching for the faces of her daughter and granddaughter. And she hadn’t seen in nearly three and a half years back in October of 2008 Colin’s daughter, 20 year old Colley had loaded up her 1996, Holden Commodore station wagon buckled her two year old daughter Candliss into her car seat for weld, her family and friends before embarking on a new adventure.

(1m 33s):
She had plans to travel. She lived her Northern territory, Alice Springs home, and began her 15 hour long journey to Adelaide, south Australia. Over the coming months, contact with Kali became less frequent and eventually altogether stopped. And in November of the following year, Colleen reported her and Candliss as missing initial investigations into the missing persons report found that Carly’s fine was still active and her bank accounts were still being used. At least we were eventually able to make phone contact and the woman who answered their calls, informed them that she was in fact Collie, and that she had chosen to distance herself from her family for personal reasons.

(2m 13s):
Happy with these investigators closed the missing persons reports and Colleen had no choice, but to settle with the sporadic text messages that came from Cali with her diagnosis of terminal, breast cancer, Colleen and other family members tried desperately to reach out to Cali, begging her to come home before it was too late, but Kali and Candliss never came home as Coleen’s body became weaker. She squeezed her. Husband’s got his hand and asked his colleagues and delays here yet. These will call him Parviz final words. And with ours, she passed away at the age of just 44. You are listening to the crime tree.

(2m 55s):
I’m your host, Jasmine. And this is the heartbreaking story of 20 year Carly Pierre Stevenson and her two year old daughter care delays. Kali Jade pier Stevenson was born on the 7th of August, 1988 in Alice Springs, located in Australia’s Northern territory. She attended Breitling primary school before moving on to Alice Springs high school at the age of 13, Kali loved playing NIPPO and was a member of the nipple teams throughout both primary and secondary school. She was small and quick, which earned her the nickname of mouse amongst her teammates and friends on weekends and holidays.

(3m 38s):
Carly would spend her days fishing and camping and on several occasions accompanied her stepfather Scott, as he hit the wide open roads, driving trucks across the vast Australian Outback at the age of 16 Carly left school and began working at her auntie’s tuck shop in town and just shy of her 18th birthday on the 19th of June, 2006, she gave birth to a little girl. She named Candliss Kiarra appears it was quickly given the adorable nickname of candles. Despite her young age, Carly jumped headfirst into a role as a single mother Candliss was her top and main priority. And other than the occasional night out with friends, the mother and daughter were always together.

(4m 22s):
It was on one of these nights out that Carly met a local man named Robbie. Robbie was working as a doorman at the Ellis Springs pub that Kali and her friends were attending that night after striking up a conversation. The two quickly became a couple and not long after Kali and little candle EES moved in with him. Robby adored, Carly and doted on her daughter treating her as his own all was going well in Carly’s life. Until Robbie introduced her to a couple who were new in town through work, Robbie had met 33 year old Daniel Hold’em the two struck up a friendship. And before long Robbie and Carly spent much of their free time in the company of Daniel, his girlfriend, Hazel Pasmore, and Hazel’s three young children.

(5m 7s):
The youngest of which was the same age as candle east. It didn’t take long for Robbie and Carly to learn that Daniel Hold’em was an interstate drug runner bringing large quantities of illicit substances into the region from his regular trips to and from Adelaide 1500 kilometers south of Alice Springs in south Australia with Daniel and Hazel had lived prior to moving to Alice Springs. And while Carly had occasionally smoked marijuana, she began frying heavier drugs at the insistence of both Daniel and Hazel. Within six months of meeting the pier, Carly found herself on a downward spiral and just after her 20th birthday in August, 2008, Kelly moved herself and Kandel Lees out of Robbie’s home and into the home of her grandmother, Connie in an attempt to put some distance them.

(5m 59s):
But just weeks later, Carly received a phone call that would not only change her life, but would ultimately end it on the evening of September. The 15th, 2008. Daniel had left Alice Springs for another of his rounds to Adelaide. But this time he had Hazel Pasmore and her three young children with him less than an hour after crossing the Northern territory south Australian border, Daniel Holden lost control of his vehicle just near the small Aboriginal community of indoor Connor. The four wheel drive there were in rolled five or six times coming to rest on its roof, amongst the shrubs and red dirt that surrounded the Stuart highway. A truck driver came across the scene, not long after to find Hazel’s two oldest children dead.

(6m 44s):
Having been thrown from the vehicle. Hazel was trapped upside down in the car, slipping in and out of consciousness, the youngest child injured, but still alive strapped in her baby seat. Surprisingly Daniel walked away from this accident, relatively unharmed Hazel and a baby daughter were rushed to Alice Springs hospital before being airlifted to the larger Adelaide hospital, which was more equipped to deal with the type of injuries that Hazel had sustained Hazel’s leg had to be amputated, and she was placed in an induced coma to allow her body to recover upon receiving the phone call to inform her of the accident. Carly’s first thought was that she needed to be there to support her friends.

(7m 24s):
So she bundled Candliss into the car and drove through the night and willing to the next day until she reached the Adelaide hospital. Daniel had booked himself into a motel close by and allows for both Carly and care delays to share his accommodation. The two took in turns sitting by the bedside of both Hazel and her young daughter. Just over two weeks later, Hazel was woken from a coma to learn that she had not only lost her two children. She’d also lost li and would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. And although grateful for Carly being there to offer her support. Hazel began to notice that there was something going on between Daniel and Collie, but Daniel reassured her that there was nothing to worry about and set about trying to find a suitable house for her to live in.

(8m 8s):
Once she was released from hospital, it was at this point that Carly returned to Alice Springs with canned delays, but their stay was to be just a brief one. Carly had decided to make the temporary move to Adelaide, to stay with Hazel and Daniel for a while before setting out to travel around Australia, once Hazel had recovered enough to not need her help. So in October of 2008, Carly said goodbye to her family and they watched and waved as her car disappeared from view, not knowing that they would never see Collie or Candliss again, Carly and candidly survived back in Adelaide just as Hazel was getting ready to be discharged from hospital. The funeral for Hazel’s two children still needed to be organized.

(8m 51s):
So Carly stepped in to help where she could. The funeral was held the 13th of November, 2008 and the following morning, Hazel woke to find Carly’s car along with Daniel Kali and two and a half year old candle east gone under her pillow was a wad of cash and a note informing her if their departure, two days later, Daniel, Kylie and Kendall east turned up 1200 kilometers east at the home of Daniel’s cousin, Christine Lancaster, and her partner, Derek Dover in the Canberra suburb of Charnwood in the act Christine and Derek opened their home to the trio, inviting them to stay for as long as they needed, or Daniel looked for work opportunities in the area as Carly spent more and more time with Daniel, I’m sure she began to realize the mistakes she had made.

(9m 41s):
Daniel had become agitated after receiving a text from Hazel, informing him that she was going to Sue him over the accident and for the injuries that she sustained, the two began arguing and Carly was overheard telling Daniel that she just wanted to go home after one intense argument in the early morning hours of December, the 14th, 2008, Daniel and Carly left candle east in the care of Daniel’s cousin. And the two went pro drive to sort out their differences. 12 hours later, Daniel returned to his cousin’s house in childhood with Carly’s car. But Carly was nowhere to be found. When questioned Daniel told his cousin, Christine, the Kali had insisted.

(10m 22s):
He dropped her off at a bus stop, where she was going to make her own way back home. And that he had promised that he would drive Kandel east back to her grandmother’s house in Alice Springs to ease Christine’s concerns. Daniel lied and told her that Kali had often left candle east and taken off. And this was no different. Two days later, Daniel somehow managed to trade Carly’s car in for a 1991, white Holden statesman before packing up their belongings at his cousin’s house to begin the long drive back west with little candle east less than a week later, he was on Hazel’s doorstep, begging her for forgiveness and informing her that Carly and Elise had moved on to Queensland, Hazel relented.

(11m 7s):
And the two were a couple once again, Hazel didn’t want to lose him again and told herself that she will do whatever she had to in an effort to make him stay almost a year later when Colin filed the missing persons report, she informed them that the last time she’d properly spoke with her daughter was in early December the year before. And that she’d been in the company of Daniel Hold’em police were quick to locate Daniel at the house. He shared with Hazel in Adelaide, and he informed them that he hasn’t seen or heard from Cali since she left with candle before Christmas of 2008, claiming that she had plans to drive to Queensland. Several days later, Colin received a text from Kelly’s phone, letting her know that they were safe and well a check of Kali’s bank accounts that her card was being used regularly with numerous ATM withdrawals throughout Queensland, consistent with Daniel’s explanation, the police, however, were not satisfied until they’d either cited or spoke with a young mother.

(12m 7s):
And after repeated calls to a cell phone, they eventually got through the woman on the other end of the line, informed them that she was Carly and that she did not want her family to know where she was. It is not a crime for an adult to voluntarily go missing. So the police was satisfied with this and only 10 days after being reported as missing the files against Carly and Elise were closed right up until she passed away. Colleen received the occasional text message from Carly’s phone. The brief correspondence was usually to ask for money to be deposited into her account so that she and Candaleria could fly home every single time.

(12m 47s):
Colleen put the money in Carly’s account and every single time she waited desperately for Kali and Candaleria to come home in the final months of her life, Coleen had deposited more than $7,000 into the account, but Kali and Ken delays never came back. Then on the 14th of July, 2015, the skeletal remains of a small child were found stuffed into a suitcase along the Karuna highway, just outside the tiny town of Wanaka in south Australia’s Murray Mallee region, approximately 120 kilometers Southeast of Adelaide scattered around the suitcase were numerous items of girl’s clothing, including a pink and white striped dress, a Tutu from cotton on kids and adore the Explorer Taisha along with a distinctive handmade patchwork, will it appeared that the suitcase had been there for a long time showing severe weather damage, which enabled the local wildlife to scatter much of its contents.

(13m 47s):
But the remains of this small child had barely been touched tests, quickly revealed that the remains had been there for between five to 10 years. And with that of a little girl aged between two and a half and four years old with the medical examiner, concluding that she had met a violent end little damage to her bones were real. That a cause of death was most likely suffocation, several Chuck’s brand blue and white dishcloths had been stuffed into her mouth and throat and a disposable diaper had then been placed over her face. And all this was held in place with silver colored duck tape, which had been wrapped tightly around her head. The little girl had then been wrapped in a white blood-stained towel before being concealed in the large suitcase and discarded along the rural stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere, due to the decomposition of all of her soft tissue and internal organs.

(14m 42s):
The coroner was unable to tell if she had died due to her head being wrapped up, or whether she had died prior to this happening DNA tests failed you this little girl’s identity, and there were no missing persons reports that matched her description anywhere in Australia, the little girl became Australia’s child and was dubbed. There were narco angel over the next few months, south Australian detectives worked tirelessly to identify the one NACA angel, her DNA, even being tested against that, of missing British toddler, Madeleine, McCann, newspapers, and television stations all across the country made continuous appeals to the public releasing images of the girl’s clothing and the distinctive handmade quilt in the hopes that someone would recognize them.

(15m 29s):
Taskforce Malley was formed to follow up on every single lady that came in. Then almost three months after being found call number 1,267 to Crimestoppers nominated Candliss peers as being the one narco angel. The Cola was a woman named ten-year Weber, and she told investigators that the quilt looked eerily similar to the one, her good friend, Colleen Povey had made for the birth of her granddaughter over nine years earlier, she had even provided police with a photo of little candlelit in her stroller, snuggled up with her quilt. Tanya explained that no one had seen Carly or candle EAs in years, and that the last she heard they were living in Queensland detectives from taskforce Melly quickly jumped on this promising lead and will quick to learn that Cantor Lisa’s immunizations were not up to date.

(16m 26s):
The last one being in June, 2008 at the age of two. And there were no records of candle east ever being enrolled in school, obtaining candle Lisa’s birth records from the Alice Springs hospital, where she was born, her known DNA from her newborn heel prick screening test was compared to the DNA, found on the towel that there were narco angel was wrapped up in and within weeks of Tonya Weber, contacting Crimestoppers, the remains in the suitcase were formerly identified as being that of two year-old Candaleria Kiarra peers. But for investigators, this conclusion provided more questions than it did answers.

(17m 6s):
And the desperate search for Carly peer Stephenson began concerned. The Carly had met the same fate as her daughter and nationwide surge of unidentified remains began. They were looking for a young Caucasian woman, approximately 100 centimeters or five feet, two inches tall. And around the age of 20 entering this into the database, the computer quickly came back with one possible match. This match was to the skeletal remains found five years earlier in new south Wales is notorious blank, low state forest, some 1100 kilometers Northeast of where candle Lisa’s remains were found on August the 29th, 2010, a group of men had traveled from Sydney to spend the day riding their dirt bikes along some of the many fire trails that run through the Bolingo state forest.

(17m 60s):
Having Mr. Koerner, one of the writers veered off the track and found himself in a small clearing as he was turning his bike around, he spotted what looked to him to be a human femur bone. Several of the other riders had stopped after seeing him right off the track. And he showed them the bone all agreeing that it belonged most likely to a kangaroo, but after several hours of being unable to shake the weird feeling that the bone was human, the rider convinced his mates to go with him back to the area where he went off the track. It was then that they found more bones along with a human skull. The men immediately called the nearby Bauerle police station and told them if they’re horrific, find the officer who took their call, however, was not concerned.

(18m 48s):
He explained to them that they received calls from the public so often about apparent human bones found in the forest, that it had become a requirement for the Cola to send a photo of the bones to the Sergeant on duty before anyone would be dispatched for some, this might sound like an odd request, but given the blank, low state forest dark background, I can understand why this had become a requirement. The Bolingo state forest was thrown into the national and international spotlight in the early 1990s as the dumping ground of one of Australia’s worst serial killers, Ivan Milat between 1989 and 1993, Ivan Milat kidnapped and killed five international backpackers and two Australian backpackers with all seven bodies being found in the Bolingo state forest, despite an extensive search being done throughout the entire forest.

(19m 40s):
After my lats arrest visitors to the forest, continue to this day to report the find of what they think are human remains. But after one glance of the photo sent through by the dirt bike riders, a team of forensic investigators were immediately dispatched to the area. The remains were found to be that of a young Caucasian female, anywhere from 13 to 25 years of age, examination of the bones found that several of her ribs had been fractured and her neck had been broken near the remains was a clump of light, strawberry blonde hair, an earring, one sock and a girl’s chain reaction brand size 10 t-shirt that had the word angelic printed across the front.

(20m 24s):
Although many speculated that this might be another of either mullets victims. This was quickly ruled out after it was determined that the bones had only been there for no more than five years. Despite months of national media appeals, ongoing checks of the DNA and missing persons database and a composite reconstruction of what the victim may have looked like done by facial anthropologist, Susan, no one came forward with any information that could help in identifying her for the next five years. Her remains sat in a box at the Glebe mall in Sydney, new south Wales. And she became known as the angel of . But after getting this hit during the search for Carly, her known DNA from a medical records were sent to new south Wales to test against that.

(21m 12s):
If the unidentified remains found five years earlier, and in late October of 2015, seven years, after sitting out on a new adventure, it was announced to the public that the angel of and there were NACA angel were in fact, mother and daughter, the remains belonging to that if 20 year old, Carly Jade pier Stevenson, and two year old Candaleria Kiarra appears this announcement was a devastating blow for the family and friends of Kali and candle east for seven years, they had remained alive in the minds of their loved ones through infrequent communication, believing that both were out there somewhere, living their best lives, praying that one day they would return alive and well after making the identifications police were quickly able to locate the last person that they were known to be with Daniel Holden, who was already incarcerated on child sex offense charges, Daniel refused to talk, but because he was already locked up, this gave detectives plenty of time to do an extensive and thorough investigation into his movements from around the time Carly and Candliss were last seen up until his recent arrest and what they found painted the horrific picture of Kali and Kendall Lisa’s last days, alive, Daniel sick and deprived motives for their murders.

(22m 35s):
And the extent that he went to fraudulently gain access to tens of thousands of dollars deposited into Carly’s bank account using phone records, bank and credit card transactions, cell phone tower, data, and evidence collected from numerous rides on properties known to be linked to Daniel, Holden and Hazel Pasmore, including journal entries and images found on a digital camera’s SD memory card that belonged to Daniel. The detectives were able to piece together the following back in the early morning hours of December the 14th, 2008, when Daniel and Carly had left Candliss in the care of Daniel’s cousin to go for a drive to sort out their differences.

(23m 17s):
Cell phone tower data revealed that the two traveled 170 kilometers Northeast arriving in the vicinity of Sutton forest, which is a small town, about 10 kilometers from the blank state forest. This cell phone tower is Sutton. Forest is the closest to the blank glow state forest. So visitors to this area will ping from this tower. They arrived in the area just before 5:00 AM and the last cell phone tower ping from both phones in the area was hours later at 12:16 PM. Timestamped images from Daniel’s SD card filled in those seven hours spent in the area. A series of photos taken by Daniel showed Carly’s half naked body lying on the ground.

(24m 2s):
As Daniel violently, sexually assaulted her with foreign objects in the next set of photos, Daniel’s foot can be seen standing upon her throat. It is unclear where the colleague was alive or deceased when these photos were taken, the t-shirt she was wearing in these pictures was the one that was found next to her and remains the next ping from both Daniel and Carly’s phones were at around 2:00 PM that afternoon. When Daniel arrived back at his cousin’s house in Charnwood without Collie explaining that he had dropped her off at the bus station, Daniel remained in the area with candle lease for the next few days, leaving the act in the early morning hours of December the 19th, he began driving west through new south Wales and down towards south Australia credit card activity revealed that Daniel stopped at a Woolworth supermarket in Walker Waga just before 9:00 AM, where he purchased rubbish bags, silver colored, duct tape bodywash and wet wipes.

(25m 3s):
He then drove a further 100 kilometers before checking into the Narrandera and Midtown motoring with one child. The payment for this room was registered through F POS at exactly 11:05 AM. The motor instill had the registration card that Daniel had filled in and signed, and he even left a fingerprint on it. Cell phone tower technology showed that Daniel stayed in the vicinity of the motel for just over two hours until around 1:20 PM. It is unclear as to what took place in the motel room, but the towel that was found wrapped around little candle leases remains was linked back to the same batch number as the one supplied at the motel from here, Daniel traveled west along the Sturt highway, passing through a narco where candle Lisa’s remains were found seven years later, riving back at the home of Hazel Pasmore in Adelaide.

(25m 59s):
Daniel eventually confided in her as to what he had done, but instead of going to the authorities, Hazel assumed Carly’s identity to gain access to a welfare and child support payments on two occasions, one in 2010 and the other in 2011, she even attended appointments at the bank and at the Centrelink office with both Carly and candle Lisa’s birth certificates to prove her identity in an effort to stop Carly’s payments from being canceled. Hazel maintained enough context with Carly’s family via her mobile phone to stop them from going to the police and reporting him missing again. And it was Hazel who spoke to the police pretending to be Carly.

(26m 42s):
When her mother had reported him missing in 2009 journal entries written in Hazel’s handwriting under the direction of Daniel revealed just how sick this monster was. The names of hundreds of children were listed including candle leases. And beside each one was one of three words, consent, ripe, or forced. Another journal contained all of Daniel’s sick fantasies involving children. Again, written by Hazel. It soon became clear that Daniel had murdered Carly to gain access to little candle lace. And one can only assume that her final moments must have been horrendous.

(27m 31s):
But December, 2015, Daniel was charged with the murders of both Carly and Kendall lace. And in July, 2018, the then 44 year old was given two life sentences without the possibility of parole ensuring that Daniel James Hold’em will die behind bars. Hazel Pasmore was never charged over her involvement. 20 year old Carly JP Stevenson, and two year old Candliss Kiarra peers will lay to rest in a shared white coffin on Friday, December the 11th, 2015 at the Ellis Springs garden cemetery in a family plot alongside Carly’s mother, Colleen Povey and her grandmother.

(28m 13s):
Connie, thank you for listening. Please join us again next week when we bring you another story, pick fresh and straight from the crime tree, all photos pertaining to this case will be up on our Instagram at the crime tree. Thanks again for listening to true crime by Indy drop-in. If you would like your show featured, reach out to us at Indy drop-in on all social media or go to Indi drop in.com. See you next time.