Nightmare Before Christmas Valley by PNW Haunts & Homicides

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‘Tis the season! But we know not everyone celebrates Christmas, so we found a not so holly, jolly story to tell that’s Christmas themed… but also not really! Kind of like how Mel’s hole wasn’t really just about a hole. We’ll be taking a look at some of the surprisingly un-Christmas-like characteristics of the unincorporated community of Christmas Valley, Oregon! To fit this theme, we definitely used our Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot deck for our card pull. As if our theme couldn’t get any themey-er, we’ll get to know all about snowflake obsidian!

This week we shared a promo for To All The Men I’ve Tolerated! Also, stay tuned for a clip from Episode 54: Period Stigma Causes Period Poverty: This week, Natalie was honored to have a conversation with youth activist, Anusha Singh. Anusha is associated with, an organization that raises awareness on period poverty and fights to end the stigma against menstruation. Anusha and Natalie chat about her experiences going in front of Ohio legislators to speak against pink taxes on feminine products. They also do a deep dive on how period stigma plays a role in everyone’s lives and how the culture needs to change around menstruation so we can further everyone’s comfort in our society and within the workforce.

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