The Death of Faith Hathaway by Weird Distractions

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We’re worried about the Willie’s of the world. This week, Alex tells Christie the heartbreaking murder that rocked a small town community in Louisiana.The case of Faith Hathaway was only a part of a chaotic bender, where two men changed the lives of everyone they seemingly came across. Tune in to hear more details about this tragic story – such as who was all involved, what the aftermath was, and what Hollywood has to do with all of this. Trigger warning due to some intense discussions. Apologies to our Louisiana listeners for any mispronouncing of places! Need a distraction? We got you. Podcast Promo: The Path Went Chilly Podcast – check them out. Listener discretion is advised. Shout out to our Patron Tom! Thank you for supporting Weird Distractions on Patreon. You can support the show if you please on Patreon, where you can get bonus content each more! We’re also on Buy Me a Coffee. Want to provide feedback or your own weird story to be read on air? Please email: If you’re listening on Apple Podcasts, please consider rating & reviewing! Find us on Redbubble for merch.

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