The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp by The Cryptid Code

A monster terrorizes the swamps of South Carolina, attacking cars and raiding fridges. Could it be a sprinting gator? A one-eyed cow? Or something far, far stranger? Join us as we follow the cold-blooded rampage of… The Lizardman of Scape Ore Swamp!

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(00:00) – 00:40: Intro
(00:41) – 01:46: Introducing Lizardman
(01:47) – 10:06: The First Sighting
(10:07) – 17:00: News Gets Out
(17:01) – 24:01: More Sightings Follow/The Kyle of Cryptids
(24:02) – 25:39: The Meat Shack Incident
(25:40) – 30:05: Endless Gallon Tank
(30:06) – 33:31: Life of Crime
(33:32) – 37:39: Pop Culture
(37:40) – 45:09: Conclusion

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