The Murder of Alex VanDalsen by Beyond the Rainbow – True Crimes of the LGBT

Alex VanDalsen was a 21-year-old trans man who died in Lafayette, Indiana. Law enforcement quickly ruled his death a suicide. Yet there was no blood splatter, no bullet casings, and the coroner miss-marked bullet entrance/exit wounds.

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A gun was found under Alex, law enforcement declared it was Alex’s and the weapon he used to take his life. As far as anyone in Alex’s life knew…Alex didn’t own a gun. Plus this may not have been the weapon used to kill Alex. No guns shot residue tests were made…nada because no investigation was done. In the episode I mention Tippecanoe Sheriff’s were ranked 50% out of 100% in effectiveness, they are now 47% and Lafayette Police who were also ranked 50% out 100% are now ranked 49%…both are failing miserably! Do your fucking jobs Indiana Sheriffs and city Police!

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Intro: Black Moons by The126ers
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