The Story of Junko Furuta: The 44 Days of Hell | Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case (GRAPHIC)

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This week, Drewby and Yergy discuss the tragic case of Junko Furuta, a Japanese high-school student who was abducted, tortured, raped, and murdered in the late 1980’s. Her murder case was named “Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case,” due to her body being discovered in a concrete drum.

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Approximately 100 people knew about Furuta’s captivity, but either did nothing about it or themselves participated in the torture and murder. Most of the participants were friends of the teenage boys, who were low-ranking members of the Yakuza. We draw parallels between this case and the murder of Kitty Genovese regarding the many people who knew about what was going on and refused to act despite clear knowledge that somebody was suffering or dying.

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