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Keeley couldn’t wait for her 20th birthday celebrations, keeley and her friend Monique planned a night out with a concert and then a club. Meeting up for old friends and celebrating. Then the next day keeley had a job interview to look forward too. Everything was great, until she let her old school friend walk her home!



Welcome to true crime by Indy drop-in each week we feature an episode from the best independent creators hit subscribe for more great, true crime content. Hello, true crime fans. Before we get started, I just wanted to tell you about scary time. Another podcast by indie drop-in featuring independent creators. If you like episodes about the paranormal ghosts, monsters, hauntings creepy places in chanted objects, aliens, and more check out scary time. You can find scary time in any podcast app, or you can click the link in the show notes below. All right, let’s get to today’s true. Crime episode. Today’s episode is from stolen from me.

Don’t forget to check out the show notes for links to subscribe and follow on social media. Enjoy the show. Hi everyone today’s case we’re covering is Keeley bunker. This episode, as with every other episode, I cover comes with a listener discretion. So it’s not recommended for children. Keeley bunker was a beautiful, bright young girl standing at just four foot, 11 inches tall. She weighed around six and a half stone. She was a petite young girl. Kaylee came from Tams where now she had big dreams of working with children one day. That was what she always wanted to do. And on September the 18th, 2019 Keeley, and our friend Monique was so excited.

(1m 26s):
They’ve been planning this for such a long time. They got all dressed up and they were ready to go. They were celebrating Keeley’s belated birthday. She had turned 20 just 12 days ago. They were heading out to a concert in Birmingham at the OT where they were watching one of their favorite rappers called H after the concert finished around 10:00 PM. The girls headed to a nightclub called snobs. This was in Birmingham. They wanted to finish their celebrations there. Keeley Monique’s friend was waiting for him to arrive Wesley street. And when they arrived, Keeley was seen on CCTV, dancing and laughing. She was also seen dancing and laughing next to Wesley.

(2m 8s):
As they drank and danced the night away around 2:40 AM, Keely, Wesley Monique, all decided to call it a night. They jumped into a taxi and headed to Monique’s house for a little while. This is where Keeley got changed out of I go and ate clothes and into something more comfortable like leggins and trainers and a top. She was already for a walk home money. MoneyGuard Kaylee to stay for the night. But Katie said that she had an interview the next day at 2:00 PM and she just can’t miss it. So she just want to go home, go to bed and get up the following day, all refreshed and ready for our interview. It was getting late around 4:00 AM and Keely lived around 20 minute walk away.

(2m 50s):
And it was the middle of the night. So Monique asked again, Kaylee, please stay. But Keely said, it’s okay. I’ve got ways waste. We’ll walk me home. Don’t worry. Where’s a great to walk Haley home. They’d known each other for such a long time. And Kelly felt safe with him. They were close. Friends wisely was 20 years old, around six foot, one inches tall. And he had an athletic build. He worked as a warehouse packer, and he was described as someone who was friends with everybody, Keely and wisely headed home. Monique takes Kaylee to see if she got home safe, but she got no reply.

(3m 30s):
Monique ended up texting Wesley to say, you know, did Kelly stay around jaws and issue? Right? Cause she hasn’t text me back. But Wesley said that he left Kaley at a phone box around a five minute walk away and she was fine. And he went home and went to bed. So on the 19th of September, the following day, Debbie Keely’s mum went into her daughter’s room to see if she was up and getting ready for our interview. But when she walked in, Kelly wasn’t even there. She felt a bit panicked. So she posted to Facebook. Has anyone seen Keeley? Now when Katie’s interview came and went at 2:00 PM, everyone started to become more concerned.

(4m 11s):
5:00 PM came Keely’s mum reported Keely as a missing person to the police. Now Wesley was the last known person to see Kaylee. And he told Keeley’s dad, Christopher, that he left Kaley at the phone box. He thought it should be safe. It was five minutes away. And now he feels really bad because no one know where she is. Wisely is said to gone to Monique’s house for a little while with his mate. And he was explaining to Monique that everyone seemed to be texting them or calling them and blaming them for Keeley’s disappearance. They’re all saying, what the hell are you doing? Leaving at a walk them on their own. But he said he didn’t.

(4m 51s):
He left her at a phone box, Woodworth avenue. And he said that was five minutes away from where she lived. What would have happened in five minutes? He said, now the police started to question friends and family. And because Wesley was the last known person to see Keeley, they asked if he would retrace his steps. He took with Kaylee last night and he said, of course they were childhood friends. Remember wisely got in the back of the police car. The officers said that Wesley’s behavior was a little off and he was asking questions. They asked if they could have Wesley’s phone. This made him even more uncomfortable wisely as she gave the phone to the police, but he gave him the wrong password.

(5m 36s):
And then he gave him the right password. Now the police turned the phone off to preserve the battery. Now from the police footage of Wesley in the back of the car, you can see, he doesn’t look quite right. I’ll add that in the video. Now I dog Walker was walking over the park with their dog and they actually discovered a which contained various different items plus clothes. Now the backpack was handed into the police. Whereas the Lee was still in the back of the police car, talking to the police officers and Jason Kaylee’s uncle actually returned home to find that Keely was still not home. So he grabbed his shoes in his torch and he headed back out of the door to see if he could find her name because Katie’s backpack was found of the park.

(6m 24s):
He decided to head there first, as Jason was showing this torch in the Bush, something sparkled as the light hitter, it was red. He then noticed it was a bracelet. He then saw Brian Long hair and then he screamed and then he let out this horrendous scream. It was described as Hornen. There was an off duty police officer nearby and he had Jason scream. He also had something that sounded like I found a Jason had just discovered his own nieces body Kaley was discovered face down in the Brook.

(7m 7s):
Her body was hidden under brunches at Wigginton park. Now this was around nine o’clock Kelly’s body was found with her leggins pulled down, round her ankles. And our underwear pulled down to our trainers. Wesley was then arrested and taken to the police station. Now at the police station on the police cam, Wesley is seeing quite relaxed. He’s actually asked him for food and chatting to the police officers saying that he’s had a really bad week. Now the police officer said that on CCTV at the rugby club, which wasn’t far from where Caylee’s body was found on the CCTV around 4:20 AM.

(7m 50s):
Wesleyan Keeley was actually seen walking together through the rugby club sort of gardens. I don’t know what you call it. Now. This was proof that Wesley had told his first lie. He said that he dropped Kelly off at a phone box, which would have been on the other direction. Like the other side of, of where the rugby club is. Now. He never said that he walked through the rugby club. He said he dropped her off at the phone box and he went to bed. Now, as the police had Wesley’s phone, they thought that Jews, the GPS on the phone to retrace his steps. Now where’s the story was becoming very inconsistent.

(8m 31s):
And what he was telling the police was inconsistent to what his phone was telling the police. Now his phone stated that Wesley was still inside the park at 4:58 AM. And he was there until 6:00 PM. Then at 6:20 AM, he would then return back to the park and then he would go home and come back again all the way till 10:00 AM. So now where’s, these GPS said that he was back and forth to the park constantly. We now know that he was actually doing this to add brunches to Kelly’s body, to try and hide it.

(9m 12s):
He would then go back to make sure that she could be found. Basically. Now there was a witness come forward saying that he did see Wesley over the park on the 19th several times, right the morning. So the police informed wisely that Caylee’s body had been discovered. Wesley secondly came when he said that he was drunk and he can’t remember being inside the park with Kaylee. He said that they were both drunk and they were laughing. In fact, Keely had given him a piggyback and he got on top of her back, bearing in mind, she was supposed to be drunk and four for 11, and he was supposed to be drunk and six foot one.

(9m 56s):
He said that they were messing around and then Keeley fell over and hit her head on the ground. But this was actually proven to be a lie. A post-mortem examination found that Keely’s cause of death was strangulation. In fact, she had tried to fight over a tag off. She had scratched marks on her own neck and her fingernails contained her own deep DNA, where she had tried to scratch the hand that was around her neck and pull it off her neck to try and get free. It was proven in evidence that Kelly had also been raped.

(10m 36s):
And now the DNA evidence taken from Caylee’s body showed it belonged to Wesley on Wesley’s t-shirt they found Keely’s DNA and makeup. Now Wesley just kept changing his story. He couldn’t keep up with the evidence found and he goes on to say that himself and Keilly did have consensual sex. Now while doing this, Kelly must’ve died. He said that she did bang her head when she fell down and he did have his arm around her neck, but it wasn’t tight. He said she went all limp and he tried to wake her up, but she just was non-responsive. So he panicked and then he’s sort of half submerged her body in the Brook and then covered it with branches, not once.

(11m 20s):
Did he think to find the police or get any kind of help? Whereas Lee changed his story around four times. He said that he felt like he was being blamed for Keely staff. Forensic pathologists provided evidence stay in that Kelly had hundreds of scratches on her body and she had bruises on her body too. And on her face, her lower lip had a deep cut inside of it. And Keely had hemorrhaged from inside of our mouth and on her eye from the pressure that was caused to us now at the trial, when the news broke of Kelly’s staff and sexual assault came out now, Wesley was the main suspect this in coverage, a number of young girls to come forward.

(12m 7s):
Now he pleaded not guilty to the rape of these girls. No one was under 16 years old, who he raped. Another was age 16 and another one I think was like 17. He had sexually assaulted, three of them. Now he was actually charged with these sexual assaults streets. He told the courts that he was walking with Kylie in the park and Kelly started flirting with them. And then she said to him, do you want to have sex? He replied, yes.

(12m 48s):
And then they went under a tree. He said, he said that he started off putting his arm around her neck and Keeley’s body just went all limp and fell to the floor basically. And she was faced down at the time. She must’ve banged their face then and got scratches. He said, I realized that this isn’t normal and she wasn’t getting up. He then says that he checked her pulse to see if she was still Raven. And then he couldn’t feel one. And he knew she was dead. He said he panicked. And then he got really scared and he just dragged her body and hit it in the Brook I’m covered in branches.

(13m 32s):
He states that the scratches on her face was because from her fall, he actually, she had scratches on his face where Keely tried to defend herself when he was strangling her. And he said that his scratches on his face were actually caused by his dog because when he got home, he stood on the dog’s tail and the dog scratched his face. His story changed so many times, ribbons were tied all around town in tribute to Keeley’s death. The crime prosecution service described Wesley as truly evil.

(14m 12s):
They stated that he did not match the usual image rapist. She said that it’s easy to have stereotypical image of a perpetrator. But what we often don’t think about is a young lad who was popular, a young lad who has so many friends who is so well known and well loved. This is our rapist or in a statement from the dog Walker that actually found the backpack, which contained clothes and perfume and some crisps and an iPad apparently, and to makeup, which was actually Katie’s backpack. The dog walk also said that he kind of thought he saw in the woods, a shadow of someone standing there with a torch sort of watching him, but he couldn’t quite work if that was a person or not.

(15m 7s):
So he didn’t report that straightaway. It took the jury at Stafford crown court, just eight hours to deliver their verdict. The judge told Wesley streets that he will be sentenced to a minimum of four years. It was actually reduced to 29 years and 46 days due to the time he had already spent, I’m almost certain as well. This actually included the charges of the sexual assault of the three young girls. Now, the judge said that Wesley could be released after Fe years. If the pro board was satisfied that he was no longer a danger as they normally do.

(15m 48s):
And he said that if this did happen, that he would be on license for life and he could be recalled at any time. Now the family of Kaylee was outside the court and they issued a statement saying that we could never have wished for any more from Keely. She was perfect in every way. Her life was taken away. So cruelly and far too soon, Keely had many dreams and now they’ve all been stolen away from her and us. We will not ever see Keeley married nor go on to have children or enjoy any holidays the world was has.

(16m 30s):
And Kaylee was only just begin and her happy life. Now, the family said that Keely was the most beautiful young girl you could ever wish for. And they are just so devastated. As you can imagine, you know, this was a young girl who had everything to live for, and this was her supposedly friend. I would school friend, who she’s supposed to be able to trust when really he was just a sex predator, attack them, these young girls, and then finally attacking and killing Gaily. This is such a sad case. Now this is a really short case.

(17m 10s):
Cause there isn’t too much on this case and I didn’t want to constantly repeat myself throughout the case. So I just stuck to the facts. Now, obviously this episode was supposed to be longer, but someone did comment saying that they don’t like the two episodes together. So the solved and unsolved ones, because they feel like the, if you put two cases in one episode, it takes away the importance of each case and it felt cramped. Now the reason why this episode is so short is because I pulled the, an unsolved case out of it as there’s no way on that. I want anyone’s case to be less important because each individual case is very important to me.

(17m 59s):
So as from a month, like every single month, I’m going to be doing a series on unsolved or missing persons cases. That’s as well as my weekly episode, just so they can be highlighted in their own. Right. And that’s why I didn’t cover two episodes today. Now the comment wasn’t a nasty comment at all. It was just given their opinion. And it made me think that, you know, I definitely don’t want anyone’s case to feel less important. Cause that’s not what this is about is to raise awareness. So I’m really sorry. This episode is a bit shorter, but that is the reason why I don’t have a question for you this week.

(18m 42s):
So I just hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll see you next week with Israel keys there. Take care much love bye-bye Thanks again for listening to true crime by Indy drop-in if you would like your show featured, reach out to us at indie drop-in on all social media or go to Indi drop-in dot com. See you next.

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