Who is Dammion Heard by Final Days on Earth with Claire St. Amant

Dammion Heard is a 20-year-old college freshman on a wrestling scholarship at Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado. After a party at a friend’s house on Saturday, March 29, 2014, Dammion goes missing. Who is Dammion Heard and what was he doing in the final days of his life? Subscribe now and join me on an investigative journey to find out.

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Final Days on Earth is an investigative podcast franchise. Each season examines mysterious deaths that have elements of an accident, murder, or suicide – and sometimes all three. On Season 1: The Life and Death of Dammion Heard, experienced crime producer Claire St. Amant investigates the baffling disappearance of a college wrestler after a party in 2014 in Gunnison, Colorado.

Her thorough reporting gives listeners a front-row seat in a compelling case where nothing is as simple as it seems. In the end, the audience will have all the tools they need to reach their own conclusion about what happened to Dammion Heard, and who – if anyone – is responsible.

The podcast utilizes 47 police interviews with witnesses from the party and Dammion’s friends in 2014, as well as original interviews conducted in real-time as the podcast is being produced.
Final Days on Earth is the first podcast developed by Cold Case Productions, an independent media company co-founded by Sharon Richards and Claire St. Amant.

An investigative journalist and producer for CBS News, St. Amant is the host of podcast. She has been working the case for over six years, dating back to her days in local media, when Dammion’s story first broke. Veteran news producer Lucy L. Scott of lucymedia.com is the editorial consultant for Season 1. Original theme music is composed and performed by Riley Simmons.

Richards has worked in the entertainment industry for 25 years and has parlayed her experience putting together successful corporate teams to putting together talent to produce provocative podcasts.

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